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    Bauer Supreme 190s
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    Warrior DT 1 & Warrior DT 1 ST
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    Warrior Franchise Custom
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    Bauer Re-Akt w/ Re-akt Cage
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    CCM RBZ 150s
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    CCM Crazy Light
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    CCM Crazy Light
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    Bauer Pro Series
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    Reebok Pro Player Equip. Bag

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  1. Hey all,I’ve been having trouble finding visors that do not stretch the temples on my Bauer Reakt helmet. The temples sit flush and perfect with no visor attached, but once I put a visor on (so far tried (ronin, allaki [cant remember the exact name off the top of my head].I wear a size large helmet and I really don’t like the giant gaps the visor creates b/w my head and helmet.I’ve used the tron s30 which didn’t seem to have this issue but I got tired of it and sold it. Really want to try the s40 but it’s sold out everywhere.Anyways — anyone have a large noggin and wears a Reakt and has a visor that does not stretch the helmet?- Yes, I use all hardware included in packages.
  2. After years of wanting to get customs... today I placed an order and got fitted. Holy cow did I need it tho. D U C K feet. Normal heel, big width. Had to go with 7 + 7.5 EEEEB. sz 11 toe cap. -1 eyelet. 1/4in shorter boot height. Added depth. 1/8in lifts. Extra ankle padding. Reinforced eyelets and toecap. Went to General Sports in Edina, MN and was taken care by their GM. No traces were involved however. After years of seeing "there needs to be traces", I got a little worried at the end. Found out today you can't get traditional eyelets with flex tendon guard. 😕 Other specs were black felt tongue. Tuuk with the trigger thing (can't remember the name). LS3 runners. Same tongue as my Supreme 190 skates (or whatever was closest to that) Will update as I go. We shall see how this turns out.
  3. Looks great Now when can we expect for the current RBZ protective line to go on closeout? Need new pants Eyeing the 150s.
  4. Finally bought some of IW And Im sold on these. Comfort alone makes this a must for every skate. Im never skating without one from now one. I did feel like my crossovers were more.. stable. I have a 2nd set on the way for future purposes.
  5. Any code for free shipping out right now? I REALLY wanna try them out
  6. Sweet! Things I'll be looking to purchase/look at/try on.. The Supreme 190 Skates The Nexus 8000 & The APX2 elbow Pads... I still need the ReAkt helmet too.
  7. I got to try on some stuff today finally. I really liked the shoulder pads. Surprised they werent bulky. Im in U+ Pros now and ive been spoiled by how low profile they are, the caps on the Ax1 were pretty nice. not as low profile but good. It felt a stiff in the front panel but im sure thats just cause its new. I hate hate having those 2 piece bicep guards, so id probably go with the AX2 .. pratically the same pad except its a one piece bicep guard. But i what i REALLY liked was the AX1 Elbow pads/ They feel nearly identical to pro stock jofas. I had 7ks before and like ibeck said. Almost identical in terms of feel, fit, and protection. Might be my next purchase. I sold my jofas cause the strapping system pinched on my skin thus making it uncomfortable, but with Warriors strapping system, i dont have that problem. I like it.
  8. Finally had some quality photos to post. Collage for IG.
  9. I have a couple. Basically all the same specs just swapped a couple colors. Martin St. Louis inspired twigs. One that is taped has been here for a couple months. The untaped one just came in. In my reserve stash.. Specs: Model: Dolomite Shaft Dim: Intermediate Base: Sport Gold Qty: 2 (1 at a time) Name: C. Ayala (Black) Decal: Electro Warrior logo: All White & All Black Finish: Grip Texture: Corner Flex: 75 Handle; Standard Pattern: Gionta Blade Finish: Matte
  10. The RBZ was showcased @ the Lets play hockey expo but within a glass box. Not able to try it on. But man they are a sexy pair of skates. And they do have that total edge comfort leather on it. Still cant wait for them
  11. Went to the Lets play hockey expo and saw the new Covert DT1 gloves. What a disappointment. They were ugly.... Shoudlve kept the luxe look and simply renamed it and improve protection by adding plastic inserts throughout. That weird air mesh on the glove and the disappearance of the Silver Shield. Almost looks like a Mission glove. Stitched logo made it look like a quality glove but id take the luxe anyday. I was depressed they didnt showcase the new protective gear. They know how to throw a fun atmosphere and had sick pro stock gloves and stick to showcase. Still love warrior but i think they dropped the ball on the new Covert Gloves.
  12. Im curious to know if CCM expects to show the RBZ skate @ the Lets Play Hockey Expo next weekend. I cant wait to try them on. Date?
  13. I'll contact both HockeyTron and my PO about this tmw and see whats going on.
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