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  1. Question for Justin:

    Jumpin back into roller hockey after a decade off. Love everything I've read about your company. Simple sizing question...I see that my shoe size(14 in nike) is the only size not translating into a definite skate size. I'm falling between a 12&13 skate. Any recommendation how to address this?

    Definitely go with a size 13.

    Guys, I love the great feedback and happy to hear the skates are working out for so many of you. Since there so many new guys joining the family, i will do a little contest for ModSquad guys only. Post a pic with something Alkali, and I will pick a winner for a free pair of pants. Post up on this thread, and I will chose a winner next Monday.

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  2. Vet88,

    You can definitely reheat fit the skates and have someone help with the heal area. I wouldn't recommend standing on them, as this may mess them up. I have used a C-Clamp before to help, but you will need to be careful. You can also heat them up bit more than 9 minutes, but be careful when pulling on the eyelets.

  3. I'm looking to possibly buy some new inline skates, currently using some old Mission Heliums and they feel like boat anchors on my feet. I wear a 9 in my street shoe, my ice hockey skate are Graf Ultra G5's, size 7.5. My foot is on the border of D and E, I got "regular" width Graf's and had them punched accordingly, this worked out well. This brand has caught my eye, especially the customer service interactions I see here.

    What model would you recommend for someone like myself, I'm playing twice a week, 40+ league. Not looking to break the bank, prefer to stay around the $299 range tops.


    You would most likely be a 7.5 in our skate. For $299 you can pick up an older Shift skate or the new RPD Team+ skate. Both are good skates and you can't go wrong with either.

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