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  1. If you took the advice form @Hills you'd be wearing an 8R, as he's saying you should go down half a size from Bauer / CCM. Using the saran does push the heel a bit more into the pocket, but it a depends. I personally don't think you should be a 9R. Never try to wear thick socks to fit into a skate. The only thing I can think of is that when you're skating your feet swells a bit so that might be why you feel more of the toe cap. You use the word crammed but sat not crunched but then say crunched when you're on the ice? I'm confused. Try adjusting the tongue and how far it goes into the toe box. The further the tongue is in the toe box, the more it'll flatten your toes and they will spread and becoming "longer" causing them to touch more of the toe cap. If this isn't the issue then you can see if there's a foam liner at the end of the toe box that you can peel off to give you an extra mm or two. You can get the felt tongues through true directly, on sideline, or a local true dealer in-store. Your issue is kind of weird how one size seems too small and half a size up seems too big. And regarding the can't return the skates bc they are baked, most places won't even be able to tell is the skates have been baked or not. The issue will be they ur steel is sharpened.
  2. If u heat gun that area until soft you should be able to easily push it out with minimum to moderate pressure from the inside of the boot. My guess is you aren't heating it enough, or these boots are no where near as malleable as the customs. But those indents do not look normal.
  3. Not only the design of the stick but all their protective. Made me not want to try the new stick at all.
  4. Which arch inserts are u using low medium or high? Can u feel these bumps even if u tie them somewhat loosely? Can u feel this "bump" with your fingers inside the boot? If not it could be your foot and not the actual boot. Especially if you say you feel it with both skates, it's less likely a manufacturing defect. What I'd do is tie them snug , somewhere in the area of how you would during game play. Then use a heat gun and spot heat that area just enough so it softens. Be careful not to overheat and don't just point the gun into the area and hold it there. Fan it back and forth a bit holding it a few inches away. That area when soft should relax and it should be enough to have the problem area loosen up just enough. This is assuming that this area is too tight and or has an area that doesn't conform to your door shape in that spot. You can also do the tissue method by putting a small shim in the form of packed tissue on ur foot where u feel the pressure. Heat gun the area u posted, put the skates on, and the shim will create space with the softened area of the boot. Both these methods prevent u having to rebake. I personally think the issue may be because the boots are stock and the baking instructions are only 6 mins. Far less than custom trues, so they don't get quite as malleable as the customs so some oddities between ur foot and the stock skate isn't resolved as well as if the boot were baked longer and softer. That's why I like the heat gun method. You can attack the exact area causing u problems. Of course there are many other reasons causing the discomfort like ur actual arch vs the arch of the skate. That's why I would fiddle with the arch inserts and even leave tension first before going with the heat gun.
  5. So I'm assuming the as1 is the tightest fitting? I just get confused because the use of taper with the ft1... In their other protective lines like pants. The ft1 is taper fit but snug. The tacks pants are anatomical but not snug at all.
  6. I'm a bit confused regarding the fit profile for each of these gloves. I've read the as1 is snug around the hand but opens up in the cuff. The ft1 I can't really find a fit profile other than opening up in the cuff... I always assumed the ft1 was a tapered fit but it seems both of these gloves are tapered? I want the glove that's is the snuggest between the two. TIA.
  7. Is the size difference only because of the low profile tongue on the tf9 though, or the build? If it's just bc of the tongue I would stick with the same size as I would swap to the felt tongue. I like the felt tongue. Even changing how far the tongue goes into the toebox changes how far your toes goes forward. I assume bc the low profile is thinner it doesn't reduce the volume in the toebox as much causing the feeling of more length. I'd be interested to see if the physical length is actually different between the tf7 and tf9. I'd assume the footbeds are identical.
  8. Going from true (and if you like true) to Bauer and CCM is too much of a difference for me. If you're happy with what you have whether it's Bauer ccm or true. Stick with it. I've been a victim of wanting to try something new just bc they look nice and shiny, but regretted it (my old as1s). The most painful break in period I ever had, especially coming from trues. I learned my lesson and won't try anything else until true fails me.
  9. Didnt know Bauer and ccm gave two f*cks about location. Why does it matter as long as they are selling product to the business.
  10. Did you try rebaking? Which part causes pain? I know the quarantine caused my arches to become weaker bc of the lack of being in skates and working out , and my first time back on the ice my one foots arch was a bit sore. Nothing crazy. I have speed plates in mine so I just re baked the speed plates and all is fine. Just something to consider as time off from hockey does change the muscles in and around your feet.
  11. So tf7 is true to size for u?
  12. Are these that much more low cut than ccm or Bauer? They actually may be as ccm has increased the height of the skate at the ankles in the as1... Or thr ft2, I forget which one. I had the as1 last year and didn't notice the height that much. Def noticed how less comfy they were though, and how painful taking any kind of luck off the boot was. Trues are created for optimal ankle flexion and knee bend so it's unfortunate you can't use them bc of your ankle issue. I even drop an eyelet on my trues. I've gone back and forth dropping and not dropping the top eyelet but I ways go back to dropping since it feels the most comfy for me. What about your ankle is wrong that you require a higher cut boot.
  13. It's best to wait that long but throw them in the fridge for a couple hours and you'll be set
  14. I'm guessing you're pretty new to Trues in general. The method i told you about for putting them on and taking them off is pretty common for these skates bc of the insane wrap. Ah, yes hockey shop. I didn't realize you bought them online from them and then got them baked there. Thought you did it at two diff places. Did they not have them in stock in the store?
  15. Where did u buy them online from. And where did you get them baked in store. Just curious as in from Vancouver. Do the cuff flaring above. You can easily do it yourself with a heat gun or even blow dryer just be careful. I'm glad someone in Vancouver uses the shrink wrap technique. As for putting on and off. You can also youtube on how to get them on easier. If you unlace the top two eyelets they should be a lot easier to put on and take off. For me I only need to undo the top eyelet and pull the tongue all the way forward and I'm fine.
  16. Thanks. I'll contact you in future if I decide to go this route.
  17. Where did u get those bolts. I can't find hex pattern bolts for 6/32 anywhere. Only phillips or flathead. As for t nuts. How did u get them to grab in inside of the boot. This is one reason I still want the felt lined boots. So the claws on some t nuts can grab onto that insole.
  18. Dallas is definitely giving vegas what Vancouver couldn't, hits, and getting the puck out of their own zone quickly.
  19. Especially from bigger chain stores. Teens getting paid min wage and work once a week dgaf. And if they knew stuff about products it's bc they did their own research. But most teens only care about top too model from top manufacturer being the best bc of ads. On this note can we please start talking about the tf9 and tf7 skates themselves and not Trues business model?
  20. Didn't realize chara is wearing the 2s pros now. When did this switch happen.
  21. Does this really surprise you? Bauer and ccm dominate the hockey business. They offer those online educational programs etc as incentives for employee discounts etc. For a relatively new to hockey company, true has done a pretty decent job in the past five years imo. Better than any other brand such as verbero, trying to make a dent. Sure as hell doing better than Sher wood.
  22. Position of tongue also affects the fit as well. For my tries, if I place the tongue to where I like it(further into the toe box to reduce space), I had to remove the toe plugs from my skates as my toe felt pressed up against the end. With the tongue pulled out a bit further my toes only brushed when the toe plugs were in. The reason is obviously bc if you have little space to wiggle your toes, it's prone to stay flat and extended vs slightly curled.
  23. Depends on how much of your toes you wan brushing up against the toe cap. Some like it not to touch at all. Some like it to feather. And some like it more or less "jammed". You should take the footbeds out and stand on that to see how sizing is. The footbeds length is a really good indicator of the length unless the footbeds is too small or too large for the boot (which I've seen in the past with true customs, but nothing recent?). For me true has pretty much been size 7 for my left foot and 6.5-6 to 3/4 for my right. I know this bc I use Bauer speed plates in them and the size 7 SP fits the left boot perfect but the right I have to trim close to the 6.5.
  24. There must be a true europe email you can contact who would be able to sell and ship you the tongues. I know you can in NA. I'm lucky in that my LHS has them in stock. You also can get some Nash Sniper tongues and just sew some loop velcro on them and put them on. I know it sucks to have to do it on new skates. Maybe a cheaper method would be to just get some gel lacebite pads and out them under the tongue.
  25. He drilled the holes in the true toe box like how it is with the CCM ones? Not a bad idea but I'm personally not a fan of ccm tongues.
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