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  1. These sticks look interesting, anyone got update on when you can buy them and USD cost?
  2. Did anyone buy one yet? Curious to see if there are any reviews on this stick as I haven't seen any nearby where I stay.
  3. has anyone got their hands on one yet? need a new stick soon and interested in the QX3
  4. Personally I am glad to see someone taking their time to do this. It gives me some sort of indicator of how my helmet performs and absorb the impacts. Since the helmet is probably the most important piece of equipment, safety wise, this can only be good for the consumer. My head actually fits the Warrior Krown helmets well compared to other brands that I have tried on, but I got the LTE instead of the 360 as that one felt more comfortable. It will be interesting to how the brands react to this for future helmet designs.
  5. Just got these Warrior Nutt Hutt Ice compression pants. Really like the fit so far!
  6. the jersey looks great! how much for this?
  7. My new Warrior DT3LT stick!!!
  8. I am also looking forward to seeing the new Krown helmets. I am currently using the 360 and like it, will be looking to buy a new helmet end of this year. If it is like the 360 but improved, that will be a great start!
  9. my current gear below: Skates: CCM U+ 02 Stick: Warrior Covert DT3 Gloves: Warrior Luxe Helmet: Warrior Krown 360 with cage Pants: CCM U+ 09 Shoulder: Rbk 7K Elbow Pads: Rbk 7K Shin Pads: Rbk 3K Hockey Bag: Warrior dirt bag
  10. how long does it take from ordering on the website to getting the the custom warrior gloves delivered?
  11. wow, those gloves look great, like the slanted cuff look! can i ask how much were these?
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