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  1. You'd probably have better luck using steam to soften things up for bending a large amount, but either way you'd probably wind up needing to refinish the wood.
  2. I think they look better when seen along with the practice uniforms than they do with the game uniform.
  3. I wanted them to use this kind of glove color setup:
  4. The new gloves look well made, and going by appearance they look like an improvement. I still wear the Surgeon gloves I got to review; Would be interested to see how they compare in fit and feel.
  5. What stick are you currently using? Would you happen to have a picture of you playing to see where your hands are when you skate?
  6. Especially when said gloves look like they are made with cheaper materials and don't feel as good as the QRL glove.
  7. I'm in the same boat. I currently play Tetris to get my gear into a @JunkyardAthletic coach's bag because I'm often taking my gear into NYC subway/buses and there is rarely room for a full size bag, so I've been thinking of designing a bag with adjusted proportions to be a little travel friendly and have backpack ergonomics.
  8. Same. I had to drop the top eyelet on my FT1s coming from Makos.
  9. I don't mind the colors. The design just seems scattered and doesn't tickle my fancy.
  10. I'm interested in trying these out but the graphics package isn't really doing it for me.
  11. The new construction looks much improved design-wise. A more refined look will make them a much easier sell in my book.
  12. I'm going to get some plate action next friday.
  13. Broke my collarbone on tuesday due to a blindside open ice hit before I touched the puck. Sucks.
  14. That was my first thought when watching the video. At best the helmet was made in 2008?
  15. I'd call it an homage before I called it a direct rip-off.
  16. I watched the video earlier today and thought, "I've definitely seen this guy before". Glad I wasn't going crazy haha.
  17. He holds the record for most shots blocked with skates at Winterfest/Summerjam combined! Plus his shot blocking CORSI rating at MSH events is through the roof.
  18. Most people in the hockey realm know that different lines of skates cater to different fits and foot types. Of course there is the element of marketing BS to dress everything up, but the fact that Tron's marketing BS's purpose is to be a "me-too" offering at a lower price doesn't give a good impression to me. The knock-off graphics only make it worse.
  19. Yeah that's him haha. He still plays music and stuff at IH.
  20. Here are some: https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/1009396_10151985745966258_1806181442_o.jpg https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/1008315_10151985740541258_1839511144_o.jpg https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/1015267_10151985735646258_391400482_o.jpg
  21. After some committed time on the ice with my Easton Mako skates, I'm glad to say that they are working just as well as I had hoped them to. Allow me to expand on my thoughts and experience with them! It is commonplace for hockey players to be creatures of habit that do not welcome change when it comes to the equipment they wear. We've all seen the guys wearing the same shoulder pads and shin guards they had when they were younger, and how people stick with the same brands that they wore growing up unless an endorsement deal sways them. I've come to the conclusion that being a creature of habit can be to a fault though, if you deny yourself something that could potentially allow you a higher level of performance. In my case, I had worn Bauer skates all my life, with the Supreme line fitting my foot very well and performing just as well (I am transitioning from Bauer TotalONE NXG skates). However, when the Mako was announced, it had features that seemed to suit me very well, as it was designed for increased mobility and foot support, while not following the "Super stiff for super performance" mentality. The boot isn't noticeably as stiff as other high end skates, but it is stiff in the right areas when it comes to skating mechanics. That, coupled with the fact that it fits your foot like a running shoe makes it an extremely capable skate only limited by the foot and connected body that inhabits it. There wasn't much of an adjustment period for me with the skates since they were so comfortable, and the more aggressive pitch of the blade was more welcomed than a hinderance. My skating is much more explosive with less effort, and I can turn much sharper and smoother. Backwards skating is an area I didn't expect to see so much improvement though, as quickly transitioning to fast backward skating and matching speed of oncoming skaters was instantly apparent. In my earlier sessions with them I felt like I wasn't moving as quickly, but it was an illusion because it takes less overall effort to get to speed with the Makos. The extra mobility is a tangible benefit to my skating stride, and my ability to corner and change direction has definitely improved. I'm in a place where my skating technique will most likely not change or get better, so the skates ability to extend my toes further at the end of each stride really makes a difference with me. I think with the high quality equipment that is being made by all of the companies in the game, players are really doing themselves a disservice by falling too deep in their habits and not wanting to try new concepts from different brands. Fit I would have never got the skates had they not fit my feet so beautifully. Baking only made things better, and while my fit with my stock NXGs was good, the Mako in comparison felt more like a truly custom skate. I had a little bit of rubbing irritation on the outer area above my left ankle early on, but that is no longer there. I really can't give enough praise about the fit. Blade/Holder I have to admit that with previous Easton skates, I felt like the look of the Razor Bladz was a major detractor. However, they got it right with the CXN holder. On the ice the performance was fine and didn't really stick out to me in any way. The more aggressive pitch on the steel wasn't an issue, although when sharpening them it took a bit more effort to get the edge on them. The steel feels harder than other skates I sharpened, and it holds an edge very well. I only got one nick in them so far, and it was from stepping on a stick I believe. Weight/Protection Going from a really light skate like the NXGs to the Mako, the weight addition is noticed, but only in hand. Once they are on your feet, they are a part of you, and I equate this with comparing a super light stick to another one that is heavier, but feels lighter due to a better overall balance. While also comparing the Mako to the NXG, which doesn't feature a super rigid outer material like the Bauers, I thought it would be a less protective skate, but so far I have been hit with sticks and pucks and haven't felt anything out of the ordinary. Durability Compared to previous Easton skates, the Makos look extremely well made and put together in a fashion that doesn't seem as prone to breaking down. The stitching around the ankle area doesn't look like it's ready to unravel before use (A problem I had with my Bauers), and once they are in your hand you can see that they are a real deal skate. Extending from my thoughts on protection, I've taken abuse in games, be it from sticks or pucks, and they have held up fine, with expected scuffing on the toe cap. Naturally, with extended use I will have a better gauge on the durability. Intangibles Not a whole lot to say other than they perform as marketed and as expected. People have commented on them based on the looks, and they are definitely flashier than what I've used, but they are a good attention getter and are worthy of the praise I give them when people ask me about them. Conclusion Easton has delivered a skate that is not only worthy to stand beside other companies' top level skates, but also a skate that has achieved this while not simply trying to replicate what the bigger brands are offering.
  22. Ever since hearing about the A-Trap I, my brother, and a lot of our goalie students are interested in trying it out. I'm looking forward to being able to get one of the spinners for it to try out.
  23. Off the top of my head I saw Pavelski in them for the Sharks last night, and I know Gonchar has been wearing them.
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