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  1. Good luck man, we're all rooting for you! Keep us updated!
  2. Hzrdus the name of one of True's golf shaft line.
  3. https://www.icewarehouse.com/Oakley_Modified_Aviator/descpage-OPMAV18.html?srsltid=AfmBOor4gsTWC6E8MezF2m998PPDr9799cHtljQzwYgOeuHTE60Qw7kxzhE And just because it showed up in my google search, here's an ancient MSH thread:
  4. Heh, I wouldn't say theres any advantage to it. It's just like Hasek - you'd never teach it, but it worked for them. Having your glove up and open to the shooter was pretty rare back then.
  5. https://evolutionsportsexcellence.com/products/oakley-hockey-visor-aviator-prizm A guy in my league wears one like this.. lol.
  6. I play low level beer league :) I dont care about steel width, I couldn't tell a difference when I went from 4mm to 3mm tbh. I'm probably safe as far as damage from high-level hockey.
  7. Has anyone seen any significant issues with True one piece goalie skates? They always looked like they might become an issue but I haven't ever seen anyone complain about them breaking or anything. I'm deciding what I want to get for this upcoming fall season.
  8. I'm more just happy they finally left Arizona.
  9. Jesus fucking christ. When having your face broken ends up being a positive, you know you're getting kicked in the junk way too often. Damn dude, I'm sorry.
  10. That is an insane number of sticks.
  11. Nothing beats Darn Tough's warranty!
  12. How can you not be a fan of skates fitting correctly?
  13. Absolutely. And one of the better goalie sections you'll find anywhere, if you're into that kind of thing.
  14. Worth the drive up anyway. The store is massive.
  15. No issue with durability on either VH or retail True. Next pair will be custom True.
  16. Glad you're back out there, man! Please tell me you put a cage on? :)
  17. Which topic are you talking about? EDIT: Ah, I had to do some digging. It was just another pointless overseas knockoff stick thread, like this one, from over three years ago.
  18. I think in America that's called "hitting your out of pocket maximum".
  19. The matte black is amazing compared to these.
  20. Totally agree. Some of the best on the market too, imo.
  21. Yeah, I don't like it either. Though, I do like it better than LA and Vegas's metallic helmets. What I DO like are the 3D logos on helmets, when they aren't ads instead.
  22. Well that looks like bullshit.
  23. Referee shin pads have a strap on that flap. Always wondered why player shins don't after seeing it the first time.
  24. Hey at least this is your first time ever in a hosp.... oh, no wait. In all seriousness, holy shit. That's crazy. I always think of things like losing a tooth as being "horrible" results of a puck to the face. This is horrible! Hope it goes well and that the tylenol gets upgraded sooner than later! Time for a cage?
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