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    If it works for you it works for you. In reality, it doesn't matter how long or short the stick is. If you want the blade to sit completely flat, simply close the blade face. Rarely, if ever, do you skate with the blade perfectly vertical. Generally, if you have the blade vertical, you're just making things harder on yourself in terms catching passes and stickhandling, etc. In general, you just have to worry about if you're comfortable adjusting your hand placement, so that it allows the stick to sit in position that allows you to do what you need. I'm 5'5 I use lie 5 and lie 6 sitcks. Depending on how I feel, I'll tweak the heights, regardless of lie, so they're somewhere between my collarbone and just below my chin, which is between 50" and 52". When I'm using a shorter stick, my body positioning adjusts in different ways. My hands get closer together, my knees bend a little more, and the general height where my hands sit is a bit lower, which I'm fine with. When the stick is a bit longer, the opposite adjustment happens. I remember a while back someone posted a pic of a Crosby pro stock stick. It was 54" in height. Crosby is 5'11- 6"0.
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    Despite what the label says, a P88 is a lie 5. It's just about as low as a PM9 and P28, and much lower than a Lie 6 P92. Edit: In fact, I just went and compared a P88 to a PM9 and the P88 is actually lower than the PM9.
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    Forgive me, but if you don't trust that Sparx are being honest when they say 320 passes/ring, I don't see the point in having them publish their own "studies" to confirm this claim. You're only option at this point is to trust peer reviews, and so far, it seems most (if not all) Sparx owners on this thread are quite content with their purchase. This complaint is analogous to the time Apple changed their iPhone signal strength display from 5 dots to 4 bars after customer complaints. Customers were happier as a result, and thought they were getting a better product, despite not a single piece of hardware being altered whatsoever...
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    The ones that fit your feet when you get fitted at the store.
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    Yes. I ordered these for myself, 70 flex Flylite senior with a Pasta curve. They are very whippy and I don't think I would order a Flylite with that low of a flex again. I think the kick point, length, and flex all need to be accounted for when looking at dropping to that low of a flex.

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