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    Bauer Supreme ONE60 10.5EE
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    Stik&Blade- w88 curve preferred - Lefty
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    Bauer Supreme 1:80
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    Bauer 3500
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    Bauer Girdle (old cooperall style)
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    Bauer Vapor
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    CCM Vector 8
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    Warrior ProModel

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  1. This is a late notice...the weekend of july 26 to 28 the Blackhawks are hosting their annual Blackhawks convention at the Hilton Chicago. Tickets go on sale 2/15 at 10am. $95 for the weekend or $60 daily
  2. Interested. This is very doable for IL skaters
  3. What I have noticed over the years is that Bauer will hold the line until the freight train is right in front of you before they do anything. You will not see any discounting of their skates until either the new skates are in store or very close to it. They want the old stock to get moved out. The Catalogs should be online to see what the product is...Not sure about the product cycle or time on them , as I have moved away from purchasing Bauer equipment
  4. You can tell the kids from the non-kids...Most guys who where up in the NHL do not play the AHL contracted gear, unless they are with CCM. I have not been to an AHL game in a few years, but back then Reebok was the official brand. So you could ID the guys who might have been playing down do to CAP issues by their gear. Sure it could be other reasons...
  5. I have to laugh... the TC2.5 is an option. I think many years ago warrior had the Draper in different lies and then they canned that. The TC2 is a curve with probably the biggest rocker sole and they make it available with different lies. a flatter sole curve does not get this offering...WHY? In the old days a player would use a vise and shave off the sole to make the lie the way you liked it.
  6. P46 is IMO a great curve...I like the P40/P88...But he P46 is a good all around, unfortunately I think sales go to P92/P28/p88...unless your going top shelf on the stick ladder you wont see the P46 and learn how great of a curve that it is
  7. ouch and those puppies have very rigid corners/edges
  8. one of the things I have noticed...most of the slashers i come across are either playing wood or very old and heavy graphite...so they don't care about destroying your expensive stick
  9. ah...but they are reducing the surplus of sticks from what one used to see and with that the ON SALE stock is less and less. So everyone who is trying to save a few bucks will be taking it...soon enough
  10. WOW oh WOW!!! Tapered Fans are now totally screwed
  11. Chippa, You are right and I was in that craze for a spell with my boy...you also have some other camps and try-outs that are for those players on the advanced track. I would think that anything this time of year would lead many to searching for season closeouts (the wallet needs a rest at some point). I will admit...I have unsubscribed from most all of the retailer Email lists...so that tells you something right there.
  12. I agree the OEM's throw odd launch dates around (not just True) and try to make it seem like people are going to line up outside of retailers. Most kids are onto other sports right now. LET me get a stick with a warranty that will run out before he gets a chance to even hit the ice...splendid idea
  13. Big buff - Dustin Byfuglien uses a 2 pc as well. I am sure others do too...usually a good tip off is when they are painting the blade and lower hosel. I know some do that to "tidy-up" a rough stick...but almost all 2 pc users mask their sticks this way.
  14. There are a few things that I completely agree upon. One of the issues is that OEM's refuse to provide as much information as other OEM's do or did. I am one that really gets torqued when I hear that Brand A or Brand B has us on limiting the catalogs on certain time frames. Part of the equation is trying to know what is available or going to be available. Lets just state stick curves (but applies to other products as well). Without the consumer knowing the options available for curve options...why spend the big bucks when your left in the dark. 2 piece sticks allow the smart player/shopper to work on these things. Unfortunately that means those options are dwindling as well as Warrior is bowing out of that market (even though they have a ton of pros who play 2 piece rigs). My point on knowing about stick curves is if your looking for a certain curve you need to know if its even available and if so what model or line to go shopping for. Once you realize you can only find curve X in the S19 line or the APX2 line, you know either your spending $$$ or you just take curve Y. Otherwise you get people who are window shopping looking for something they might think IS available and the retail staff don't know beans about the product they are assisting you with. I am a goof that would be willing to buy custom blades (of popular models) and then try to resell the extra, as I don't go through that many myself. I know that there is a market there though for players like me.
  15. Whats wrong with toe to heel taping? I would say that the better tape job is toe to heel ANd I dont need to worry about finding scissors to finish out the toe AND that my way also extend the life of the tape job out by the toe. I am amazed at what I see people do when taping their sticks...But to each their own
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