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  1. I thought I'd post my review of these on here. I've been skating in them for almost 2 months now. LOOK By far the best looking skates around, all brands are dying one after another now a day. Bauer appears to be making skates for teenager-only with ridiculous colour and styling. True skates are ugly as S… Here is a classic black boot with a white holder. Only let down by the hideous black steel. Though I have to say it looks much better in person, just like vintage school black board. It gets scuffed up in no time and then just look horrid. I would not change for step, as the stock steel is very short, and slapping some heavy/tall aftermarkers on them will make them bottom heavy. Unless you want to shave half of the steel off. The stock steel comes with a radius of 9 ! They sharpen extremely well, which lead me to believe the exterior black coating is purely cosmetic. Good point, CCM blade are cheap to replace. The holder SB4.0 sounds fruity and unique, and is well stiff. It has a superb finish. FEATURES It’s simple there’s nothing new. It’s all old and approved tech. If anything they have removed some (no lace lock and pump). No 3D construction, no one piece boot. One thing I have never saw before on a top end skates is the carbon outsole is actually fake carbon paint… The construction is as traditional as it gets. I have to say for a boot made oversee, the quality is almost identical to “custom” made in canada items. The stitching is clean, and adjustment of the different elements is well executed. Same goes for the alignment of the holder with the outsole. Overall it’s not 100% perfect but much much improved compared to what we used to see few years ago. Only down side, is the inner lining is not full clarino, but instead some cheap cloth-looking fabric that is unsurprisingly not be durable. Mine is already half worn out, but I do skates almost every day. It reminds me of what mission used in its entry level skates in the 2000s. It dries fast, but it’s absolutely not a hard wearing material, and it has nothing to do in a skate. They weight around 800g each in size 8D. 1x and 1s are noticeably lighter. FIT Strange. CCM removes the pump and replace them with 2 fat thermoforming pads on each side of your ankle and hope for the best. There’s no direction or proposed fit here, it will not fit like a vapour or a supreme. The volume and toe cap is not as big as a supreme 190 or 1s. Be aware that with only 2 minutes @ 220deg as recommended by ccm in the oven, it did not seem enough. The boot become significantly bigger once these are completely broken in. I found the boot kept giving me more volume after the 3-4 skates. The ankle pads are so prominent, and not pre-shaped it’s very hard to get any heel lock pre-baking. It is the kind of skate you initially need “to small” and they will just expand around your ankle and lock your heel as you break them in. I think they may be quite challenging to fit for retailers. If you want to go the custom route, it’s only 150-100 on top of the retail price and apparently only takes 2 weeks. The insole is basic and offers no arch support at, if you are used to superfeet, they will fit nicely in without changing the boot volume too much. PERFORMANCE The inside is soft, the boot is very forgiving and flex nicely (wondering why they fitted some small abrasion pads at the neck, you don't need them here) but somehow the rigidity of the ankle piece associated with stiff holder works very well, the skate is very responsive for that level of flexibility. You won’t get the feel of very stiff/very light skates from top end supreme/1x/jetspeeds that makes you fly between strides, where you can barely feel the skates and feel your foot is in direct contact with the ice. The feeling on the ice is very close to the graf 7xx series, I find. i do feel they make me work harder, probably because they are nowhere as stiff as other top end models, but it’s a real pleasure to skate with them. If you’re a technician/danser and love to take 4 steps in 4foot square you will love them. CONCLUSION A great looking skates that feels like good old vintage skates. If you’re still in your old supreme 5000 or micron 90-10 but want something with updated material and stiffer without compromising comfort and flex. go for it. They are easy to skate with. They sharpened well. They look great.
  2. As far as i know, Crosby has always been using a two piece stick. When he ran out of momentum, he swiched to a custom 2piece fused stick (like a warrior dolomite OPS), you could clearly see a gross seam between the shaft and the blade. You can have a close look at it in this video
  3. how's the shaft ? always found it pretty boxy and bigger (in short easton-ish) on the NXG compared the TO. Found it pretty weird too, on the picture it looks like the KP is between your hands unless it's pure marketing
  4. In general, "european built specs" means they drop all the useless/non-sense features and simplify the declinations of a model. On a stick, it can merely be getting rid of a silly colorway for something more sober, changing the entire blade by something more traditional and durable, different grip patterns etc. Above all, it shows that manufacturers know exactly what they are selling. They can't afford to sell rubbish in a European market that is very exacting. As for the mako2, I don't really understand why their presentation is so out of it. The stick is great, probably one of the best release of 2013 actually. All the sticks are essentially made of unidirectional fibres, on most sticks only the superficial layer (that is only for cosmetics) isn't. And if the stick got "so" lighter it's simply because they got rid of the kevlar...
  5. The 1st inno dolomite (basically a vapor XXX) was good at the time it came out. Now it's a bit outdated especially the none inno versions that followed. Judging by how Bauer stands on a pillar on this board, I think it's been a while already.
  6. New Beaster B2 ! listed at 395grams
  7. 95c are europe only, it's basically an classic old supreme fit (essentially a slightly heavier 8090). I believe way too expansive for what they were though (300-400 euros). Andtheysaychicity> 40dollars I wouldn't hesitate long. Always a pleasure to rock those classics. You might even like them more than the current models, at least I do Personally, I'm looking for 709 varioflex 1stGEN, I'd be ready to blow 600USD for a brand new pair in its box.
  8. would be awesome if you could make a review of them
  9. Monty> Superb!! I´d be willing to cash out a lot for a pair of original tacks 1052. One of the best skate ever to me
  10. Nice job ! How does it feel now ? The blade is a lot higher than the original one (you lost the tapered part) but I believe it's always like that when you converted a true ops into a 2 piece stick.
  11. Just my 2 cents : I successfully saved a broken dolomite HD 2009 "ops" (shaft was good only the blade was broken) just by reading the last pages of the thread. 1) Sandpaper the area around the fuse point, so you properly see it. 2) Cut precisely at the fuse point or slightly below toward the blade (the thing is to NOT cut in the shaft) 3) Drill right in the middle of the tenon left inside the shaft, then only some pieces of the tenon tightly attached to the inner walls of the shaft will remain. 4) To remove the left-overs, just use the heat gun, the pieces of tenon left inside will start to peel off the inner walls. Eventually grab and pull a peeled off part with a pliers and it should come out in one whole piece. 5) I just got a regular tapered dolomite blade non HD, it fitted perfectly. I would highly advise a DD blade (IF the taper is the same, cause I have no clue about that) even if it's heavier, the feel is much much better. I forgot how bad puckfeel-wise the original dolo blade was. Something that occurred to me, in order to succeed the conversion, it's mandatory to have the right tools After playing with it a few time, it'd say it feels like the kick point is even lower and it's not as balanced as before. But it's far from being a punishment (especially at 20bucks the blade). Will upload some pics later. Anyway thanks for the advices
  12. True 2piece fused runner I'm already concerned about the durability... Anyone know if there's a way to install them ? I can't seem to find anything in the instructions, nothing such a right/left runner
  13. Really impressed with the M11
  14. MilleniumFalcon> How much did you pay for these ? Where are they made ?
  15. tamtamg> Are they made in canada ? How come you lost the extra copper rivet in front ? did you ask for it or is it standart ? Can you ask for a full copper job ?
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