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  1. AS1 is better stick compare to AS2, isnt it confusing? Ok, I see time to buy AS2Pro.
  2. Guys, Can anyone explain why AS2 stick is cheaper than AS1? Its weird? Also Would be AS2 Pro better compare to AS1 and AS2? I cant find any info except of general marketing...
  3. Thank you guys, I just got confirmation here, so my intend was right - SS black + Superfeet = way to go )
  4. Looking for experienced players, who upgraded to SS or decided to keep original SB? Also wonder how Orthomoves are compared to Superfeets?
  5. Coldclay, thank you for such detailed post. I am aware now of x1 material issue. Not sure if lite is much better. I was impressed by weight in junior size. He has junior Tacks shoulders now in L and it's way too small now. Novotnoa, thank you, I will look into Nexus line and esp 8000. Goalieman39, Tacks is a good choice. Definitely. Nicolas, we are north of you. In Vancouver. Regarding store, I have 15% off everything at 3 local stores, Source, Larry and Taylor. His measurements are height 5.7, weight 140lbs, shoe size 9. And he is significantly growing. He is not interested in new gear, he loves the game, so due to this we go to buy new gear when he is out of old one completely. His equipment size is Junior Large, shins 12, gloves 12( palm is 20cm long). And pants XL Junior. Before tryouts we had equipment check and he got a list of things to change, mostly everything, except gloves and helmet. Shin elbow shoulders are way too small, I didn't know that cause I didn't see him in gear without jersey and socks for years ) Gloves are ripping off in finger area. Supertacks. Helmet is old.we can't find a replacement. Bauer doesn't fit. Most others are not in his team color which is gold.
  6. Need to buy new set of protection for my son. He plays competitive AAA as left wing. He is in Senior Small size. As always, most important is lightweight and fit, along with good protection. Of course, we will try to visit store, before that looking for advice and experience. Lines that we are looking for are: Vapor 1x lite and 1x ( heavily discounted now) Jetspeed ft1 Nexus 2n Warrior alpha qx And supreme 1s. Mobility and fit most important factor.
  7. Supertacks 2.0 is very durable. Way better than ultratacks.
  8. It is definitely doable, but I am not sure why would you bother with it. There are some good bags on the market - go buy one, unless its a hobby that you can convert to a business, where marketing is biggest issue. We have local company making great pro bags. They already got access to best materials available.
  9. - competitive rep hockey. In time I roughly included practice time as well. Again, ultratacks got durability and chip issues.
  10. - Why you need new skates? And what is your level and intensity of play? Best option I'd say would be True if you really need skates.
  11. - Have no issues with Supertacks 2.0, I'd roughly say at least 200 hours of ice. Blade is like new. BUT - I had same issue with ultratacks. - I just came to Warrior web-site. What is best stick that I can buy today? QX? P29 CCM would be W03 in Warrior? - Thank you. I am kinda skeptical to buy stick without trying it first. (can make an exception for Supertacks, as I got Ultratacks and 2 of Supertacks, so I know the stick) and I prefer it to RBZ all around.
  12. Thank you very much. Available in Canada after August 24th...Eh...
  13. Honestly I prefer used skates for young kids. New lower to mid end good too. Anything stiff is a waste anyway. I have 2nd young skater at home and had zero complains regarding used skates. Older plays competetive and he got good skates. Upgraded blades and insoles. Still. Skates are neccessary element. Important. But more expensive skates will not make kid skate better.
  14. Happy with supertacks 2.0. Just wonder when 3.0 will be available? Need new stick. Not in rush but will not wait till fall. Also. Who switched from supertacks 2.0 to other ccm sticks and like the switch? I can only see trigger as alternative.
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