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  • Birthday 01/16/1996


  • Skates
    Reebok 11k White 2010
  • Stick
    ONE95, ST,Dolomite, Kronik, TotalONE
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
    Bauer 7500
  • Pants
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    old itechs
  • Shin Pads
    Warrior Hitman
  • Hockey Bag
    Compuware bag

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  1. Steel on my skate broke during my first shift of a rivalry game..
  2. Yeah the selection there is pretty awful, it's not worth your time.
  3. you have to add them as a friend, it's not on the like page
  4. How are you liking the Talon's?
  5. Helmet: Bauer 7500 with chrome 480 Shoulder Pads: Itech 250's Elbow Pads: Bauer ONE75's Shin Pads: Warrior Hitman (looking to change) Pants: Bauer ONE75 Gloves: Easton EQ5 Bauer 4 roll Skates: Reebok 11k white Sticks: Total One 87flex Staal, Kronik Savard, 2 prostock ONE90's
  6. Chiddy Bang: been listenin to these guys for about a year, and it looks like this new song is gettin pretty big.
  7. JR. I saw that plank on your twitter and had myself a good laugh.
  8. I asked for one of those stickers from my lhs, offered 5 bucks, they wouldn't give me them. I might actually buy those haha
  9. I laughed the entire time I read the description, that is great hahaha
  10. Jsmells

    Bauer TotalOne

    Bauer TotalONE 87 flex Non-grip p91a Time Frame: Since November Aesthetics: All black stick with some yellow and silver lines running down the shaft and bauer written on the bottom third of the shaft, nothing flashy but nothing that will knock you out 9/10 Weight and Balance: Probably one of the lightest and most well balanced sticks I've had, when I first got the stick, it felt like nothing was in my hand. 10/10 Blade: This blade has held up pretty well, it's had some pretty sizable chips in it but it's holding up pretty well. Not too pingy catches passes well, no torquing when I shoot. It's no ONE95 blade but it has decent feel. 8/10 Shaft/Flex: I really like the spiral grip on this, feels perfect in my fingers. The shaft is on the squarer side and feels really nice in my hands. It flexes as marked and loads really nicely on slappers. My wrist shots and snap shots get off nicely too. 9/10 Stick Handling/ Passing: I can throw and receive passes nicely, stickhandling is good the blade has a good feel. 9/10 Shooting: Probably the best part about this stick, I can absolutely rip shots with this. It loads nicely and I can get off shots quickly. Snapshots get off great; wrist shots too. 10/10 Durability: I'm really surprised at how durable this stick's been. I've been using it at a AAA level for practically a whole season. I don't shoot alot but I dig in corners pretty aggressively so 8 months is almost unheard of for one of my sticks. Blade has kept most of its rigidity as well. 10/10 Conclusion: This is a great stick. Everything's gone well with it and although it has a pretty high price tag, I think it's worth it, especially with how durable it is. Overall grade 9/10
  11. ahh that video is great I used to have it bookmarked haha classic Kovy
  12. How much of an up charge is there going to be on these?
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