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    Easton Mako 2
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    Bauer 1x Lite
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    CCM 6052 Tacks
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    Bauer IMS 9.0
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    Warrior QRL
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    Reebok 20K
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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    Reebok 11k

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  1. Bauer P10/Easton P2 Shanahan. If I could buy a quality tapered blade in that pattern I'd probably never buy a OPS again
  2. If you like having the 272 holders so much, why not just have a pair installed on a pair of 7D that fit you?
  3. Anyone know if it's possible with the new tacks line? I have a 5052 with a perfectly usable blade if I can manage to get it out
  4. I have a stage 2 that I found broken at the blade yesterday and the shift itself looks basically new. I don't believe the rbz shafts are tapered (could be wrong), but if that were the case would a standard blade fit at the base of the shaft? If the tendon and glue and adhesives were all removed from the original blade, that is.
  5. I forgot to specify that all I would really want is longer tongues, my apologies.
  6. Has anyone ever tried putting a different tongue in these skates? I tried them on a couple of months ago and they were the most comfortable skate I've ever worn even pre bake, and after seeing what the 2's look like I'm starting to gain some interest in them. My problem with them is the short tongue they come with.has anyone ever swapped out the tongue for a thicker felt one? Always hated the feeling shin pads over them
  7. Steelnation248, I was planning on getting a team set if they still made them in custom colors, but it doesn't look like they do. Also I'm pretty sure it's the CS 400 and the CL 500.
  8. Anyone know if I would still be able to order a pair of custom CLs through this link reebok has? I know the CL 500's came out, but I'm wondering if they still have the ability to make the U+ CLs. Or if Nyone has information on when it will be possible to create your own CL 500's. Thanks. Link: http://www.reebokhockey.com/corpo/custom/hgu/index.html
  9. I had the chance to try on a pair of the APX2 skates the other day. I tried the same size and width as my current APX, but the 2's seemed to be much tighter in the toe box for me when compared with my current APX. If you plan on getting these skates, make sure you try them on first.
  10. Is it possible to take the blade out of a vapor xxx lite? I have about 10 of them with broken blades in my basement.
  11. I'm not here to argue, I'm just here to lay down the facts. It also depends which model of step steel you have, but I'm just telling you what I have seen. It could be just like the power balance bracelets. The company drills it into your head that this product will make you more balanced while in reality its just a sticker. Could be the same deal or hey, maybe I'm just plain wrong. Either way you have your opinion and I'll have mine.
  12. My father is a metallurgist and has access to very high powermicroscopes, so I had my brother (who works at a local hockey shop) grab some broken step steel and just some stock Bauer LS2 steel. When examined, both were not only the same quality steel, but even came from the same company. They're are both the same steel, one just has a polished finish on it. Not worth the extra money.
  13. Helmet- CCM V10 with Bauer Concept II or Bauer X100 Elbow pads- Bauer Vapor X:60 Shoulder pads- Bauer Supreme Total One Gloves- CCM U+ 12 Pants- CCM U+ 12 Shin Pads- Reebok 11K Skates- Pro Custom Bauer Vapor APX, Black felt tongues and LS3 steel Sticks- 2 Easton RS (85/Iginla) and 2 CCM RBZ (85/Tavares)
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