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  1. For me it's got to be my Eagle PPF gloves. I've had multiple pairs but been using them solid 6-7 years now.
  2. Like you mentioned earlier Base told me that their "Stiff" blade is the older construction. They were ok, but I found the X-stiff better (more durabile) and the feel isn't much different. If you're concerned about the blade being to pingy, add an extra layer of tape.
  3. I typically like a dampened feel to my blades, but hated the regular stiffness Base blades. They felt completely dead, I wouldn't recommend them personally.
  4. Any experience with the HPR elbows? They look decent, but how deep is the pocket and the lock? I don't think I have weird elbows, but I swear every pad I try slides down by tugging on it, except my ancient Jofa's
  5. I just wish they were longer personally. I've been looking to replace my old Jofa's for 2 years, but nothing I've tried feels right and has the same lock. Maybe I'll give the 7092's a second look.
  6. Why the preference for the 7092 over top model?
  7. I'd also say it has similarities to how the True A-series shoots as well. I picked up a pro-stock version a while ago and I have to say I'm impressed.
  8. Barkov for sure! That curve is so perfect and a jack of all trades. Will be a great curve for a variety of people and an easy translation from a p88/92. I’d definitely jump on board with an order if it happens
  9. Habs, Leafs, Jets and Flyers I believe so far. Many more are interested
  10. Elite just updated their website. Got some great (general) info on sharpening and of course on their machines too. I've had this sharpening done twice now and I have to say I'm impressed. Very coefficient and consistent. I'd highly recommend checking them if in Montreal, for the rest of us it might be a while for retail machines unfortunately. Hopefully the hype from the NHL starts to trickle down sooner, rather than later..... http://eliteperformancetech.com/player-services/
  11. and of course myself too so that's +5 to start but I'm sure there's others that haven't chimed in yet. Now's your time..... (apologies if I quoted anyone out of context)
  12. Thats what I think is cool about the Barkov, it's very similar to the old Gionta (which I love) but more usable for people coming from other curves too.
  13. Seems fairly specific to me. From a manufacturers point of view wouldn't you want something that appeals to a wider audience?
  14. The Barkov fits in well between those two indeed. I think it's the perfect compromise. It also fits well between at P92 and P88 too, which is why I think it will be a very popular curve. A P92/P88/P14/BC27 hybrid, hahaha
  15. Haha that's exactly why I think it would work for more people. It's less extreme and easier for p88 or p92 users to switch from if they want try something towards a toe curve. Also I think it will be the jack of all trades type toe curve: great for backhands, big sweet spot for shooting, 5 lie, slightly open, deep enough pocket to really take advantage of the toe curve and good amount of rocker without being to extreme like the Kovalev.
  16. Base Kovalev- but I really wish it was the old slightly lower curve It doesn't seem like they are workin on anything or at least nothing I've seen or heard about. It's kinda a shame because it seems like they've deserted this thread and the good work they started. The Benn curve is kinda cool, but really not that different from a p92 (I know it hasn't the toe kink) personally I think the Barkov pro about would be a smarter add to their line up as it fills a hole and gives a new very useable option to a big market of p88/92 users.
  17. I'm using a 95 6.0 and thinking about picking up an 85 and maybe ordering a couple more blades.
  18. Thanks for that. Seems to be confirming my initial thoughts. Maybe a True shaft and Base blade is the way to go......
  19. and not playing his best again.........
  20. Thats what I thought too (not that I've shot with the SN). Weird that they list the Supernatural as a low-mid then......
  21. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can give me some feedback regard flex point on the Base Supernatural? I was under the impression this was a mid flex stick, more inline with a Supreme series flex point but on the website it states the Supernatural is a "Low-Mid". When I think of a low-mid stick I'm thinking of a Tacks or True A-series or maybe even a True X-series which slightly lower than true mid. How would you compare the Supernatural kick point to the above sticks or is it more of a true mid like a supreme series? @MrData any thoughts?
  22. I can't say 100% from those pictures, but it looks like the resin coating over the carbon has been scratched, probably by a skate blade. If that is the case or even if it's damaged the top layer of carbon, it really shouldn't be an issue. If it really bothers you, buy some resin and fill in the scratch. It's cheap and easy to do yourself.
  23. Very cool! I'd love to have something like this made up. What material did you use?
  24. Opps, you beat me too it with the profile pic. Makes sense it's a lower lie as he uses an long stick
  25. Looks pretty user friendly to me (although I haven't used one personally, I'm RH)
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