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    When I worked there, I did not have any 16 year old employees, nor did everyone in the store sharpened. The most I ever had was 6 sharpeners out of a staff of 25 - roughly 25% of the staff. It was the only way to maintain quality control. But I was the exception, not the rule. It’s truly a blessing that I’m no longer there. I can’t see myself still there if I had the opportunity to. My skill set wouldn’t have been appreciated. And from what I’ve been told, it’s a breeze to swap wheels/hollows on the FireBall.
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    I remember about 10 years ago there was a first responder tournament in Orlando and we had a team from Edmonton coming in asking for 5/16" - up there that could work for them but definitely not in FL. They all changed (and won) the tournament.
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    I am a coach. Have 4 pairs of blades. Ls4, Stepsteel stainless and Black stepsteel, fairblades too. Also do sharpening in my club and my boy who is 13. My advise would be unless you need a spare set of blades do not bother. From my personal experience you do can tell the difference but it is not relevant. The more important is to have a right profile and good quality sharpening.
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    Just summarizing: -your son is a pretty good player and is happy with the skates he is in -his skating coach previously recommended new skates because he were getting soft but nothing about the fact that it was impacting his skating -his game seemed to improve after that but there was no way to attribute that to new skates -you notice that the top of his skates are getting soft when you squeeze them (which honestly may have little correlation to how they are affecting his skating once on his foot and laced, even down an eyelet) but are simply worried it will affect his performance Seems like there is nothing to see here, performance should be the indicator as well as player preference.
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    Looks like Blackstone Sports is about to enter the automated skate sharpener market with a machine dubbed FireBall. There's a short video posted on their FaceBook page. Not sure if the following FB link will work? Blackstone FireBall FaceBook Video
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/CM7ZhnXgkiV/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CNIT7CPgnb3/ 2SPro XL
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    One piece boots tend to be stronger where the quarters turn into the sole of the boot, but they are not automatically stiffer overall. FT1s had a nice give to them in the quarters, much more than 2S Pros. TF7s also have a notable suppleness compared to Tacks say.
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    One would have thought they would use a better looking skate with steel that hasn't been sharpened a couple of hundred times for their first presentation to the market... Looks like a metal grinding disc?
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    I feel like they had a round bar version (4500/5100) and flat bar (7500/9900) and the only difference was the helmet it was sold as a combo on. I may be misremembering though
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    @marka I think buying a 6.5R from a shop that honors the 30 day satisfaction guarantee is your best bet. If you don't have a shop nearby that does that, Icewarehouse offers that. They will feel way too tight before baking, but from everything I've read, my experience with the TF9s and the data you've provided, 6.5R is most likely the size you'll need. The Trues are very thermoformable and are the closest thing to Makos currently on the market. I think the R's will be wide enough for you after baking if you're in D Makos, but buying from a shop that honors the guarantee would allow you to change sizes if they don't fit the way you like after a good bake. Just have them baked and fit like SVH demonstrates in this video:
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    Howdy, I ordered the Grit bag. I'll try and do a review of it here when I get it. Mark
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    I think there is being picky about things that matter and then there is over the top. At this point I only get our skates sharpened by the sharpener all the figure skaters use and who the main skating coach in town recommended. It isn’t that convenient but worth it. People who are better shooters than me can notice more about a stick, so it makes sense for them to be more particular. Over the top is the obsession with things that I am pretty sure people 1) can’t actually tell the difference between or 2) has no actual benefit. Obsessing over how much stiffer one piece boots are and how Bauer is so behind despite the fact that they seem to work fine for a ton of pros and 99% of players probably benefit from something less stiff and that the boot is very likely not the weak link in their skating. Or helmets, moving into complete asinine territory with those....
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    I know what I want. I know why I wanted it. If I have to, I can make due with what's handed to me, specifically with skates and sticks.. BUT there's nothing wrong with being picky. IMHO, not enough people pay attention to what they're getting, and sometimes that can be detrimental in a lot of different ways. First, the customer isn't getting what they want, a competent sharpening, and second, there's no incentive to get it right if no one complains. Luckily, I live in a city where there's lots of options. I used to drive across the city to get my skates sharpened because the places I went to became a crap shoot of competent and incompetent workers. One of the things I did was get multiple sets of steel, so I could cut down on the number of trips I needed to make, saving time and gas. It also let me experiment with specs and compare.
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    I've been using the Grit Airbag for two years now. Really like it and it's held up very well. Only issue I have is when it rains...gear can get wet going from the car to the rink. The other side of that is that it never gets skunky in the bag because there is always airflow.
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    Hey anyone know what twig Nylanders been using for a minute now?
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    I was an early bird on the first batch of the full R1 skates last year (got the insanely priced early bird price of 50% off). My back ground is primarily roller hockey only. I was using Alkali RPD Shift+ skates previously, so purchasing the R1 skate was an easy choice, in regard to the fitment of the boot is the same (just a lot stiffer) as what i was used to. This meant the only real thing i had to get used to was rocker. The first skate was weird, the rocker is subtle, but can catch you off guard at first. However, as you get used to feeling over having a rocker (remember- ive only played roller), its fantastic, my skating felt incredibly smooth. Transitions from forward to backwards, feel awesome. Its almost hard to put your finger on, but the skating feels enhanced, and buttery smooth. Its hard to put into words. The grip is insane too ( i know a contributing factor is the wheels) but the extra contact through the rocker, really does enhance grip ( i actually want to run some harder wheels and see how they fair). A friend of mine bought a pair too. His experience has been positive. His background is more ice then roller, and he admitted he felt much more at home on the R1s.
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    Pure Hockey went all out on ProSharp for the same exact reasons and it didn't work out well for them. Time will tell whether Sparx works out or becomes another headache.
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    I could see some goalies wanting to use that hollow but I have yet to have any player request a 5/16 in my lifetime. In fact, if a player asked for that I would likely attempt to try and talk him out of using such an aggressive cut.
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    This is correct to my memory as well. 7500/9900 were the higher end models and had a flat bar mask. The 4500/5100 were the older models. They were the high end models from prior years, before the release of 7500/9900. Later, they stayed in the lineup as middle tier helmets (at this point I think they're already considered the lower tier helmet). I still have a titanium 7500 cage and a 5100 cage. They're both size M and look the same. The only difference I notice is the shape of the bars, so you should be ok with any of them.
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    I feel the same way about speed and cutting. I’d rather be able to be a little more nimble than have a better top speed at this point in my game. I think I’m going to stick with the Konixx for a few more weeks, see if maybe I can adjust. If I’m still not satisfied I might try the Identity
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    I like Konixx, but I too have been having a lot of issues with grip lately. Lot of sliding. I'm on +2 (I weigh 200lbs) and am considering going to +1 to see if maybe that will help my grip. At this point I don't even mind losing the speed from going softer, because i can barely cut without sliding. You might also want to try Rink Rat Identity 76a. That's probably what I'll do if the +1 doesn't work for me. But regarding your Addictions, I think 4-5 months is pretty good for those. I've seen them chunk and split much faster than that
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    "if it ain't broken don't fix it", we as parents tend to overthink things quite a bit when it comes to our kids, even when there is no objective reasons to do so. @ 18 yo a player generally develops pretty good awareness of their preferences, I'd not mess with it. Look @ McDavid ignoring last 3 generations of skates & still skating in original JetSpeeds which are Much softer than the current versions of FT2/FT4 pros... As everyone already commented on 2S Pros are plenty stiff even for very large strong men, so unless completely neglected there is just no way they would become 'too soft' for an 18 yo after a year and a half.
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    Definitely shaky but looks like either a handheld camera or the guy was on the camera while on the tripod. You can see the edge of the table moving even before the slight camera move. I can't imagine any reason to design that in. That is why for machinery that spins and needs to produce accurate results like skate sharpeners but also woodworking machines, heavier is better. Guys covet and will go to great lengths to restore old planers and jointers because they are massive and weigh a ton.
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    Believe the 5100 was very similar if not identical to 4500
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    Went and looked at my oldest sons' bags from their old club in the States... They are made by Z2 enterprises in MN. They're really nice quality and are built to last. As in, kids are getting these things in mites and carrying up into bantam and midgets. https://z2bags.com/product-category/ice-hockey/
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    I have 8EE Mako skates and scan as 7.5 Fit 3 for Bauer. 7.5W felt like the right size before baking and 7W felt too small, but I went with a 7W based on Hills video and the sizing experiences listed here. After baking, my toes just brush the cap and before baking they were HARD against the cap. Externally, when I put the 8EE and 7W Makos side by side they look like they're the same size. The 7W True does feel just a touch smaller than the 8EE Makos, but maybe a quarter size at most. So I would say the Trues fit 3/4 sizes larger vs. a Mako in the same size. I have only worn the Trues once though and the Makos have been used a few seasons. So, I agree with Miller55. You will need either a 7 or 6.5. The right size will feel too small before baking. You definitely want to drop down at least a half size vs. Mako as the same size will already be too long before baking.
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    I’m too interested in 100k skates, but there are only 2 brief reviews on YouTube since skates are only coming up in July. Since I’ve been in extra stuff custom Bauer skates for the past decade I’m concerned about the potential lack of stiffness in Ribcor as well, too bad there is no demos in any LHSes anymore… There is a lot of hype building up since it’s the first one piece skate in Ribcore line, so let’s hope CCM hits it out of the ballpark!
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    @marka I think it was the tongues throwing some people off? The thicker TF7 tongue gave the impression of less forefoot volume and overall length compared to the thinner TF9 tongue. Between the TF9 and TF7 the shell form is the same, foam type and thickness aren’t noticeably different, liner is of course slightly sleeker on the TF9, but the major differentiator is the tongue.
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    7s also fit a half size down. My guess is you would take either a 7R or possibly even a 6.5R depending on how you fit the Makos. I took 9.5 Mako, 9 Supreme and 8.5 TFs in both TF7 and TF9
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    I've been in 70k's for 3 years now and they've held up just fine.
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    Since the 100k has yet to hit stores it's hard to compare. IMO, the most impressive thing about the Ribcors has been the comfort. The memory foam ankle donuts are sublime. Thats what got me looking into them. The performance is what got me to stay.
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    If the player already has a new pair and refuses to switch, don't force the issue. He may actually prefer a softer boot.
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    I kinda love the identifier of having a bunch of weird black scrape marks on your car ceiling as being a “hockey car.” And, if anyone sees them they are probably lying on their back in my car, and then I’m like “yeah those are from hockey sticks. Let me tell you about my adult league stats.” BAM magic time.
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    Idk ball hockey is popping off. The National Ball Hockey League just had its top 5 plays of the week broadcasted on nhl network
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    Thought I had spotted someone in the new Hyperlite helmet, but it turns out there's just a lot of similarity in front design to the old Easton E400 with a Bauer logo slapped on. Has anyone been seen using the HL? Or is it likely to be next season if it hasn't been cleared for use by the NHL yet?
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    2s pros 15"-1" at the cuff Kings Hg12s- digital palms and gussets avalanche
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