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  1. Dude shes a girl, I have no idea... lol.
  2. All this 'the world is going to end on May 21 2011' crap... Just dealt with a crying girlfriend for the past two hours because someone told her about this yesterday and got her all worked up over it
  3. Front Row and Aisle Pirates tickets for Friday night (12 bucks a piece hahaha) and Pens game saturday night. Going to be a goood weekend! :)
  4. Steelers. Nice. Also went to CEC today for Pens camp, nice place but kinda disappointing after all the hype.. But still cool.
  5. I won two free tickets to a Pens preseason game through a survey on imaginepittsburgh.com woohoo :)
  6. So I work at a hotel at the front desk. Lady calls in needed to speak to sales office..sales office person is standing right in front of me and had literally clocked out for lunch 10 seconds prior. I put the guest on hold and tell her who is on the phone. The guest had a wedding at our hotel TONIGHT and had a couple last minute chagnes/questions etc. Stupid sales office employee looks at me like I'm a retard and says I'm on lunch now blah blah blah, and makes me send it to her voicemail. Maybe its just me but that pisses me off sooo badly. I make less money than her and kiss peoples ass all day every day. Our job is customer service...HELLO?! Where is your service at? The thing that kills me is, she clocked into work at 830a, took lunch at 1130a..I mean come on. And this is typical behaviour from this lady.. just doesnt give a damn.
  7. Congrats man. I never scored much, and especially never an OT goal. Pre season or not that would be cool. You scored and everyone goes home happy. Nice.
  8. JR, luckily you were in a moderately high off the ground SUV. Getting hit in the door like that is always scary to see pictures of. Hope your feelin better.
  9. Shaping up to be a good winter for me.. I am really excited for the NHL season to start.. I just got tickets to two diff Pens games at Consol.. against the Canucks in Nov and the Panthers right before xmas. Purchased tickets to the Winter Classic a few weeks ago. Already have tickets to both Pens games in Raleigh this season and also have my tickets for the All Star Game and the skills comp confirmed as well. I think I am officially done, atleast until the post season, cause my wallet is screaming right now.
  10. Aww man better than Steve Heinze! :-)
  11. First day of class (college) and had one class, Chem. 7 pages of notes, a quiz on Thursday, and the Lab we did is due next week.
  12. I'm going to Kennywood tomorrow, woohoo!
  13. LOL damn Chad! When I got mine pulled it was all i could do to eat a frosty from Wendys on the way home.
  14. Starting to sound like PHEW in here.... Nice tape job tho :)
  15. Working 10 days in a row and 15 out of the last 16. 12 hour day yesterday and about to head back in today. Cant wait till my day off on Monday.
  16. I'm sorry but those Do Not Touch Signs are hilarious. Laughed out loud at work, good start to the morning.
  17. I tape mine to protect the blade. I'm not good enough to be able to tell how different it makes the puck feel. I also usually just extend the tape past the toe and trim it with some scissors as mentioned above.
  18. Yup I think someones playing quite a good joke on the new guy. Show up by his time on Tuesday and see what happens. If it was a joke laugh it off and go with it but thats kinda crazy lol.
  19. Lesson learned I hope. I had that happen to me before. Feel your pain :(
  20. girlfriend is on vacation for a week. its so quiet.
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