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  1. Yeah, that's probably the best way of putting it. The videos are on Bauer's IG page, under the "3 Fit Q&A" folder at the top, if you want to watch. As Hills and some others have said, the difference in feel is likely attributed to the difference in features. A Vapor skate has the asymmetrical last, the ribs in the heel, the stiffer injected facings, and a different tongue. It's not going to wrap the foot as much as the Supreme and it's going to have a much different feel in the heel because of the ribs. Those things will likely give the skate a tighter heel and slightly less volume. But they're all part of the features that make the Vapor skate meant for "quickness"
  2. The 3 Fits are the same on both Vapor and Supreme. So while yes, you have Vapor in Fit 1, 2, 3 and Supreme in Fit 1, 2, 3, Fit 1, 2, and 3 are the same for both. The difference between Vapor and Supreme is now just the feature set. However, I did see a video with the product manager at Bauer and he said that the fits will feel different in the two skate lines. My guess is they might be keeping the more tapered profile in the Vapors vs the anatomical fit of the Supreme.
  3. I was told by a product developer at Bauer that FIt 3 is a touch wider than a Supreme EE, but not as wide or as much volume as Nexus. My guess is yes, the heel will be narrower because it's still built off the Supreme last, not the Nexus.
  4. A defenseman's ability to transition the puck is going to be the skill that is most emphasized for a while going forward. With the way metrics and analytics are being employed, limiting opponent's possession and shot events are most focused on, and that means getting the puck out of the defending zone quickly, efficiently, and under control. This is primarily true on a transition. A defenseman needs to be able to skate back and beat a forward to a puck, and make a good, controlled first pass, usually under heavy forecheck. If control is established in the zone, for the most part, the passive zone is dead and defense has gone to a more active zone where someone is always pressuring the puck trying to regain possession and move the puck out. The days of sitting and letting the other team have the puck on the outside and waiting for them to come to you are over. Defense is a team system that relies on all 5 players to work. There isn't really such a thing as a "defensive" or "offensive" defenseman anymore. Sure, some guys join the rush more often and put up more points. But every defenseman has to be able to skate up into the play on every transition, and be active in the offensive zone. Those space filling, shot blocking warriors of the early- to mid- 2010's like Girardi or Orpik aren't wanted in today's game. Even the most "defensive" or "stay-at-home" defenseman today would have been considered an "offensive" defenseman even just 10 years ago.
  5. Awesome, thanks. How did the weight and sightlines compare between the two?
  6. So between the MK5-X and Zero Plus, which would you recommend, and why?
  7. The weight of the Re-Akt makes it hard for me to want to switch away from it. I'd prefer some sort of visor for visibility, but they weight so much more that I have to keep pushing my helmet up. The Boulder/Avision or the Ronin look better than the ones from the major brands. I have a teammate that has the Ronin, and it doesn't look like it's unusually large. It's interesting that it's getting that feedback. The thinner bars and optically correct shield are definitely more appealing.
  8. I just use the Coban type grip tape. It's thin, works well, cheap, and doesn't damage palms. I found all of the other grips to be too thick.
  9. Kind of. What I think they did was rotate the blocker board on the hand and flatten the bottom. They pulled the bottom edge of the board down closer to the fingers and pushed the top out a little more. The best way of illustrating it would be to look at the angle of the bottom edge of the board in relation to the thumb in your pics. On the G4, you can see how the bottom curves away from the thumb (as does the CCM). The G5 has a much more narrow angle there. The logos on the finger portion of the sideboard show it pretty well. They're both parallel to the face angle of the bottom of the board. Look at the difference in relation to the thumb graphic in both pics. Then if you look at the angle of the back of the sideboard at the wrist, you can see how much more square the G5 is. When they pull and straighten the bottom, it makes it longer in relation to the fingers, so it moves the board down in a way. Remember, the hand position in the Ritual line is adjustable anyway. I just threw the pics into the markup tool on my iPhone, which has a ruler that gives angles. If you line the board up to 90*, the thumb on the G5 is at a 61* angle to the board, vs a 51* angle on the G4. I think they actually did leave it the same, and stuck it out further giving it more coverage. To me, the curve at the top of the G5 looks like it sticks out futher than the G4. Given it's pretty rough, I just measured the top angle on each pic in relation to the board, using markup on my iPhone. If you make the thumb angle the same, the top angle is the same on both. That means they flattened it down on the G5 given the hand position in relation to the board has changed by about 10*. The angle of the bend to the face of the board is 58* on the G4 and 70* on the G5.
  10. No, it works alongside it. It's all about the "aerial angle". By pushing the entire blocker forward and angling it down, they created more coverage area. Rather than just take that, they flattened out the curve. The bottom of a G3/G4 blocker was really thick and almost curved up. With the G5, that's what they flattened out moreso than the curve at the top. So what you get is a blocker that covers the same amount above the hand, and a lot more below the hand. The top of the blocker sits out about as far is it did before, but the bottom is flatter and angled down closer to the hand. My biggest problem with the Warrior blockers was the lack of coverage low, down on the ice. You could move the hand position, but then you lost coverage up top. I always just kept it in the middle and kind of dealt with it. This isn't a problem in my Optik blocker, or my Gnetik 3 blocker before the Warrior. They are both pretty flat in the bottom of the board, just like the Bauer blockers and now the G5. Vaughns and the older Warriors have more curve at the bottom, which gives them more curve overall. I don't think Warrior came up with a new design that other companies will follow. Rather they just did what a few others have been doing for a while.
  11. I just found out a friend's boyfriend died last week. Not sure yet on the cause, it could have been either COVID or appendicitis/rupture. His symptoms could have indicated both. What's sad is he likely did die because of COVID either way though. He had been having abdominal pains for a few days, and twice decided to go to an Urgent Care clinic but had an anxiety attack because of the fear of getting COVID, one of those times actually turning the car around on the way. If he had gotten medical attention, they likely could have saved him either way. He ended up dying suddenly at home.
  12. I had a similar issue. I used to wear the bigger, blockier type shoulders, like a Supreme model. I forgot them one game. One of my teammates two shifts into the game mentioned how much faster and more agile I seemed. My gf brought me my pads and I put them on, and this teammate said I changed back, I wasn't turning my upper body as well. Another teammate had a pair of Vapors that he had taken off because they were new and he didn't like them. I tried them on instead, and my game went mostly back to where it was without the SPs. After the game, I bought the Vapors from the guy, and I'm still wearing them. I think they're Vapor XXXX's or X:60s, that's how old they are. Long story short, look into the aglity line for the different brands. Bauer would be a Vapor, not the Supreme. CCM is the Jetspeed. With the top tier models of those lines, the shoulder caps are lower profile, and go more outwards than up. You could also probably save a few bucks and go down one step to the second model. the protection would still probably be good enough, and certainly better than nothing. The Jetspeed FT390 is more of a tapered design which you may like better. And the entire Bauer Vapor line is on clearance right now, so that may be a good option as well.
  13. As stated above, protection may be an issue with Intermediate gloves. Your best bet is probably to get a G4/G5 and use the intermediate liner, or find or order a glove custom made with smaller internals. My Optiks have intermediate internals. And I didn't have a problem with my G3 gloves (medium liner in the blocker), though most other gloves are too large for my hands.
  14. G3 liners don't fit in G4 gloves. We don't know yet if G5 liners will fit either.
  15. Keep reading, it's answered a few posts down. tl:dr yes, it's different feature sets.
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