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    flexlite 4.0
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    Innovative 1100, Warrior Dolo '11
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    Warrior franchise '09
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    Easton S9
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    bauer x60 girdle
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    bauer x60
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    rbk 8k pros
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    rbk 5k
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    easton s13

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  1. Depends, the original commander and commander black are shoe size rather than skate size. Only the SE would have been skate size
  2. JR's stick looks fantastic. +1 for polar fiber, will the mere mortals like us see that as an option?
  3. Only tried atomic amps but they were pretty decent. Line6's flagship amp has a valve poweramp but haven't had the chance to try it yet. I agree nothing really compares to sound of a saturated poweramp but at lower volumes the pre-tube/solid state amps can get a pretty convincing sound. I am quite fond of the vox ad30 amp, they've got alot of dynamic range and you can play softly and it cleans up pretty nicely.
  4. Mines a cheap korean parker, not the same as their top of the range fly. However I don't think you would break a fly though, I know a couple of guys who gig with the fly, neither of them had problems with the fly. The only complaint I have with the parkers are how they are shaped. They're not very comfortable when played sitting down. I guess it stops you from slouching! Aside from that I'm pretty sure I'll be upgrading to the Fly, they're just so versatile and playable compared to most other electrics.
  5. ENGL savage 60 & 120 with a 4x12 loaded with v30s. Digitech 2101 in the effects loop I'm quite fond of the prestige RGs and how well they play. I have a 6 string (RG2620) and a 7 string on a baritone scale (RG1077XL). And the little parlor guitar that I travel with.
  6. If you like a loose fit then standard is a safe bet.
  7. You can withdraw your bid if theres more than 24 hours left on the auction. You can't really abuse it because it will go on record and your profile will show the number of bids withdrawn in the past 12 months or so. The seller can also manually remove bids.
  8. The outsoles covers the length and about 2mm too long on the inside of the toe area. Otherwise its all good.
  9. The sprungs grips more than conventional frames so you can use a harder wheel than you would usually use. While I don't think I have increased my top speed with sprungs, they're definitely more agile than the vanguard. You can enter a corner faster and at a sharper angle than conventional frames before you wipeout, not to mention really faster stops and quicker starts.
  10. They aren't a perfect fit, I have the size 6EE boot and A6 frames. I'd say they are a tad bit too big but its workable. I still prefer the sprungs over the tri-di and vanguards. Only concern is how much they torque, feels like I might snap the arms in two and I'm a light guy
  11. Theres going to be more resistance if you're on a deeper hollow. But I don't think it should really affect your forward stride. I started from inline just like you, and for a long time I had trouble learning to skate on ice efficiently. If you want to glide well you really need to put power into your strides. Work on bending those knees and really making full extensions.
  12. Got a soldering station as a belated birthday gift. Its insane how quickly it heats up and maintains temperatures. Highly recommended for any electronic professional/enthusiast.
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