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  1. Well, returned my AS3 Pro goalie skates without having ever gotten to wear them. Or even bake/sharpen for that matter. i would have already wasted over half my 90 days with the broken thumb, and I just found out leagues are starting up again here which means the Sunday pickups are ending, so I'm once again left without somewhere to play. The other rink near me (2 sheets) just shut down permanently and is being demolished. If I haven't found somewhere to at least semi-regularly play in the next 6 months, I'm selling my gear.
  2. Yeah agreed, get on that ASAP for sure! Good luck man.
  3. Thank god, if only he could take Pierre with him. I'm "blessed" to be able to watch the Canadian feeds down here.
  4. For 700k, why not? I’d take Thornton over Kerfoot.
  5. I was specifically talking about having yet another thread devolve into offtopic discussion, this time about mask effectiveness in general, instead of talking about the specific products the thread is about. I'm completely with you though that it's important. You're preaching to the choir here - nothing drives me nuts more than the people who suggest cloth masks don't do anything. Even worse are the ones who cite the size of the physical virus itself, as if they're just free floating in the air and not carried by the droplets from sneezing or coughing (or breathing heavily like in sports). Basically from a moderation perspective, what I'm looking to avoid generally is where somebody goes to a thread looking for some information and has to sift through pages of off-topic or only barely relevant discussion. Use the TF7/TF9 thread as an example. 100% we should be comparing effectiveness on these products! And I agree - something is better than nothing. Whatever you can do to lower your risk even by just a small amount if worth considering.
  6. I mean... tested? No. But anything that catches droplets when you sneeze or cough (or exhale heavily) is going to be better than nothing at all. So I wouldn't say its a cash grab so much as just being not some magic pill that makes you 100% safe. Like @shoeshine boysaid, theres no need to get into the effectiveness but let's also be realistic because we know something is better than nothing. Also I get a kick out of the "I could make that myself for cheaper" people who have no materials, tools, or the actual skills to do so. Just stop it. You're being silly. Anyway... I would also please encourage people in this thread to stick to details, opinions, or reviews on the products in question. If you don't think it's worth the money or not effective enough to justify buying these products, nobody is forcing you. I do not want this to devolve into a debate about effectiveness.
  7. But apparently going to be keeping Fleury.
  8. No kidding! The glove angle killed me on it. If the puck hit me there with the glove at a normal angle, it just skims the thumb area and goes into the pocket (or at worst, bounces out). But with me trying to catch a puck aimed at my rib area the whole glove gets rotated to the left so the puck hits that area square and bends the whole thing back. Not helped is the break angle of this glove, which 99.9999% of the time is my favorite thing about it. Hard to explain, but long story short, this glove has significantly more thumb movement inside it than most.
  9. Yes, the YouTube video you posted about baking your skated at home.
  10. I mean, it makes some semblance of sense if you're an old school goalie who turns their stick around to shoot the puck, but that technique is long dead. I've seen a few goalies who have it the wrong way. I always figured they just got better deals on lefty clearance sticks, or something.
  11. Not yet I don't think. And I agree... I even have the materials and machine. I'm just not sure I care enough to bother.
  12. The CCM one definitely makes more sense to me, especially the goalie one. None of them are worth the price, but it is what it is. If you think you can do better for cheaper than feel free to start your own business selling them Whats up with the old "baking skates at home" IW video? What is the relationship to the thread?
  13. Man, Crawford not being re-signed, Schneider being bought out (didn't know he was even in the league still), Fleury's status, Dubnyk being traded, Holtby, Andersen... the list goes on. So many goalies! Lucky Lehner to snag himself some security. This whole off-season is nuts already and only going to get more crazy. The flat cap is really pushing some teams to make tough choices. And not just the cap, but internal budgets as well. I've read that multiple GMs have said they've been told to shed salary regardless of their cap position.
  14. Damn. Why have I not thought of that?
  15. That feels like a bad trade. I almost feel like the pick should have been going the other way. Both of them are RFA's too.
  16. Changed the topic to cover the draft, free agency, and trades during this off-season.
  17. Agreed with everything above. I don't really know nuances like you guys do though, I've never worn Reebok or CCM, and never will wear CCM or Lefevre so I'm pretty ignorant to their whole ecosystem. There was once a time when I wanted to be in the know for everything goalie related but now I don't really care about any of it. The toxic environments around goalie gear is such a sharp contrast to everything I've experienced on MSH for the most part.
  18. They're a decent enough first try post-Lefevre.
  19. I could probably make you one once my broken hand heals and I can use my sewing machine again
  20. Guys, can we move back on-topic about True TF7/TF9 skates? There are already a million topics about skate sizing on here.
  21. Well I guess if they do that, then having an accurate size doesn't matter for those people in the first place, so whatever. Yep. I've been wearing shoes too big for most of my adult life. It wasn't until I started wearing good dress shoes that I realized it. Explains why I started in size 9 skates.
  22. If only we could just start using mm for shoe AND skate sizing, life would be so much easier.
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