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    Getting back on the ice tonight!!! A little over six weeks from my thyroid removal surgery. A few complications that delayed my recovery, but looking forward to playing tonight!!
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    People will probably disagree with me but as you said, I’d play around with profiles long before I’d do a holder swap. There isn’t enough difference in size or amount of steel on the ice at any given time to justify it imo. a good profiler could look at your current blades, get a general idea of the balance point and ice contact you like and get you something similar to what you’ve been using. it will likely take longer to adjust to the boots than the blades anyway.
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    Great to hear! Skate, skate, and skate....get on the ice as much as you can, whether it's on a pond, public skate, beginner lessons, stick & puck, etc. Try having a friend or someone close to you join the journey with you to make it more fun and motivating.
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    They would've had more success if people were able to choose which tongue they wanted when purchasing the skates new, just like selecting what steel... But to have to spend another $100 bucks for a tongue you like and be stuck with the stock one seemed like a deterrent to me. At least true makes decent tongues and I've successfully created a Velcro system on some Bauers to accept true tongues. Did it for a pair of Bauers that I converted to inlines as the stock tongues on those were shot.
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    Average consumers too often equate price to quality, so they assume high end true skates can’t be as good as Bauer or CCM if the flagship doesn’t cost four figures. True makes the price four digits, and when Johnny Suburb and his mom go skate shopping in August, suddenly Trues are now on the same tier because they cost more.
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    I think equipment managers can get them at the pro level. I will ask around. Also, considering CCM has the XS replacement tongues in their retail closeout catalog, I am unsure of the future of the replaceable tongue system.
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    Hey count me in! if you still havent ordered yet
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    I’m doing a custom pro order if you know anyone who wants to join.
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    Got a pair of custom Proto-Rs for my birthday (70 flex Pasta curve), this stick is honestly incredible. It’s a mid kick but pucks release off it almost as quickly as the Vapor ADV. And I love the XX stiff blade.
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    Base responded to your very specific and very valid complaints about that order like it was a product that they didn’t 100% produce from start to finish. They might as well have sent you a gif that says “sucks brah, good luck with that.”
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    You should dispute the stick you got with your credit card company as a product that was as advertised. And then see if you need to do the same with the one that is in production

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