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  1. My 17 yo son's two Flylite sticks' blade have both gone soft. Sticks are intact and shows no sign of breaking, but the blades... you can grab the blades and flex them quite a bit and they make this weird styrofoam-ish sounds but he kept using them and they didn't affect his shots too much. While his 2 Ultrasonics blades however didn't go soft, but both sticks broke above or near the 7-sided Sonic taper (he was taking simple wristers when they snapped), and my son rarely takes any slapshots... Let's see if his Hyperlite will hold up.
  2. If you can play, nobody cares what you wear on the ice.
  3. The only decent solution is the CCM mask, which acts like any normal mask and will prevent less transmission
  4. I wish California would just mandate the use of something like the CCM mask for youth hockey and open up rinks/games, instead of having parents go way out of state to play hockey, unprotected...
  5. My kid's 1X Lite Shins lasted a whole season but recently I noticed the right knee cap shell cracked in half (my kid didn't even notice) and someone gave us a $100 gift card to Monkeysport so I bought him the 2X Pro Shins. The sizing is different and he's now a 14" instead of 13" (seems the same height to me) and the shape is indeed more streamlined/tapered. Weight is definitely lighter than 1X Lite. I was thinking Bauer was cutting corners by ditching the free flex bottom of the shins but my kid said it made no difference in feel. He is a 16AA Midget and it's obviously full contact, we shall see how the 2X Pro last...
  6. Well he has never had a concussion, even taking on dudes who were 6+ ft tall and over 250lbs (he's 5'7 and 152 lbs just turned 16) but at the same time he has never had a big ass contusion on his forehead from a nothing hit either so ya, weird. He said the helmet sucks and he's sticking with his re-akt 1st Gen.
  7. That's what I said, the True lid sucked for HIM. Again, for no-checking, the helmet is fine, but would I recommend to anyone who plays full contact? Hell no.
  8. It was a 'nothing' hit, very low speed, but all I'm saying is that he's been playing for almost 10 yrs and nothing close to this has ever happened but the very first time he used the True lid... Anyhow the True lid sucked for HIM, but again it would probably be great for anyone who plays beer league or no-contact pick up.
  9. Well, it's obviously my personal opinion after watching my son almost have a concussion wearing his True lid for the first time in a game... Check out the previous thread 'New True LId' Pg 4...
  10. I spoke to some lady who answered the phone at True and she put me on hold to verify that indeed they will ship WITH holder uninstalled and u at full price regardless.
  11. Spoke to True today confirming you can still order boot ONLY, with or without holes drilled for holder, but they will ship skates out WITH True holders uninstalled and you still have to pay full price. Pretty lame if you ask me, since if I don't want the holders, why must I pay for them if True offers boots only?!
  12. I just want to order custom True skates, without the holder and just the boot. My kid skates on Marsblade and have no use for the True Shift holder...
  13. I always find True sticks play stiffer than the advertised flex...
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