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    Easton Mako
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    Warrior Widow | Covert DT1 LT
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    Warrior Franchise | Eagle PPF
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    Bauer 4500 | Reebok 8K
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    Red Wings Pro Stock Warrior Franchise
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    Easton ST16
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    Easton UltraLite
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    Reebok/Jofa 9k
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    Custom Bag

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    Lake Norman, NC | Waukesha, WI
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  1. After seeing it mentioned earlier in this thread, I used sandpaper to remove the orange stripes and the Easton logo- looks good and worked like a charm. Paint marker is no doubt quicker though. I still need to grab a paint marker for the tendon guard.
  2. Man, haven't been on this forum in forever! Garage has changed... When I relocated to NC back in 2015 I decided to grab an E46 M3 convertible. Blasting through the mountains with the 8,000 RPM S54 and the top down makes for a great time! And my 2002 Audi B5 S4. Stock looking (at least for now), but I've upgraded it to around 470 whp with hybrid RS6 turbos and some other goodies.
  3. My first set clicked until I tightened the two blade screws. My new ones click as well, still need to try tightening them.
  4. Haven't left the house in 6 weeks now minus one hospital visit. Starting another new drug next week... fingers crossed. Looks like I'll be missing another (fourth) semester of college as of now, but hopefully not.
  5. Selling a pair of Easton Mako skates. These have been worn 5 times and have been sharpened once. The only reason I'm selling is because I think I can fit into a size 9. They are in the condition you would expect for being used only five times, I would say like-new other than a slight blemish on the side of one tongue, that is the only blem. Still in the box with the blade removal tools. Looking for $325 shipped via Priority 2-Day mail. SOLD
  6. I saw a couple people mention sizing, but can anyone else comment on the Mako sizing versus the S17s? I have a size 10 S17 and they fit perfectly length-wise, wondering if I should get the same size Mako. Not paying retail so I don't feel comfortable trying them on at my LHS. Edit: I'll probably just order a 10 again, that's a half size down from my shoe size and same as the S17s...
  7. I've been dealing with a "superbug" for about a year now and I'm sick of it. I basically never feel good enough to leave the house, I drive to the gas station maybe once or twice a week for a few minutes to get out of the house. I had an operation with a 94% success rate early in November that had no effect, and that was after taking several rounds of a few of the the best medicines available. I'll be talking with the doc this week to see what's next, hopefully we can find a solution. I really just want it gone so I can go back to a normal life. Oh and also so I can play hockey...
  8. Sold my Franchises at the end of last season so it was time for something new. Picked up a pair of Pre-Vaughn PPFs for $40. Well used but I'm loving them so far...
  9. The NFL Refs. They're ruining football.
  10. How's the traction with that much power to the front wheels?
  11. Nice build! I'm normally not a fan of Civics but yours looks great. Looks like a really clean build.
  12. I currently drive a 2008 Honda Pilot. Gets 15mpgs on a good day (on a road trip from WI to GA I averaged 16.2) and the power is lacking. Obviously it wasn't built to be quick, but if I'm getting 15 to a gallon it better have some getup and go! Hopefully I'll be able to get into a stage 3 B5 S4 soon. 450whp is plenty!!
  13. Started college last week. Thank God for no more high school. Also, my hockey season starts in two weeks.
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