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  1. I had a similar issue. I used to wear the bigger, blockier type shoulders, like a Supreme model. I forgot them one game. One of my teammates two shifts into the game mentioned how much faster and more agile I seemed. My gf brought me my pads and I put them on, and this teammate said I changed back, I wasn't turning my upper body as well. Another teammate had a pair of Vapors that he had taken off because they were new and he didn't like them. I tried them on instead, and my game went mostly back to where it was without the SPs. After the game, I bought the Vapors from the guy, and I'm still wearing them. I think they're Vapor XXXX's or X:60s, that's how old they are. Long story short, look into the aglity line for the different brands. Bauer would be a Vapor, not the Supreme. CCM is the Jetspeed. With the top tier models of those lines, the shoulder caps are lower profile, and go more outwards than up. You could also probably save a few bucks and go down one step to the second model. the protection would still probably be good enough, and certainly better than nothing. The Jetspeed FT390 is more of a tapered design which you may like better. And the entire Bauer Vapor line is on clearance right now, so that may be a good option as well.
  2. As stated above, protection may be an issue with Intermediate gloves. Your best bet is probably to get a G4/G5 and use the intermediate liner, or find or order a glove custom made with smaller internals. My Optiks have intermediate internals. And I didn't have a problem with my G3 gloves (medium liner in the blocker), though most other gloves are too large for my hands.
  3. G3 liners don't fit in G4 gloves. We don't know yet if G5 liners will fit either.
  4. Keep reading, it's answered a few posts down. tl:dr yes, it's different feature sets.
  5. Exactly. I'll give you an example. I also play goalie. The lines of goalie skates are backwards - the Supremes fit like a player Vapor and the Vapors fit like a player Supreme. The feature sets on both lines are different, with the biggest change being that the Supremes have an asymmetrical ankle, where the outside edge of the ankle is lower than the inside so you can get more flex. It gives a slightly better attack angle for the butterfly. I'm a player Supreme fit, they're great for me. That means I should be in a Vapor goalie skate. But I want that asymmetrical ankle, so I have to wear a Supreme and a fit that's not as good for me. With the change, I'll be able to get the Supreme goalie features with a Supreme player fit.
  6. Yeah, that's probably best. The fit system is a done deal, but until you can actually see how each fit compares to the corresponding previous profile, I wouldn't make any judgements. The other thing to consider is that the top two lines with the Fit system will likely be a semi-one piece boot. The heel will be molded to the outsole like a True skate, so things like ankle lock and heel depth may be much more form fitting and customizable now.
  7. No. The top 2 lines get the fit system. If you need a EE width, you'd go up a fit size. The rest of the lineup gets regular size and width measurements in the traditional fit profile for that line.
  8. Different feature sets. Vapor will have the asymmetric quarter, the Recoil tongue, the injected eyelets, the Aerofoam liner, etc. that are in the Vapor line now. The Supreme has the flexible tendon guard, the Reflex tongue, the symmetric quarter, more traditional eyelets, better wrap on the foot, and other Supreme features. This is being done so that the type of skate you can get is no longer solely determined by the fit you need.
  9. That info is pretty widely known. I was also given the release date which hasn't been announced yet that I was asked not to reveal.
  10. Correct. That information is direct from a product designer at Bauer. We had a discussion regarding the sizing and fit characteristics between past, current, and future models of skates.
  11. The top two models of the new line of skates due out in June will go to a new sizing system. You will have two lines of skates - Vapor and Supreme - with different feature sets on each. Within those two lines, you will now have 3 fit profiles. The 3 profiles will line up to the D width of the current fits, with a little more blending of the profile. Fit 1 will be like a Vapor - more narrow, less volume, though it will probably be more anatomical fit than tapered. Fit 2 is Supreme - medium width, medium volume, very anatomical. Fit 3 is like Nexus - wide and higher volume, though likely not as much volume as it is now. You'll buy the skate in a model, fit, and size. So a Vapor Size 8 Fit 3 would be like a current Vapor skate that fit like a Nexus size 8, and a Supreme 10F1 would be a Supreme that fit like a Vapor size 10.
  12. I could proably stick my Gen 1 5.2 to a wall. Or use it as flypaper.
  13. Right now I'm on 7/8" ROH, but plan to go to 3/4" Fire for my next set. The one thing I find with the Sparx, is that the sharpening feels like one increment larger than the wheel says.
  14. That is true. However, I haven't changed my ROH because I don't want to buy more wheels, and I haven't noticed any issues with lack of bite like you would by changing your ROH on normal steel. I'm just about through my first set of steel, so I'm pretty close to being back to 3mm. Right now it feels like a still better FBV, but not as amped up as it did when they were new. Despite that, the performance gains are still worth it. Not to mention Sparx Fire is no where close to FBV, and since I have a Sparx and don't trust the shop that does FBV to touch my skates, I'm happy getting the Flare for whatever gains I can so I can use my SParx.
  15. It's not the width that gives the performance. Goalie steel used to be 4mm. The increased width caused a feeling of skating on rails. You lost a ton of agility and lateral motion. The increase from 3mm to ~4mm is what causes the flare. That gives you a 6* angle which is what changes everything. You get a 6* better attack angle for turns, strides, and stops and also a 6* less angle with the ice causing better glide. Sharpening Flare is no different than any other steel, with the exception that you can't do FBV. Fire on a Sparx works well, it's the only thing I've ever done on them. Sticking with your kayak analogy, which is going to give you more speed - using a bigger paddle (altering your ROH) or physically altering the design of the boat (Flare)? If that's what you like, then get Flare steel. It's FBV/Fire on steroids.
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