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  1. I haven’t tried them but recently went through the same thought process and got burned on Bronson Raw bearings. I need to replace my bones Swiss 6 and tried the bronson bearings as a cheaper alternative based on reviews, they ended up going to crap fairly quickly (within 2-3 weeks). Once bitten, twice shy I’ll now be stumping up for the genuine bones when I have the spare cash.
  2. The mechanics are different. For example on inline your weight needs to be over your heel/rear wheels whereas with ice you’d place your weight more to the centre of your holder. The wheels do require you to lean into the edges as you can’t remain upright on them.
  3. I can’t believe they did this, I hope all of the feed back they’re getting online assists them in reconsidering. Otherwise I plan to convert hyperlites.
  4. Can’t remember if I already asked but how did you find the freestyles?
  5. I had a chance to try their 85A Pure X street wheels as well and more of the same. I like that they’re coming out with the options but yeah they’re just not for me going forward.
  6. I made this point a while ago in this thread, the Pure X just don’t cut the mustard compared to the OG pures.
  7. Sure, I’m 6ft 1 and 227lbs. I usually stick with harder wheels preferably 84-85a (I’ve just ordered the new Konixx Outdoor dual pour 85a wheels). I use the XXX tricksters at one rink as its low grip and having a edge and stopping grip are more of a need than outright pace. Everywhere else I use the MPC 85a or the X grip tricksters. I also have 78a revision recoils that are pretty neat too, they’re a great wheel for what they are.
  8. That’s what I found, I hated the Pure-X in comparison. I use MPC Freestyle dual pours as I’ve previously mentioned in this thread, they’re great for me and my last set lasted around 8 or 9 months. I also have Rink Rat Tricksters, they’ve been the go to wheel for most people over here. Tricksters use Magic Speed Urethane like the MPC Freestyles but come in XXX, XX or X. I have XXX and X Tricksters, the XXX are one of my favourites on slipperier rinks.
  9. Possibly due to the Pandemic they may still have too much stock to clear before discounting? I’ m not sure, haven’t looked at FZ quantities either. Either way if they do go on sale you are more or less getting the same skate with the exception of foam, tendon guard and toe box update.
  10. New Missions have gone live on Inline Warehouse and have a new insight video https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Mission_Roller_Hockey_Skates/catpage-MISSSKATES.html
  11. Glad to hear they’re working for you. I just bought my second set with the originals lasting from May - Feb. I love these wheels so much, just so fast and reliable
  12. I appreciate your promises and experiences with Nick but honestly they’re irrelevant. They aren’t paid marketing, if anything it’s discrediting him as he’s clearly said one thing in that insight video which I believe correlates with what I’m feeling from these wheels or the complete opposite to you in private. No disrespect but he could’ve just told you what you wanted to hear with these wheels, obviously not being there I don’t know the context of the conversations. Im happy to agree to disagree but I’m standing by my experience that they’re a slower wheel due to the differences mentioned by Nick in that video. To be honest this is probably the most exciting topic in here in a while. lol
  13. That’s not IW marketing though, that’s him specifically saying that they used a new formula with intention of replicating the feel of the originals while increasing durability and grip. He goes on to claim that they are more rigid and that the rigidity is going to give more speed and give that stiffer wheel feel without having that stiffer wheel traction if you’re not heavy enough you wouldn’t get enough of. Exactly my point, I’m a heavier guy that is still one of the fastest at the rink and this particular change has made the newer wheel much slower under my weight/power. My acceleration is a big part of my game. If anything they’re quicker on the wood. the downside to that surface is it is harder on wheels than tiles or concrete. Man I’m the first to complain as well, particularly if my outright pace is effected and these wheels just don’t perform as well for me. The only other anecdotal evidence I can offer is everyone on the white pures at the rink have moved back to rink rat for the same reason.
  14. This is the insight video where Nick from Konixx claims that Pure-x is a completely new formula with the new formula made specifically for this wheel. You can tell from feel though that there’s a difference, I experienced better grip, longevity but with doughiness (They remind me of the recent 82a World Cup) I play on smooth concrete and wood. Due to border closures unable to test MPCs on tiles, with that said they work just as well on concrete and wood, usually I have one set for each. I Don’t mind the tricksters and have used the revisions that came on both my 1XRs. They’re both useless on the wood but work okay on the concrete. I keep all those as a back up. Addictions I haven’t bothered with since my CA9 RPDs, not a fan of the narrow profile and to me the quality dropped from the initial release when they were considered the best wheel on the market.
  15. I’ve reused mine a couple of times since but they’re just way to slow. The kids at my local have came to the same conclusion and have all moved back to rink rat since the OG Pure’s no longer available. Since this post I moved onto MPC Freestyle Dual pour wheels which are significantly faster, durable and grippier than either version of the Pure.
  16. Yeah I’d agree with that. Almost like the DS Update.
  17. Dm me your email and I’ll send you the images if you like. Theyre white.
  18. Yeah their first release was the Syndicate SE model run(Old Mission Design) and then released the Axiom line as the first Supreme last design. Every model Mission since has been based on the Supreme last but missing out on a lot of features the top end Supremes get. I was implying that it looks like Bauer is retiring the Mission brand.
  19. I suggested the revision rumour as that’s what I was told by my LHS. I’ve since got images & specs of the WM Inhaler range and can confirm they still rock the Labedas.
  20. Yep 100% Missions have been watered supremes for years. I doubt it’ll happen but I’d like to see the Fit 1,2,3 system adapted to roller.
  21. Apparently they’ll be coming back with revisions
  22. Hi all, Have noticed recently that the Mission website has been taken down and Mission Skates now featured on the Bauer website. No Facebook posts since 2019 either. Anyone heard anything about mission being rebranded as Bauer?
  23. Very nice purchase! Mine were like that as well new but I just assumed it was how I held them under the light as they appeared light and dark in certain settings. I never had an issue with quality or defects, in fact I’m still punishing my set and they’ve had no visible loss of grip. When I first bought them I tested them with my A scale for fun anf each wheel was consistently around the 84A mark with nothing standing out. its funny cause when I first got them I did coffee table test on them and they felt slippery. I hesitated putting them on but when I did oh man it was awesome! Im very excited to hear how they go for you, all my buddies that have bought these at my recommendation have had huge success too.
  24. I & many others do. Id rather pay more and go as hard as I can. Everyone likes different things.
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