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  1. I'd rather have a talking jock that tells me when it's time to wash it
  2. martin is the old guy that runs it right? he got mad at me one time because i had to fill up multiple water bottles. he's a prick but makes the rink money so he thinks he's above everyone else.
  3. that pick up has been running for 20 years if not longer and there are guys who have been there consistently for 10 years or more. they just have a different definition of regular. btw we lose our ice time to them in the summer all the time so i'm not on their side or anything.
  4. they should have put 420 on the other collar
  5. I work in the manufacturing industry, specifically biotech, and have had a few years of experience with suppliers overseas. It's really as hit or miss as it is over here so to paint the entire country or region with a broad brush is completely wrong. There are some vendors who have blown away their American counterparts and there are others who have caused me to pull my hair out. As far as companies stealing other company's proprietary products, that's what happens when you outsource anything. Especially these days when it is so much easier to reverse engineer anything you can get your hands on. NDA's mean squat.
  6. yeah their customer service is great which is why i only use warrior sticks and gloves now
  7. as opposed to the kids in mira mesa? there is no quality sharpeners in san diego. you're going to get different results every time. even the guy at that small shop next to the kroc sucks when a one man shop should produce more consistent results.
  8. i'd wear them they look sweet
  9. do your wallet a favor and get 3 trons for the price of one oakley.
  10. i have two unused dt1's and one dt1lt that i've used for maybe a month. does the qr1 offer anything my current stable of sticks do not offer?
  11. From head to toe... Bauer 4500 with Re-Akt cage and CCM V08 with Tron visor Sherwood 5030 CCM CL elbows Warrior franchise gloves CCM HP30 and 9k girdle Bauer pro series shin guards APX2 with nash tongues for extra sty prolly gonna replace the fusion blades with ls3 soon sticks...oh man, so many but i'm back with my dolos for the moment its like the old gf you can't stop thinking about and trying to get back with
  12. moving to san diego was pretty smart for them and hardly a sign of the business not doing it well. in los alamitos they weren't that far from hockey monkey and hockey giant so obviously a lot of guys preferred those two. in san diego, they have no competition. the rinkety rink pro shops have nothing. now people have an extra option if they need something same day. and someone correct me if i'm wrong but escondido iceoplex has the largest participation number for any hockey in san diego and the rink is only five minutes away.
  13. next time try sportk ;-) http://www.sportsk.com/vintage-nhl-hockey-jerseys.html
  14. i thot you were a leafs fan i love the nordiques jersey. best goddang jerseys ever designed.
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