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    Easton Mako 2
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    Bauer 1x Lite
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    CCM 6052 Tacks
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    Bauer IMS 9.0
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    Warrior QRL
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    Reebok 20K
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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    Reebok 11k

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  1. Got a couple as samples and have been using them for the past ~month and a half. They feel really nice in hand, great grip, noticeably thicker at first, but I personally haven't had an issue since getting used to them. Love the long term grip they provide, as opposed to the grip tape that tends to just get sticky over time. Probably a little on the expensive end, but they seem to be decent quality. Haven't had one wear through yet, but the darker colors do seem to bleed slightly onto palms.
  2. I found that the EK15's I've used personally have felt very inconsistent. The flex point doesn't seem to be the same between them, they feel much softer than 85 flex, and honestly felt like there wasn't any pop to them like other sticks.
  3. If you're going to wear a neck guard, this is the way to do it in my opinion. Far more comfortable than the stand alone neck guards you can buy.
  4. If you pay $300 for a hockey stick you're out of your mind.
  5. Bauer P10/Easton P2 Shanahan. If I could buy a quality tapered blade in that pattern I'd probably never buy a OPS again
  6. All of mine whipped out really fast. Other than that they performed really well.
  7. I use the Bauer case and it's current held together with white tape. The plastic hinges and clips break really easy, especially if its banging around your bag
  8. You can get the SE model on any of the 3 Bauer lines, not just the "Supreme" team stick. The SE models are fully customizable from my experience. Substantially more durable, and don't feel heavy & clunky.
  9. The Ultra Tacks team sticks for this year are great while they last. Have the "LK" code on the name bar. Low kick shafts with the ultra tacks blade. Awesome feel and pop but whip out really fast, and the blades chip no matter how well you protect them; at least with all the ones I've had.
  10. They're not the same curve. P38 has more hook to it.
  11. If you like having the 272 holders so much, why not just have a pair installed on a pair of 7D that fit you?
  12. I've always baked my skates twice. I do it when I first get them, wear them a couple weeks, then do it again. Seems to iron out any fit issues pretty well. Can't speak on your situation in particular though
  13. I sheared off my radial styloid earlier this year on my right wrist, right handed shot too. Happened at the beginning of October and it feels almost 100% strength wise but not in terma of mobility. Take your time coming back, no sense in trying to play and end up dealing with a permanent injury. You'll know when it feels game ready. And of course listen to your doctor
  14. The CCM Tavares is about as close as anything you're going to find retail wise. Not exactly the same but play pretty similar.
  15. I absolutely hated it personally. Tried it and the kick point wasn't for me. Also found there was basically no feel for the puck.
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