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  1. How did you find these compared to Flare?
  2. Are you trying to say that this thread's purpose was only for people to chime in on whether or not they were *planning* to get the 2N stick? What'd you want, a thread were people just say whether or not they plan on getting the stick and nothing more? This is a forum where people talk about gear. You started a thread about a specific stick, of course that stick is going to be talked. Sorry for giving my honest opinion on a stick that you started a thread on but then did not end up getting. You got the 2N Pro. The 2N Pro is not the 2N. Sorry if you thought they were the same stick. They're named differently for a reason - because they are different. And an even bigger apology for not keeping my comment in this thread to just whether or not I was planning on getting a 2N. In case you're confused, the answer is yes, I planned on picking up a 2N. And then I went and actually got it.
  3. I still stand by my two original points - 1. that the 2N stick has a damped puck feel. I have spoken to many who think the same as me about this stick (and about Bauer's current crop of blades as a whole, regardless of line, although I have not tried a Vapor in years). I gave my opinion based on my preference, as I stated I was doing, and provided a comparison for reference. If you disagree with both assessments then so be it. This is a 2N thread so I posted my experience with the subject of this thread (the 2N stick) in the hopes of helping others. 2. that the 2N is a different stick than the 2N Pro and that they have different blades. They also have different features throughout the entire stick which can contribute to differing puck feel even if the same exact blade was used but this point may cause massive controversy amongst a certain buddy of mine. And bonus point number three would be that I am much more coherent than whatever my buddy is spewing. I think he needs to go back and take some courses at college he allegedly worked for. Appreciate all the good folks jumping in to defend my points about the 2N stick in the 2N stick thread. Doesn't mean they agree with my assessment, just means they are sticking up for the spread of correct information. My preference, as stated about 45 times now, is my preference. Take it all with a grain of salt.
  4. It has the same blade core but a number of differences. A simple look at the blade will show you that they have different weaves. Anyway, my post had heavy emphasis on what I found and was based on my preferences, as I stated. You seemed confused about the difference between the two sticks so do a Google search... buddy.
  5. Buddy... I'm talking about the 2N, not the 2N Pro..
  6. I picked up a 70 flex 2N (cut down to make it about 75-78 flex) and absolutely hated it. Super dampened puck feel. I have a first gen True XCore 9 which is way more lively in comparison - and when I first used the XCore 9 I found that a bit dampened for my preferences so the 2N is way more dampened than that. For some reason the flex profile on the 70 flex stick also feels different/weird/not good compared to all the other flexes on the line. Not sure what to make of that. If you like a dampened puck feel and have trouble loading a stick then you may like this stick. Just didn't jive with my preferences.
  7. Fastech does hockey insoles? I was poking around their website and didn't see anything about hockey - is there a specific insole that they fit hockey players with?
  8. Appreciate the response! Everything seems really awesome about this - also curious, can a request be made for LS2's instead of the edge holder? If so, would that effect anything about the customization process. I see some pros (who must be using the custom process) still rocking LS2's.
  9. Really appreciate the write up from J-Dub. Sorry if this was already covered but when does this all roll out? And what would the turnaround time be?
  10. I went from Vapors to the FT1 and it was a pretty seamless transition. The FT1's fit my foot much better (compared to APX's) but I didn't notice any difference in holder between Tuuks and the SB holder - and I was someone who used to put Tuuks on everything, like Grafs back in the day.
  11. Hey JR or anybody else - what would be the easiest way to find a reputable retailer/person who can fit me for the Total Custom process? (not the 3d scan one but the total custom)
  12. Interested in hearing feedback too as well as people’s experience with the whole fitting process. If I wanted to go the full custom route could anyone recommend the best person/shop to do the job?
  13. Curious about these blades as well - anyone have experience with Tydan and Step and can compare the two?
  14. Would one be able to do a customized, scanned version of any skate(FT1, 70K, etc.) or is it only for the Super Tacks 2.0?
  15. Do you know how FT1's fair with punching? Do they respond well/is it fairly easy?
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