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  1. Never actually thanked you guys for the help on this it was much appreciated, think the gear-whore bug has bitten me again though as I'm now back on the hunt Thanks enablers!
  2. so after a 6 month hockey hiatus, I book on some ice-time to shake off the rust, open my bag and I've got a bag of fluff and polystyrene.. At this point I don't know if I can get this sorted on insurance, but I'm sure you can feel my pain after years and years of playing you settle on certain pieces of gear. My question is, with no real high-end selection of gear available to me at any LHS this looks to be an 'order and see' kind of affair. With that in mind I'd like to stay as close as I can to the gear that I had originally, fit and function wise. Any help would seriously be appreciated as I've not exactly stayed in the loop with anything for maybe 5-6 years. (I'm still trying to get my head round Bauer having 3 product lines! ) Shins - From what I understand the original RBK 7K's, still had the Jofa logos on. Blue/White design with 3 straps. Elbows - ^^Same as above Shoulder - Same again but the 5k. Helmet - RBK 5k although I was never a fan of the flimsy adjustment so will probably jump ship on this. Gloves - Bauer 4 rolls, haha I figure 4 rolls are still 4 rolls right? The rest I think is salvageable, apparently rodents aren't keen on hockey pants. Yours in desperation..
  3. Why not just egg their house? Better than being a rat, no? Stop being so dramatic.
  4. 'Proclaimed Hockey Equipment Whores'
  5. Awesome news bud. Scrappy goal or highlight reel? :)
  6. Incredibly jealous Rustpot, that place looks awesome! It's my birthday soon and everyone is being overly nice to me haha
  7. Looks like a toe to heel tape job aswell, don't see that very often.
  8. ^^Ultimate car in my eyes. I wouldn't mind a P11 either but the headlights remind me of a Nissan so I probobly won't get one... :P
  9. This guy can barely skate himself it's not his place to be giving advice. This "Xtreme" skating he's doing is nothing more then you see small kids doing at public skates. I almost feel embaressed for him.
  10. Thats not so bad, sounds like he's just suggesting ways for you to save money. Just because your paying him doesn't mean he isn't allowed to give his opinion and 2 cents. $3 though? Thats pretty damn good.
  11. But... but... it has nitrogen filled tyres! :P
  12. It's safer to risk breaking a hand on a bucket then risk more Don Sandersons.
  13. Yeah hilarious might not have been the right word, but still I found the way the moment was captured humorous. Note to self: Egg shells are rife in the Perron thread.
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