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    Thanks alt. The 7 Fit 2, x2.9 do feel great, and I’m guessing for the reasons you laid out. I do have a 7 “wide” CCM FT485 due to arrive today. So I’ll throw those on and see how they feel. I have a feeling they’ll be too wide all around though. I did try on a Supreme 3s in a 7, Fit 2 and my toes were pushed against the ends of the caps more than what I was comfortable with. I’m still curious to see how the Supreme 7.5 3s feels (they didn’t have it). I also tried on a True TF7 in a 7.5 and a 7, the 7 seemed to be the ticket, toes brushing but felt a bit too roomy in the forefoot area. Had an odd hotspot on top of my foot that I hadn’t felt in a CCM or Bauer. 6.5 would have felt too cramped lengthwise for me. I don’t like my toes against the ends of the caps at all. But out of everything I’ve tried on thus far, the x2.9 just feels like an all around natural fit, no if’s ands or buts about it. Snug, yet not cramped. No hot spots and not pushing against the end of the toe caps. The size 7-D 9380 SuperTacks feel similar but had hot spots in the arch area and more of a cramped than snug feeling all around…which I’d expect to settle in nicely once broken in. Toe area felt great in them, on par with the x2.9s. Thanks again for your input and I’ll keep you guys posted on what I decide on.
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    From the information you've provided in various posts, I think the Vapor X2.9 in a 7 Fit 2 may work well for you. You said your current 7EE Vapors fit well, but are a little shallow near the 4th and 5th eyelet. Well, Fit 2 is supposed to be a similar width to a Vapor EE or Supreme D, with a depth more like the Supreme D (which is a bit deeper than a Vapor EE). So, on paper a 7 Fit 2 would be better for you. The CCM skates sizing was realigned around 2017 to fit the same as Bauer lengthwise. If you're a 7 Bauer, then you're more than likely a 7 in a CCM made after 2017. In the D/EE CCM sizing, the Jetspeed was a narrow skate and would be closer to a D Vapor than a EE. So, a 7.5D Jetspeed FT485 would be a width too narrow and a half size too long if your EE Vapors fit well besides the depth. They may not feel like they're too long because a skate that's too narrow will compress and elongate your foot. So, if you wanted to try the Jetspeed FT485, you'd likely be better off with a 7EE in that skate and not a 7.5EE. It's true that the scanner is just a starting point, but the fact that you were 7 Fit 1 and then 6.5 Fit 1 and you currently wear a 7 makes it likely that a 7.5 is too long. It's generally not a good idea to go longer to deal with width or depth issues. The good news is, the Vapor X2.9 size 7 Fit 2 you already have may really work well for you. If they don't, then trying a 7EE Jetspeed FT485 or a 6.5R True TF7/TF9 would likely be the next best options in my opinion. A 7.5 in Bauer or CCM or a 7 in True would likely be too long after baking and break in (they might feel like the right length before that, especially if they're too narrow).
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    Tydan is very good. High quality steel. Just as good as STEP. If you want a high quality traditional style of steel, this is a good option. Massive is bad, the steel has too high of a tensile strength and tends to break/snap. Stay away. RamonEdge is very good. High quality steel. Just as good as STEP. Its slightly thicker than Tydan and STEP, roughly 3.1xmm vs 2.9xmm which can make it difficult to fit in holders. Bladetech is good steel. Sharpens nicely. Holds a good edge. Overall a high quality steel. It comes with a triple radius profile out of the box which some like. I personally didn't not feel the "flex force" spring effect. None of the customers that I have sold Bladetech to said they felt the "flex force" spring effect. Bauer Pulse and Pulse TI steel are also very good. Not as good as some of these other options but significantly better than the LS5. Have you considered Flare or XC Blade?

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