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    Pickups from some recent travels. Franklin Vipers pants Easton Pro pants navy 6K Pro M/L shoulders and a full family photo
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    P28 was never associated to Hall. As far as I can recall hall was p92 (at the time E3)
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    Liner socks. I wear THESE.
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    Vapor 8 was where I gave up on Bauer. I saw Graf 705s in person in a shop and I was blown away by the craftsmanship. They were much more comfortable too, of course. But these are making me reassess all I thought about Bauer. My Vapor 8s were size 10.5 and I didn't have a clue about what they should have been. These are 9.5 EE and they feel almost perfect. I had a hot spot at the end of my large metatarsal on one foot--rubbing right at the edge of the toe cap. But the shell has great stiffness and the liner/foam combo felt very similar to my Catalyst 7s. The steel feels great. Speaking of the forefoot vice, even though these are wide, they still look quite narrow. I fully agree about the looks. I thought Vapor 8s were so cool when they came out. Vapor 10s were just a cut above. The only ones I like almost as much are the XXX and Hyperlite. A true Vapor has to have a certain balance of black and grey. These though, they almost sparkle with the metal mesh, and it's nice there's no tertiary color muddling the mix. Even the splash of red in the XXX is a drawback in my book.
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    That is an insane number of sticks.
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    Agreed. Great sock for the price point.
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    I second FoxRiver. They're great and pretty durable for how thin they are.
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    Nothing beats Darn Tough's warranty!
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    It's not that they messed up the oven temperature but the fact that they messed up the baking process. I see it all too often.
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    Liner socks all the way! Going to be the thinnest you can find, since they are designed to go on under another pair of socks. I just picked up a few pair of the Elite liners that are ribbed. They aren't quite as thin as the older version of the liner, but not bad.
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    If heated correctly you should never see any sort of blemish. My guess, the temp was too high. Not sure anyone here makes any sort of money from playing. It's a hobby for most of us. Skates get abused during play. After a few games you won't even notice those blemishes.
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    That’s like “I’m never gonna change the air filter my car because once I took it to jiffy lube and there was a small mark on the bumper when I got it back. Better to just get poor gas mileage and breathe dirty air than risk a blemish on my car.” You’re spending 100s of dollars on skates, worried enough about the fit that you are posting here, but then not even taking the steps to properly fit them all the way. Go get them baked, you will be happier with fit and performance.
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    T8P has better feel than the T7P, but many people have reported the blade is not very durable.
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    Looking at the numbers, they're closer than you think. Comparing the weights listed at IW. The CCM ASV's come in at 670g vs the FT6's at 619g.
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    Very cool! I had Vapor 8s for a very brief time. Their vice-like grip on my forefoot put an end to that. I always liked the 10s design better.
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    We use Howies laces which are the “puffy” style. Thicker than the slippery nylon type ones that come with CCMs. I find they have enough friction through the eyelets to let me tighten 2-3 eyelets to get good heel lock and leave the rest barely snug.
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    Those Beemer blue missions were great.
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    Bauer Vapor X7.0 Bauer Vapor X:60 Bauer Vapor XXX Bauer Vapor 10 Micron Mega Air 90

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