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  1. I'm not trying to. Just think we should wait a week or so for this to die down instead of posting it while it's at the top of the news articles for them.
  2. Yah. I think the only good thing going for them is the fact that the driver wasn't intoxicated.
  3. They got into an accident, and while there was no injury (reported) they were found with an open bottle vodka and empty beer cans in the car. It's the fact that when you google these players names the first thing that comes up is the news or their court summons. Not something that is really a good thing we want people to think of. It takes away all the positives of the article.
  4. Two of our hockey school graduates (former students) won the NCAA title with BC and recently got arrested for underage possession of alcohol while driving. Boss still wants me to run articles on them and feature them on our website
  5. At a friends wedding and was able to buy the Canucks game on my iPhone to watch. I bought if halfway through the first period and I'm guessing the payment didn't go through right away as it wouldn't work for the first two periods but I was able to watch the last 6 minutes of the third. decent quality too. Nothing great but I'm sure if there was wifi it would have looked good.
  6. Race4lastplace that's a great way to describe it - you do need to use both numbers together. As for holding an edge, I personally don't feel you lose your edges faster, but I feel that they have a higher failure rate. I know that sounds like a contradiction but I find the edges don't wear out any quicker, they're just more prone to roll out. I've gone almost 10 hours on my TO's with 100/75 (3 games, 2 hour drop in, 3 ref games) and will probably just need a sharpen now. I think it may just be an adjustment period that's needed, or extra care with your blades.
  7. No, I'm pretty sure it's the other way around
  8. 90/75 will have more bite then 100/50. Think of it like this 90 is less glide, 100 is more 50 is less bite, 75 is more. You can mix the numbers around to find out what works beat for you. Some players want the bit of 75 but the glide of 90. Hope that helps, probably not the best description
  9. You can tell by the code under the name what it is. 95 flex? Kind of wish he was a lefty.
  10. Oh I gather that, and definitely don't think that was the first time he put them. Either way though, him saying that and people seeing them with the Tuuks on them is misleading. Again, I don't think the was the best move by Easton.
  11. Except he says "today was the first day I pulled the skates out of the box and put them on". And it must really suck to have Chara there raving about how nice it is to not have to change skates yet he wears TotalOne's. I don't know if that was the best video for Easton to put out.
  12. Yah, they really just love to help out the Bruins as much as possible eh?
  13. That's ok, I'm pretty sure I can't dunk on a 6 foot rim and I'm 6'2''
  14. Got to work and it was a perfect temperature in my office to lose the jacket and just wear the t-shirt. An hour later the A/C comes on and I'm freezing. Then the heat comes back on and I'm practically sweating. And now the A/C literally just came back on meaning it's going to be freezing in here again. Seriously? If they had just put a window in here none of this would be a problem.
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