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    VH Footwear w/ LS Edge
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    Pro Stock Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3
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    Custom Eagle X905I
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    Olympic Stock CCM V10 w/ Oakley Straight Small
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    Tackla 951
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    Nike Apollo
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  1. Anybody else notice the Warrior visors on the Finns tonight in pre-tourney action?
  2. Originally given a date of October 31st for skates to arrive. Received an e-mail Sunday (Oct. 23rd) that they had been shipped from Winnipeg. Got another e-mail yesterday (Tuesday Oct. 25) that they had arrived at the shop (in Greater Vancouver). Unreal that they came in earlier than an already quick quoted time of 1 month. Heading in tomorrow to pick them up. Will update after first skate in them on Friday night.
  3. Just got fitted for a pair on Saturday (October 1st). Many thanks to Jeremy and Chad at The Hockey Shop for helping out! Can't recommend them enough for anybody in the Pacific North West looking to get into a pair of VH. Had tracings, soft tape measurements, photo's and the iPad scan done (very, very cool). Was quite an impressive, thorough, and professional process. - Enhanced Impact Protection - Metatarsal Guard - LS Edge w/ LS3 Will update when they arrive & provide my thoughts.
  4. Alex Edler in VH's tonight in Vancouver
  5. Saw a comment on Twitter recently about some things to look out for going forward for VH. Any word on 3D scanning at the retail level in the near future?
  6. Ordering soon. How do you guys feel about the stiffer tongue (metatarsal guard)?
  7. Just wondering what your length measurements were as the fittings do not go on your previous skates. IE if your a 5.5 Reebok/CCM you most likely would be SR.

    1. orlandkurtenbach


      Hey! they're sub 250 - I'll be re-measuring tonight to verify. I'm currently in custom Graf's.


      Sorry for the late reply!

  8. Can anybody speak to the cost of ordering online v.s. at a retailer? Recently spoke to a retailer and they quoted me for senior pricing although I have a "Junior" sized foot by VH's metrics...
  9. What happened on BT this morning?
  10. Not the case at all. My guy used to refer to an increased stiffness option as "Pro Stiffness". It's not that I have some disillusion that I am a pro level player. Simply that a stiff boot is my preference and if my skating level allows it, then I'm going to ask for it.
  11. Finally have to move on from my custom G35's. Can anyone comment as to whether there are multiple stiffness options? Is there an option with the VH skate for a pro level stiffness?
  12. Few recent pick ups: Graf 705's w/ Edge Holders and LS3 steel Custom Eagle's w/ help from The Hockey Shop Practice jersey's
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