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    custom XXX @ blackedge
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    total one, APX, EQ50
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    Easton E-pro, Eagle PPFI
  • Helmet
    BAUER 4500
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    Reebok 520, tackla 5000NHL
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    easton s19
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    RBK 7K pro
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    jofa 6070
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    bauer wheel bag

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    Moscow, Russia
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    I'm married
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  1. I mentioned the sticks, sorry I didn't specify. As for skates yes, 5 models. Supreme is on till 2021 at least )
  2. what did you expect from chinese stuff...this is definitely not an old good swedish jofa
  3. They have just released supreme 2S. They are about to shrink down supreme line to 3 moleds only, but definitely not to discontunie it. They go with 3 lines up to 2021 for sure. Today I attended a bauer event.
  4. CCM CL500 True OPS, just cut in the right place to get a tapered shaft
  5. Look, you can easily find a fuse point, just scrape off the paint. At my pic: I cut 1cm above the fuse line because it's easier to chisel the tenon out if you cut a bit higher...they use epoxy glue that doesn't melt Do the same. then heat the shaft and take the remaining part of the blade out somehow, good luck! and post the pics
  6. you'll have to cut too much off and compensate that with extension plug. flex point will dislocate... use tapered blade instead louierev07 EQ50 as SE16 are pretty much the same just search the topic, I've posted pics of EQ50 and compare it with your shaft Nexus 1000 has no fuse point, it is similar to totalone. You cut too much for a tapered blade. Just measure the hole. If you want to use a standard blade the hole dimensions should be 16x26 mm
  7. hey what kind of blades have you been using in your totalone ops sticks ? how is it working out ?

  8. not exactly. EQ50 is a bit more mid-kick. SE16 is pure low-kick stick so I'd say EQ50 is somethinlk like in between SE16 and Totalone, but a bit heavier than both. SE16 was a great shaft, unfortunately it's not available anymore
  9. yes I did EQ50, nothing special. It is the same like SE16. It's a fused stick. All you need to do is just cut 1cm above fuse line and chisel the blade tenon out. need pics?
  10. total ones are really easy. just cut at right place to let tapered blade in 13x26mm T1s are great for cutting because they are mid-kick and the shaft doesn't lose it's features
  11. Just finished EQ50 stick. Actually EQ50 is a fused OPS. I cut it 2cm above the fuseline and took the tenon out. Now I have a pretty nice 75 flex tapered shaft.
  12. is there any difference between these and old 7K/6K (2005-2006) ? are there plastic inserts in the ribs?
  13. 13" from ebay shipped to Russia
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