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  1. Yeah I’d agree with that. Almost like the DS Update.
  2. Dm me your email and I’ll send you the images if you like. Theyre white.
  3. Yeah their first release was the Syndicate SE model run(Old Mission Design) and then released the Axiom line as the first Supreme last design. Every model Mission since has been based on the Supreme last but missing out on a lot of features the top end Supremes get. I was implying that it looks like Bauer is retiring the Mission brand.
  4. I suggested the revision rumour as that’s what I was told by my LHS. I’ve since got images & specs of the WM Inhaler range and can confirm they still rock the Labedas.
  5. Yep 100% Missions have been watered supremes for years. I doubt it’ll happen but I’d like to see the Fit 1,2,3 system adapted to roller.
  6. Apparently they’ll be coming back with revisions
  7. Hi all, Have noticed recently that the Mission website has been taken down and Mission Skates now featured on the Bauer website. No Facebook posts since 2019 either. Anyone heard anything about mission being rebranded as Bauer?
  8. Very nice purchase! Mine were like that as well new but I just assumed it was how I held them under the light as they appeared light and dark in certain settings. I never had an issue with quality or defects, in fact I’m still punishing my set and they’ve had no visible loss of grip. When I first bought them I tested them with my A scale for fun anf each wheel was consistently around the 84A mark with nothing standing out. its funny cause when I first got them I did coffee table test on them and they felt slippery. I hesitated putting them on but when I did oh man it was awesome! Im very excited to hear how they go for you, all my buddies that have bought these at my recommendation have had huge success too.
  9. I & many others do. Id rather pay more and go as hard as I can. Everyone likes different things.
  10. This attitude is the reason the wheel was cancelled as a hockey wheel to begin with. Roller being smaller scale to ice and then no one wanting to pay for a premium outdoor wheel. You get what you pay for. If you’re a heavy player and you want to maximise your ability it’s worth every cent. I ordere mine from Bladeworx’s in Victoria and had them in QLD pretty quick. Youre preaching to the choir! Although I still think the 82a reissue were a failed product, 84a dual for the win. Before I got on the Freestyle Dual pour(84A reissue) the only wheel I could use with success was the +2 pures. I tried the pure x but unfortunately they feel very similar to the 82a in that they bog down and just don’t feel as comfortable. To be fair they do last longer and have slightly better grip than the original pure. Freestyle dual pours are faster, grippier & much longer lasting than the pures. It’s basically a wank. They’re trying to insinuate that you can have your cake and eat it for much cheaper without saying it. I bought mine and didn’t even read into the dual durometer because it’s still a single pour wheel. Single pour means generally you choose either grip or roll speed, not usually both. Dual pour gives you that flexibility as you have the 62a inner core that flexes on corners to give you cornering grip and stopping power and your choice of harder outer layer to have that amazing roll as well( having your cake and eating it). It’s not the same with a dual duro as its still only one layer and depends on what hardness you get. (No comparison with a true dual or triple pour). The Australian Touring Car championship(V8 Supercars) recently banned a technology called “twin springs” as an unfair suspension advantage. the technology is the same, as you have a longer hard spring and then a shorter soft spring joined as one. The hard spring would benefit straight line & cornering exit speed and having the soft spring for cornering grip all in one. The big budget teams tuned their hardnesses and had a huge advantage. Same technology. I can’t explain the patents as thats their business but as many other have suggested, don’t buy into the Dual duro hype.
  11. Yeah I almost had to get mine from Europe but luckily a couple of skate shops here in Australia carried them. Rink Rat also offered via messenger to sell me some direct but it ended up cheaper buying them locally. Might not be a bad idea to hit them up, definitely worth it. I couldn’t stand those 82a world cups, I was so excited to get the World Cup back and was let down big time. The only reason the og went away was because there’s minimal money being spent in Roller and average Joe wasn’t into spending the extra for a premium outdoor wheel. I almost fell off my chair when I found out they existed again.
  12. I would assume so. profile can be dependant on company as well, labeda use a different profile in their wheels compared to rink rat for example. I can confirm that other than the sick colour job on the dual pours they’re virtually Identical to the old school world cup(I still have a couple brand new in my draw that I can use for comparison) and every other dual pour rink rat hockey wheel.
  13. Yeah it’s a single pour wheel with a premier quality urethane. Theyre not too bad but not my first choice, I have the 84a single pours as well and only like them on asphalt.
  14. I’m yet to use them on the tiles but being 84A and dual they have so much roll and do much grip. They work really well on panted concrete and especially well on wood. Because they’re hard enough to take my weight I can actually feel the rebound on each step.
  15. Hey man, I was referencing the dual pour version of the Freestyle wheels. They have 2 versions, the single pour which is a rebranded trickster and the dual pour which are rebranded og 84a hot shots. I use the dual pour 84As and love them, they’re guns on every surface under my 103kg. nothing else rebounds for me like these wheels.
  16. I went from using +2 Pures and loving them to +2 Pure X and losing half a step, +2 is rated as 78a. The pure x last noticeably longer, the original pures don’t like humidity and depending on time of year could come off the pace pretty quickly. I’m 103kg, and have used them on all surfaces with them being great on wood, pretty good on the tiles and useless on painted concrete
  17. I ended up bailing on my Pure X. While having better grip and lasting longer they just bog down and feel sloppy on take offs and accelerating. Very similar to the recent 82A rink rat world cups, they felt the same. I’ve made the switch to MPC Freestyle dual pours and couldn’t be happier, they’re the original 84a rink rats rebranded as MPC slalom wheels.
  18. Similar but not the same. Dual pour has an M-tech ring, single pour does not and colour is slightly different. Single is the trickster rebranded and the dual is the old 84a rebranded. Theyre being marketed as a slalom wheel in Europe.
  19. Just to be clear hockeydad3 you are referring to the single pour version wheel. My post is in reference to the dual pour wheel. MPC have released both versions as Freestyle. The dual pour wheel has nothing to do with the trickster. Miller55 is correct, as I previously mentioned it is the OG World Cup/Hot shot x rebranded .
  20. Back in the day the og rink rat world cups/hotshot x grip were a decent premium outdoor wheel. Theyve been rereleased as the MPC branded “Freestyle” dual pour. Cost more but highly recommended.
  21. Yeah I know. They have everything that should make them a fantastic wheel but they miss the mark compared to the OG. They’re unfortunately a noticeably slower wheel.
  22. Konixx pure white for me. I have pure X and they’re more durable and have better grip but they just feel like they bog down.
  23. In relation to the bearings, I use them and really like them. I had bones swiss ceramics which broke pretty quickly under my weight so I replaced them with these. Standard bones quality but with the same principle as a minimiser bearing without compromising size/strength.
  24. Can confirm the Pure X are amazing. Took a day or so to break in but I’ve been punishing them and they just keep gripping. Better stopping power to in my opinion. If durability is an issue for slime, I highly recommend the pure x
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