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  1. Thanks Justin... Sooner or later I'm gonna pick up a pair of Alkali just trying to decide on the best fit for me... Debating between the Teams or Comps... Pricewise I'm looking at the RPD Teams or RPD+ Comps.

    Justin while I am thinking about it would it be a bad idea if I tried out the RPD+ Crew? I'm around 220 lbs and didn't know with the 2 piece frame on the Crew if that would hold up for me or would a 1 piece frame work better?

    I would not go with Crew+. At 220, I would say the Comp would be the lowest price skate I would recommend. Team would be better.

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  2. Just wanted to relay how happy we are with the new Alkali RPD Crew+ ABS Stick.

    We have been trying like crazy to find an ABS stick for outdoors that was similar to his ice/inline game stick and this is really lighter and more game like than anything else we have tried.

    Do you expect to offer the blades for this at some point?

    We do offer two types of replacement blades (both are available in traditional and tapered).

  3. Question for Justin:

    Jumpin back into roller hockey after a decade off. Love everything I've read about your company. Simple sizing question...I see that my shoe size(14 in nike) is the only size not translating into a definite skate size. I'm falling between a 12&13 skate. Any recommendation how to address this?

    Definitely go with a size 13.

    Guys, I love the great feedback and happy to hear the skates are working out for so many of you. Since there so many new guys joining the family, i will do a little contest for ModSquad guys only. Post a pic with something Alkali, and I will pick a winner for a free pair of pants. Post up on this thread, and I will chose a winner next Monday.

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