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  1. I think those came out pretty well. No purple tint is the best thing going for it.
  2. I think the RM9's similarity to TPS' response graphic is more alarming than the 4 roll one.
  3. JR Seems to think so; He's always giving me crap about my yellow laces on my one95s :P
  4. I have the rbk p1 pro stock goalie pants and they are pretty awesome.
  5. Closest thing I can think of is a laminated wood floor type texture.
  6. I passed the pencil test, and I am going from using 8090s. Volume is good. If you need the extra volume, it seems like the boot will wrap accordingly, but I have a pretty normal foot so I've never really had volume issues that would make me fail a pencil test.
  7. I don't lace the top eyelet. Seemed ok to skate on, very little pain. Just not used to the round toe at the moment.
  8. Subtraction: S15 blade that only lasted three times on the ice. Addition: ST Sakic blade, and One95 skates.
  9. Some canadian made goodness!
  10. Yeah, i did. Interested? ;) Of course :)
  11. Sven, did you get those pants in a method besides being on a team?
  12. stick envy?? Each hole in the stick adds an inch to your manhood.
  13. Way to contribute to the problem!
  14. Added: Easton S15 shaft w/ S15 blade. Thing is very whippy.
  15. Would these do? http://www.thehockeyshop.com/Merchant2/mer..._SYNERGY_555_SR
  16. BMGFX NHL 08 and R6 Vegas/2 are the mp games I usually play.
  17. I thought about getting a Transformers related jersey made hehe. I have a Decepticon logo on my goalie mask :D
  18. I don't know what model name they are. There is a big easton tag on the inside rear, but there is just white space. It feels like the standard two piece pro stock pant though.
  19. Added: 1 Easton Elite Grip Sakic, and a pair of navy easton pro stock pants. I gave away my second s17.
  20. I have those Jofa shin pads too. I use them for roller.
  21. Using html won't work, you have to use bbcode, such as [ img ] URL [ /img ] Just remove the space between the brackets. Nice stuff by the way.
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