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  1. You could tell from the first sentence that his entire post was going to be nonsense.
  2. You definitely wont be able to buy retail skates with no holder. If you want that, you would have to go custom to honor your... custom request.
  3. More than it's worth. You also don't know what that would do to the structural integrity of the rest of the cage.
  4. There is a lot of debate on this and everyone has their opinion, but let me just say that as a goalie a white cage is ABSOLUTELY going to be better for seeing the puck. I have used colored cages, and still do sometimes (my Winterfest mask, for example) but white is definitely easier to see the puck with. Obviously every color occupies the same amount of physical space, but seeing a black object on white ice with a white cage is going to be way easier than seeing it through a black cage. It may matter less for skaters (hence the number of people who will say it doesn't matter) but for me it's a massive difference.
  5. Oh man, I haven't heard that brand name in a LONG time. I was a huge HUGE fan of their original face mask (all plastic - and appears to be the one they still offer for youth players). The "Avision Ahead" model was the second version and it fogged up a ton. Looks like they don't have that one anymore. The Zero Plus is ugly AF but it looks pretty good. A full cage definitely looks less dopey, but who gives a damn these days. I think I still have my original Boulder kicking around somewhere - I wonder if they still make replacement shields for them. Maybe I should put it back on at least for now, regardless.
  6. 72.2 specifically covers that exact situation (refusal to play after a hand pass)
  7. Well, the rink closest to my house just closed permanently and now that I don’t have a spot at the other rink, I now officially have nowhere to play. I guess I’m done playing hockey.
  8. Those haven't changed, yet. They're exactly the same as they've been for quite some time. They stopped doing boot-only orders a while ago.
  9. If they are part of the NHL bubble, yes. The PM already stated that. How come? I haven't seen anything that suggests it won't.
  10. Apparently hit some snags. I would guess part of it is the skyrocketing cases in the US with no end in sight. I assume the plan was always to have them in Canada if possible, for many reasons (a big one is how much cheaper it is for them to do it in Canada) but like you said it seemed unlikely until recently - but that was primarily because of the border closures and quarantine issues. Apparently Vancouver also hit snags and was eliminated as a choice along with Vegas. My guess is they had already chosen EDM and TOR *if possible* and were going to go to Vegas and wherever only if they had to, so they were waiting for the absolute last moment possible. As for NHL players being infected, we have to remember we aren't even in camps yet so at this point there IS no bubble. So cases are kind of irrelevant because nobody is restricted. Now, if they see cases once the bubble is up then THAT will be something to be concerned about, though let's be honest the chances of ZERO infections are pretty slim.
  11. I'm not sure if I should envy or feel sad for those who would notice 50 grams in their skates.
  12. They look fantastic. I'd probably go TF Pro Custom for my goalie skates (assuming they bring out a goalie model...) and TF7 for my regular skates to replace my Makos.
  13. Looks like host cities will be Edmonton and Toronto: https://www.tsn.ca/edmonton-and-toronto-set-to-be-nhl-hub-cities-1.1491108
  14. 72.1 is the best I can find and seems to be a rule that is pretty wide-open for interpretation as there are no specific details.
  15. Yeah I might actually try the retails. The customs were obviously amazing but if I can get something really thermoformable like the Makos, I’d likely be fine.
  16. We had a guy who was like that. And in jeans, no less. In shorts I could see it but getting into jeans while sweaty would be so awful. I don’t shower after games anyway, I just go home and shower. I had the opportunity to play pickup last night and passed it up. Not sure it’s worth the risk at this point especially with the way the numbers are skyrocketing seemingly faster than they were before the initial shutdown.
  17. Nothing prevents them from doing so. That said, I’m not sure risking your chance at a cup in a crapshoot playoffs by a team that shouldn’t even have the opportunity is probably not the best idea. Remember, it’s the teams that tank, not the players.
  18. I don’t think anyone is, but the discussion about hollows is definitely getting to be off-topic.
  19. I don't like the Axis graphics either.
  20. Agreed, the gear is big so they can cheat. Wasn't originally, but that's certainly what it became. But the argument against slimming has always been protection, regardless of whether that was actually true, which means: I agree completely. I'd love to see smaller goalies IF the protection is as good, if not better. The problem with the recent slimming down is that they didn't maintain protection so their complaints were justified. Anyway, the point is that I'd like to see new materials for protection across the board, both goalies and skaters. I just think the benefit is going to be seen more for goalies. I'm sure many of them would actually prefer less bulk if protection was maintained.
  21. The problem was that they slimmed the goalies down without any increase in protection. I’m saying if they could come up with some sort of new materials that allow them to slim them down even further but actually increase protection, I’d be all for it.
  22. Well that’s not surprising, AZ isn’t exactly known for being the brightest part of the country.
  23. Definitely overrused, but also justified here (as far as a lack of it). A good example of actual innovation would be goalie pads moving away from leather straps and towards velcro. A lot of the traditional strapping just doesn’t make sense nowadays. As far as your question, I would suggest goalie protective equipment (and I guess protective in general) innovation would be something I’d like to see. Specifically, new materials that protect but aren’t just a case of “throw more padding at it” like they’ve been mostly doing for years. They generally have slimmed goalie gear by giving it less padding or making the physical shape smaller. I have no idea what the answer is, but that’s still something I’d love to see if anyone came up with new materials.
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