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    Easton Mako/Bauer TotalONE NXG
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    Warrior Covert QR1
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    Easton Synergy HSX/STX Surgeon 500/CCM U+ CL
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    CCM V08
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    Bauer ONE95 Euro/CCM U+ CL
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    Bauer TotalONE
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    RBK 5K
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    RBK 5K
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    Junkyard Athletic

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  1. I think they look better when seen along with the practice uniforms than they do with the game uniform.
  2. I wanted them to use this kind of glove color setup:
  3. The new gloves look well made, and going by appearance they look like an improvement. I still wear the Surgeon gloves I got to review; Would be interested to see how they compare in fit and feel.
  4. What stick are you currently using? Would you happen to have a picture of you playing to see where your hands are when you skate?
  5. Especially when said gloves look like they are made with cheaper materials and don't feel as good as the QRL glove.
  6. I'm in the same boat. I currently play Tetris to get my gear into a @JunkyardAthletic coach's bag because I'm often taking my gear into NYC subway/buses and there is rarely room for a full size bag, so I've been thinking of designing a bag with adjusted proportions to be a little travel friendly and have backpack ergonomics.
  7. Same. I had to drop the top eyelet on my FT1s coming from Makos.
  8. The clips don't look too bad but I feel like the Bauer version is better designed. I still feel like visor size is an area that hasn't been optimized. My hypothetical hockey company that will never come to be would offer multiple sizes to reduce the effect of the visor pulling the sides of the helmet outward, but it would hurt profit chances and would be a bad business decision (hence why it won't come to be).
  9. Yeah that is an annoyance I have with most companies and their forced grouping of color zones. I feel like every isolated area should be able to have its own color. I'm sure there are logical reasons why in the manufacturing process they can't just go crazy with it, but I feel like if you're willing to pay for extra materials you should be able to get it.
  10. Same here. The QRL has some slightly better color options but not quite what I want.
  11. I don't mind the colors. The design just seems scattered and doesn't tickle my fancy.
  12. I'm interested in trying these out but the graphics package isn't really doing it for me.
  13. Whether I want to or not, my jersey winds up tucking itself in so I just roll with it.
  14. The new construction looks much improved design-wise. A more refined look will make them a much easier sell in my book.
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