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  • Skates
    True/VH with Vaughn cowlings
  • Stick
    Easton aluminium shaft with a variety of blades, True goalie stick
  • Gloves
    Goal gloves are Factory Mad catch and blocker,; Eagle custiom goat skin, talon 90 with back hand pad and goat palms
  • Helmet
    Kustom Composites carbon/kevlar player, Protechsport
  • Pants
    Easton Air pro stock Rangers, Warrior Ritual Pro
  • Shoulder Pads
    Eagle, Brian’s Sub 3
  • Elbow Pads
    Reebok Platinum
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Vapor APX 7.0, Brian’s Zero G
  • Hockey Bag
    Extra large lawn and garden trash bag cleaned of leaves

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    down the corner, out in the street
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    Hockey, drums, self surgery: not limited to heart by-pass, LASIK,and the occasional amputation, self-dentistry: a few extractions and a root canal.
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  1. LOL I took a hard shot off my foot with the cowling-free skate which led me to hastily take off the old holder and install a Vaughn cowling. I have enough steel for a few years. I will end up making my new cowls (to go under the new holder) because I just don’t trust the boot to protect me. But the boot fits me WONDERFULLY, so I make allowances. But a better executed quick removal runner is great.
  2. Will this new holder have goalie runners available, as well or would we goalies be stuck with the old holders?
  3. And I hope you did not take it as me calling it snake oil AT ALL. I had wondered how long it was going to take to work with biomechanics on skates. It had to be there. When getting fitted on my bike, incremental differences resulted in wattage gains. If I skated out, you had BETTER BELIEVE that I would get a skate fitting from you. I believe in proper biomechanical alignment 100%.
  4. No- I won’t disagree with that statement AT ALL. But the concepts are equally important. I had a $1000 fitting that was considerably more complicated than what 9/10 shoppes could carry out with an old, dusty fit kit. Keep in mind that I was trying to make my daily bread with the cycling part of duathlon and triathlon. They measured VO2 max, wattage with subtle position changes, and tweaking my position in the Texas A&M wind tunnel. So I would say my fitting was a bit more involved than my bike on a wind trainer and the guy fumbling through the dusty fit kit.
  5. Frankly, I am surprised it took as long as it has for this to happen. In the worlds of road and track cycling, cleat alignment and fitting to biomechanics has been going on for a very, very long time. Good on them for finally doing something. No, this does not even hint at being snake oil.
  6. That actually makes a HELL of a lot of sense. Some insoles are two to four size ranges (i.e. 7-8 or even 9, counting the half sizes), but you would get a general idea. At least you’d narrow it to a small range. In that vein, if you have the insole (OP may not have it), you could measure the insole with a brannock devise. It would most likely be slightly larger, but again- ballparking it, so to speak. Depending on the age of the skate, you may or may not have it on the outsole, but it may be on the INSIDE of the outsole.
  7. More play in goal post-op. Getting a bit of my stamina back, though penalty shots in stick and puck are particularly exhausting. Even lopsided play in your own end in goal or half-ice, single goalie play is not quite as exhausting as penalty shot after penalty shot after penalty shot. In the end, I am still having to keep in mind that I have had THREE major surgeries in eleven months and I am only three months post op. So I need to keep this in mind.
  8. All good things must come to an end is the gist of it, especially when it isn’t good anymore. Great chemistry rarely is permanent in ANY workplace, ESPECIALLY in pro sports.
  9. The only thing I can say about Graf sizing is that I always went 1/2 size up and went to a wide width in my experience compared to other brands. I was always a 7.5D (normal width) in CCM and Bauer, but am an 8W in a Graf. This may only be in their Asian skate (as my current experience is with 4500 and 5500 goal skates). Sorry I can’t decipher the rest.
  10. Kessel is such a likable player who is the most unaverage “average” guy. He literally looks like a fellow you could meet in your local pub/bar. Of course he is a pro athlete who has put in the work to stay in the show. I guess I was totally unaware that he wanted to be traded. With as much NHL network that I watch, you’d think I would be privy to his desire to be traded... Hope he does well in Arizona.
  11. And he got to wear his white skates again!!!! David’s still in the league; haven’t heard from Andy Murray. Congrats to David Perron!!!!!
  12. I just read your story. You’ve been through a lot. Good on you for trying to get back to doing what you love!
  13. Certainly. There are just so many scenario that can play out in composite construction. What many don’t know is that the pretty outside layer does not necessarily indicate everything going on with composites. One bicycle frame I had built, the customer wanted it as “raw as possible”. I pulled a face and asked if he was CERTAIN. He said we was, UNTIL he saw it with no fillers, no cosmetic layer, just raw, unadulterated, hand-built composite, tubes, shells and assemblies glued together and carbon taped. He said, and I quote “it looks like a high school shop project”. My response was simple: “there is a LOT that goes on to purty up a piece of composite, let alone multiple pieces. He then accepted my answer and I had to strip all of the matte finish and hand-lay my finish. One positive? I DID develop an even cooler, abrasion-resistant outer finish from that process! It is still technically one piece when components are fused together and finished with a finish layer; after all- none of the pieces could function on their own. Then only TRUE one-piece boot would be filament wound, which would be HORRENDOUSLY expensive, not to mention impractical!
  14. It may very well be a clamshell/bladder mould.
  15. Well sir- the pleasure has been mine! Just know you have a customer for life!
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