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    Bauer Vapor x:60
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    Warrior Widow SE
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    Eagle x72 Custom
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    Mission Intake
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    RBK Canucks Pro
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    Nike V-10
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    CCM U+ Vibe
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    RBK 7k
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    Bauer Supreme 5000

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  1. yeah, jammed my big toe against the toe cap a few times, so it's the big toes that are taking the brunt of the damage. Have had black toes for the last year or so now. I don't think the AS1s lack any heel lock...might look into those toe protectors.
  2. I currently own a pair of CCM AS1s which I've had for a couple years now, but one thing I can't seem to get over is how often I get bloody toes due to impact in the toebox. This has usually come from getting pushed into the boards, or from some other impact to the toe box. I've never once had this problem with Bauers, but this seems to be a constant problem with these AS1s? And yes, I keep my toe nails trim, and the skates were sized properly lol! 😄 I'm skating on Superfeet (yellow) and using the powerfoot inserts. I honestly like the skates, but if the bloody toes persist, I may have to whip out my old Bauers again. Does anyone have any suggestions or fixes to this issue?
  3. OP, I was kinda in the same boat as you - picked up Super Tacks two weeks ago and had them done as a Quad 1 - been playing for 15 years or so and never had my skates profiled, always skated on the stock radius. Definitely took a most of a game to get adjusted to the new jets and profile, but I think it was well worth it, and don't see myself going back to anything else any time soon. Of course, your mileage may vary.
  4. Easton S9 helmet, sized Medium, Royal Blue. Background: I had previously been using a Nike H0004, sized medium for the past few seasons, and figured it was time for new bucket with the 0004 developing cracks. The S9 definitely had the low profiled look I was looking for and was within the right price range. After reading a bit on the helmet here at MSH, I figured this was the way to go instead of getting another 4500 or 6k or something of that sort. Now on to the review. Fit: Initially the helmet fit fine, just like the H0004, I had to extend the helmet to the furthest setting. My Oakley Pro Mod visor went on with less problems than my 0004. While the fit is fine, it seems to have problems in game. The helmet is snug, no doubt about that, but about half way through games I have to take it off for a bit on the bench to relieve some pressure. I've tried carving out some foam near the back where the pressure is the most intense, but it seems to have little effect. Although it's been months since I've bought it, the pain is still there though not nearly as bad as when I first had it. I probably could have made the step up to a large size, but I don't think there's anyway of knowing unless you actually play a game in it as the pain simply isn't there initally. 8/10 Protection: Went full force into the goal post head first on a break away after I lost an edge one game and didn't feel a thing. 10/10 Weight: Probably the lightest helmet I've ever used (coming from Nike H0004 and Bauer 5000) 10/10 Durability Nothing to report here, helmet is in fine condition. 10/10 Intangibles: Ventilation is probably not what this helmet is known for. This thing holds sweat so bad I had to cut out the front honeycomb foam part to help out the air intake. Although it is much improved since making that easy 5 minute mod, I still feel it holds a lot of sweat in comparison to other buckets. Also, the chin strap seems to get wetter than my 0004. Additionally, I hate the clip on the chinstrap, it's just plain awkward to clip as it seems to be of a lesser quality than my 0004. Thankfully I was able to swap those out no problem. The earloops are pretty neat in that they slide up and down to your desired height. I normally remove my earloop things, but it was just too much of a hassle and they are barely noticeable anyways. Adjustment on the helmet is a breeze, I remember fumbling with the screws on my NBH helmets, but this is as simple as unscrew, slide and screw. No hassle there. But, that being said, I love the look of this helmet, it has a real aggressive look to it. 7/10 Conclusion: Overall a solid helmet that suffers from a few problems, but they are easily dealt with. As far as I know I'm the only one that feels excessive pressure on the head part way through the game. Those looking for a low profile, aggressive looking helmet should definitely take a look at this one, though I think in retrospect I would have taken a closer look at the Mission Intake. Final Score: 45/50 = 90%
  5. is raymond's stick grip? what about the sedins? Im fairly certain the one95 i picked up is raymond's but, the name bar was scratched off. Plus, it feels more like a 95-100. I'm now beginning to question whether or not this is indeed raymonds.
  6. here's my hand at blacking out my XXXX's with a sharpie. left the XXXX heel red just because.
  7. i just had a passing thought. I wonder how much everyone's gear would amount to if we totaled it up and added it all together...?
  8. Perty gloves there! Sucks you're injured. Get well soon and show those off on the ice. thanks. these are unlike anything i've ever put on. can't wait to use em.
  9. Eagle x72, Navy/Silver, nothing fancy. MSH1 Overlay, Mesh Gussets, and Kangaroo pouch! Too bad I'm injured, I can't wait to try em out on ice.
  10. Any differences in the Pro ONE60 vs Retail like shaft radius, materials used or weight? Mickz, yeah the Naslund pro is quite rounded. Especially the wheelbarrow'd handle which is just amazing. In comparison to shafts, I'd say it figures a lot like the old Nike Apollo shaft which had radius edges, only this one is a little smaller so it fits my hands quite nicely. Also, I think the stick is made of 23 Laminated Ply Birch (according to my old Q3 Naslund pro), I assume the pro one60 is also the same, since the retail one60 feels like a log in comparison. Also, the 'hosel' is not covered in white paint, rather, it's visible wood with carbon strips that extend for about 8 inches? Reminds me a lot of the retail Nike Quest 1 in that respect. This stick is super balanced and super light, and lower to mid end Composites feel heavier than this. In short, this is a beauty. yep, here it is, I've put a retail One90 Naslund curve beside it for reference.
  11. my sticks. left to right: demitra pro bauer 3030 naslund pro quest 3 3x naslund pro one60 p92 naslund one60 retail p38 datsyuk 7k sickick retail pt3 legwand nike apollo retail ccm v130 shaft p92 naslund one90 retail warrior ak27 shaft heatley synergy SL retail
  12. Just added: RBK 7k Sickick 3 Markus Naslund Pro-stock One60 woodies AK-27 shaft.
  13. Current Equipment: Helmet: Nike H0004 w/ Oakley Pro Mod Visor Shoulders: Nike V-10 Elbows: Jofa 9066 Pants: Bauer 6000 Shins: RBK 7k Skates: NBH Vapor XXXX Gloves: NBH Supreme90 Sticks: NBH Vapor XXXX, NBH One90
  14. Vapor XXXX skates Jofa 9066 elbows RBK 7k shins Nike V10 shoulders Bauer 6000 pants NikeBauer One90 OPS Nike Apollo Ops Supreme90 Navy/Silver gloves Nike 0004 Helmet Canucks Navy with Oakley Pro Mod visor
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