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    Remember to read your casebook, not just the rule. For the puck out of play, the face off is located based on who caused the puck to go out of play. "Last play" faceoffs are determined by which team's actions caused the stoppage. In your case, the defending team caused the stoppage by deflecting the puck, and since it was inside his defending zone, the faceoff is at the nearest end-zone faceoff spot to where the puck went out. For the hand pass, it's defined in Situation 4 of the casebook https://www.usahockeyrulebook.com/page/show/1085021-handling-puck-with-hands
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    This is from the Hockey Canada rule book: SITUATION 2 Rule 9.1 (d) QUESTION: The puck is batted with the hand, hits the opposing goaltender, rebounds back out and is picked up by another player of the same team batting the puck. Does play continue or is play stopped? ANSWER: Play is stopped. Play can only continue if the non-offending team gains “possession and control” of the puck. Since the puck only hit the goaltender (possession, but not control), play would be stopped. The rule itself is similar to what you see in the US rule book. It's clarified in the situation. Here's the rule: (d) A player shall be permitted to stop or “bat” a puck in the air with her open hand, or to push it along the ice with her hand and play shall not be stopped, unless the player has directed the puck to a teammate in the neutral or attacking zone. When this occurs play shall be stopped and the puck faced-off at the spot where the offense oc- curred, unless the offending team gains a territorial advantage, then the face-off shall be where the stoppage of play occurred, unless otherwise covered in the rules. Play shall not be stopped for any hand pass by players in their own defending zone. So I would look at the situations or cases. Under the HC rules, the hand pass situation is similar to high sticking the puck. Those are only negated if the opposing team gains possession and control.
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    I can't tell you what the USA hockey rules would be, but I can give you the Hockey Canada answers. 1) The faceoff would be in the attacking zone (for the team that shot it in) because the puck deflected off a defender in that zone. 2) That would be a hand pass because a defending player would need to gain possession and control to negate the hand pass. A deflection does not constitute possession and control.
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    IF you keep breaking steel, it's likely because your holders aren't mounted correctly.

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