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  1. Although I prefer the CCM Jetspeed, the Tacks AS-V PRO is a really good skate. The reason they are marked down 30% everywhere is because there is a new Tacks version coming in the summer. If you are concerned about the stiffness (and IMO the carbon composite doesn't really loosen up noticably) , why not go with the next one down, the Tacks AS-V for $530 USD? Nice looking skate that's a bit less stiff.
  2. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I'm in the CCM camp, but I coach plenty of 16U and 18U AA and AAA kids who use those "toy" Bauer models and the skates work just fine. They are solid skates. As for the "most are in the new model every year" comment, that's not correct. When the Hyperlite came out, for example, the vast majority of NHL players were still using the 2XPro with Hype graphics.
  3. Whether you go with supreme or vapor, based on what you say here, I think you'd probably skate better with a model one or two steps down from the top of the line Mach/Hype. Most skates today are way overbuilt in the stiffness department. This would hold true for probably 90% of the buyers. In fact, that's one of the reasons why the pros stick with old models as long as they can.
  4. I've got a couple True sticks that were rendered useless due to becoming a sticky mess after a couple months. Just tried the acetone. Waisted about 30 minutes thoroughly applying acetone. Within 15 minutes, the stickiness began leaching out of the sticks again. I would think that a company selling a $300 stick would do some type of actual testing. Garbage product, seems to be par for True.
  5. Has anyone ever done a weight comparison between CCM helmets? For example compare weight of a medium sized 310, 910, 720, and Super Tacks X. The reason I'm asking is a couple months ago my team had an equipment fitting and I picked up Super Tacks X, and it seemed really heavy. I noticed they don't really talk about the weight.
  6. Just lucky, I guess. Kidding aside, I just got back from Sweden, where I work with the top skating/skills group there and I also work with Marsblade. They had a nice present waiting for me when I arrived in Stockholm. I asked and they told me this carbon version is only available in Europe. Also, if you haven't tried the Marsblade I2, you're missing out. So good.
  7. For chips in blades, I've just used Gorilla Glue. Just sand off excess. Works fine.
  8. New? Looks like the helmet Craig Ramsey wore for the Sabres in 1974. ram.webp
  9. Check that the holder is actually mounted to the bottom of the boot in the exact same alignment for both skates. You'd be surprised with the level of care taken with this important aspect.
  10. I don't want to sound snarky, but that's probably one of the reasons that they are ending the program. I believe the spirit of the program was to give the buyer confidence in the quality and performance of the skates, not to try multiple skates for 90 days to see if you like them.
  11. Really? On a hockey equipment forum, you do judge theories and hypothesis. And with regard to assessing evidence and making claims, the manufacteurer isn't even making a claim that it works in its data. They use terms like warranting further study/may show promise/may benefit with other therapies/etc. Probably because they are actually prospective analysis, which offer far less compelling results than a randomized blind or double blind study. Also, the P value of 0.05 is borderline implying whether the results happened by chance. I would think a scientist would not be sold on this data. Also, the FDA doesn't do testing. Ever. Nor do the assess whether something is effective. They are primarily concerned with safety.
  12. Me either, but I think it's a real stretch. Woodpeckers have dozens of adaptations that prevent concussions. "Off the top of my head"', some of the bigger differences are a thick cartilage between the skull and brain, and a a tongue that wraps around the brain and actually pulls its tiny brain in the opposite direction of the impact. In comparison, the human brain is a large hunk of jello floating in a liquid (CSF). As I said, the theory behind this is a stretch.
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