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    vapor xxxx pros from bruins
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  1. it's also impolite to post in a for sale thread rambling about how much you think someone should list something for.............but some people don't seem to notice.
  2. I stopped doing it the first time the savages on here made a big deal out of it but ebay's such a mess right now who gives a shit? Ebay holds payments for three weeks for christ sakes now.
  3. Good for you man. I've taken around 17 off in the 3 months I've been at school. My stamina got noticeably better
  4. Mine happened before we went to my grandmothers haha. Still sucked though
  5. douchebag roomates................Every-time I go home for the weekend, I come back to find shit out of place and missing........and the worst part is I can't change rooms because I'm in a residential academic program......
  6. That's pretty sweet. My old coach got to play a beer league game at fenway a few years ago
  7. nice color combo. Silver text outline would look sick too
  8. +1. My dogs getting up there in age and I'm going to be at school for most of the next 4 years which sucks Stories like these and my own experience with bonehead roommates has convinced me not to go with a random roommate again.
  9. My roomates are two of the most self centered people I have ever met. Who the hell asks you to order something for them and not expect to pay upfront...........
  10. Just heard about this one today......shit's just getting out of hand http://www.cigaraficionado.com/webfeatures/show/id/16059
  11. If she actually digs some money out of this it would be almost as ridiculous as this story. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2034620/Fostering-children-Couple-rejected-husband-smoked-2-cigars-18-months.html
  12. wifi is so slow at school I can't use my slingbox. I had to buy an $80 dollar bridge too.......
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