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  1. You're right. The trend is for skate companies to design their skates to be taller. They are all doing it. I think the best bet is to look at models that are one or two price points lower than the most expensive model from both Bauer and CCM. The truth is that most players will skate better without an uber stiff skate. If you must have the top of the line, the CCM Ribcor 100KPro probably has the most flex.
  2. Is it my imagination, or does this new holder seem taller? That might be an advantage. I'm probably wrong, and that they just changed the holder and the mechanism to block out 3rd party blade sellers and to make everyone buy new steel.
  3. I think most of the time this is caused by 2 things: the skate being too tall in the ankle cuff, combined with the curvature of your leg (think bow legged). Ski boots, which come up high on the leg, have an adjustment to change this angle called canting adjustment. Unfortunately, skates do not. The only way I've found to take care of this problem is to rebake the skate, take a pair of pliers or similar to manually bend the cuff away from ankle (you can cover boot cuff with a towel as to not damage the skate). It only needs to be moved a couple mm.
  4. With carbon technology of today, you can really make a skate that flexes forward but is still very stiff laterally. So I agree, there really needs to be one well designed line. For people concerned with graphics, beef up the customization program.
  5. Kinda weird, because according to GearGeek database, 2/3 of NHL players stayed with ribcor 80 and 70 versus switching to the 100k's.
  6. That was called cross stitching. You would find a good shoe repair guy in town and he would stitch a small"tic tac toe" pattern all the way around the ankle area. It would probably triple the ankle support (they came with very little). I know this practice was done until the early 1980's. I remember playing in college with a pair of cross stitched Super Tacks, which replaced cross stitched Daoust 301. Those old Tacks are mid-late 1960's. Great shape. Looked to be a tad big for the original owner (a bit of heel shelf back by the Achilles). Nice find. You should try to skate in them if you can get them on, so you can appreciate what the players of that era had to deal with!
  7. Fixed it for ya. I don't do reddit. Wow. The guy posting the Geargeek link with a list of all NHL players using AS3Pro's and urging him to contact them because they might help you out. Priceless.
  8. When you play every day, skates take a beating and don't usually get babied. When I played, everybody got new skates at the beginning of the season. So if you play hard competitive hockey, expect your jets to last a full season. As for current skates, I think build quality in general is better with CCM than with Bauer.
  9. Most gyms have a sign at the door when you walk in: Proper Footwear Required. Don't think these qualify. I watched the Frankenstein exercise clip on their site. At about 50 seconds, the guy slips several times on the hard surface. I'm all for new ideas, just not stupid ones.
  10. I learned that PBH is a pretty big hitter. Having a 2600 stick inventory, and selling them, in Nevada is impressive.
  11. Good! That's the one I ordered on ebay last night.
  12. What product do you use to repair the nylon on the fingers/back roll of your gloves? I'm assuming some type of self adhesive nylon patch? I've got a pair of Jetspeed Pro Stocks in perfect condition, except for tears /worn nylon on the finger knuckles from demo-ing skills training. Looking for something that is abrasion resistant .
  13. By then, there will probably be a new Jetspeed.
  14. I think you're really overthinking this. The holder isn't supposed to be centered. It's supposed to be mounted towards the inside of the boot. Also nothing wrong with the upper. And yes, runners look a little rough when you get them after they stamp them out and rough grind.
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