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  1. As we've discussed a few times in chat, I've walked down a very similar path a few times in my life. Never hesitate to send me a PM.
  2. Believe it or not, one of the harder degrees to earn. There's a reason they earn an MS and not an arts degree.
  3. Deion Sanders wearing an Under Armour pin on his Hall of Fame jacket during his induction speech. Tacky much?
  4. I've probably used 60% of my collection. Deadstock, signed, and some game used is saved for archival purposes, but most of it at least sees some use.
  5. 18th straight day above 100. Without heat index.
  6. Reebok has always used KP. Unfortunately with manufactured kickpoints flex really isn't a practical thing to measure apples to apples either.
  7. There are people that have kids, and there are those that breed crotchfruit. You met the latter. Idiocracy is fast becoming truer and truer.
  8. You forgot rule number 1. Don't piss off the people that take care of your skates.
  9. Except for the fact that you got your biggest purchase elsewhere.
  10. I will be moving storage units in August. Family pic time?
  11. In theory all sticks save Busch are fused 2-piece sticks. Anything past that is marketing semantics.
  12. Thus why I said prove why you need it, and it should be available. Much like no growing kids need custom skates yet they seem to think they're entitled to them.
  13. I think this option should be on a case by case basis. If you can explain why you need it from a physics and kinesiological standpoint, you should be able to order it. Unfortunately, that eliminates over 99% of the players that want it.
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