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  1. I know you might not be able talk to much about them, but I am going ask anyway. Is Warrior going to a 3 model lineup or is this an update to the Covert line?
  2. Only you are going to be able to determine what is going to be extremely comfortable to you, because the major determining factor of comfort is how the skates fit your feet. Each skate model line has a different fit profile and the way to find out what fits and works the best is to try a lot of different skates on. Go get fitted or use the Bauer 3D scan so you can get a better idea of your foot profile and then you might be able to apply that if you must buy skates online, but I still suggest you try on as many skates as you can if possible. People on here can rave about the comfort of the skates they wear because they fit their feet, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will work for you. Just keep that in mind. Good luck.
  3. True, you are correct about that. I see your point.
  4. Yes, I would suggest an Under Armor type base layer, meaning a shirt and compression jock short. And they don't have to be specifically Under Armor either, as most of the hockey equipment manufacturers make base layer clothing. Wearing a moisture wicking base layer will help but don't expect miracles if you already sweat a lot. The simple fact is, is that you're likely to be soaked in sweat by the time a game or practice is over whether you wear an Under Armor type base layer or not, but you will likely be more comfortable during it. Also, try to avoid wearing knit socks unless your legs get cold, because they are the worst at letting heat escape. If you don't want to spend the money on the Reebok Edge socks or whatever the Addidas equivalent is, look at Tron hockey, as they should have some cheaper alternatives.
  5. I believe that by observing the reaction from most people on here that they believe that it would be more than a minor issue to most of them.
  6. What kind of issues are you concerned about?
  7. So I received a reply pretty quickly from a True customer service rep after I sent them an email regarding my concerns with my skates. She apologized about the laces issue and offered to send me another set of laces. I declined because I was going to purchase laces I more preferred anyway. She assured me that the quality control team was notified about the issue and that they would take steps to make sure that this did not occur in the future. On the issue of the carbon fiber, she stated that each skate is made with 4 sheets of carbon fiber and what I was seeing was the end of a pattern cut on the left skate. She assured me that it would not have any issues with integrity and no effect on the performance of the skate. I sent back an email stating that I am glad that there will be no problems with the integrity or performance but that I was still pretty disappointed with the way the skate is. I explained to her that I had spent on lot of money on what is marketed as a high end customized product and I believe it should look the part. I understand that they are handmade and that they won't look perfect but this was worse than I expected. In my opinion, if the skates could not have been finished because the carbon fiber came to the end of the pattern, then it should have been started and finished with a new sheet to give a complete and uniform look. I was sent back another reply email this morning stating that my emails were forward to the operations manager and that he would get into contact with me a soon as possible. Hopefully with some good news. Ideally I would like to send them back and have them fix the skate so it looks like it should. Then I will be able to fully enjoy my skates. Right now, it's an eye sore and disappointment and definitely dulls my excitement of them.
  8. So is anybody using a different footbed in their skates now? I can't decide whether I like the stock footbeds or not, but I am going to use them a couple of times and then see how I feel about them. I had been using the CCM customizable arch insoles in my Nexus skates which I really liked and were pretty comfortable. I'm am just wondering if using different footbeds will mess with the fit of the boot that baking can not adjust it to.
  9. My personal opinion is that you should get the best value in a skate that fits you correctly that you can. That would mean I would tend to lean toward the higher model in lineup in the previous model year. The skate materials are better quality and are more likely to respond better to heat molding through baking them, giving you a more customized fit. The skate liner is also likely to be more comfortable and better at moisture wicking. The steel might be better quality as well. Just make sure that which ever skate you buy, that they fit you the best, so if the lower model of this year fits you better, then go with that one. That is the most important thing and should be your main concern. You want them to be as comfortable as possible and not cause you any pain while skating and afterwords when you take them off. Good luck.
  10. Oh wow. Well I guess it's just hit or miss right now. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but it was quite frustrating.
  11. Just make sure everything is prepped by you before they go in the oven or the if it preparation is done by someone else, check it over so you don't encounter any issues during baking. Specifically make sure the laces are long enough, because True has shipped a few pairs with laces about a foot too short.
  12. I got back from Hockey Monkey recently and this is what we did. They fit much better now. Just have to get out on the ice and test them out.
  13. Thank you for the info Adam, I do appreciate it.
  14. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. The fit issue I'm not too worried about yet because Chippa and Buzz are right, with a proper baking I am sure there will be a big difference and I will be happy with them fit wise. I do think I will have them look at the carbon fiber issue though. Should I try to contact True directly or go through Hockey Monkey?
  15. Well, I was a able to pick up my skates at Hockey Monkey today. Walking into the store I was as excited as could be. Walking out was a different story. I have to say I am a little underwhelmed so far with my skates. We unboxed them and everything looked great, so I laced up both skates and they placed them in the oven. Unfortunately I would not get the full benefits of them being baked because when they came out of the oven and I attempted to put them on my foot, I found the tongues to be too fastened too short. Not a True error, and not really a big deal but I did have to unlace a skate that did just come out of a 200 degree oven and reset the tongue. When that was done I was able to finally put them on my feet. When I began to lace up the skates, I found the laces to be about 10 inches too short. I was unable to lace the skates all the way up, had to leave two eyelets undone and was still barely able to tie them. So while I struggled with on skate to be able to get enough lace to tie them, the other was cooling off, off my foot on the floor. I was really not happy. I was told later by a employee at the store who was working in a different area that he has seen the laces issue multiple times lately. I wish I would have been told about that earlier before we put them in the oven. Anyway, I swapped out the laces and decided that it be best that I come back tomorrow and do a rebake, as I didn't want to bake them back to back and have any potential issues with the boot melting or breaking down. So I made it home and was looking over my skates and was becoming more displeased with the situation. The fit of the skates right now doesn't blow me away, but I will take it with a grain of salt as I haven't been able to skate on them yet and have only been able to wear them sitting on my couch. To be honest, one skate feels sloppy, like there is too much negative space and my heel doesn't lock in as much as I would like, but like I said, I was not able to get the full benefits of baking them and things might change after a rebake. I also notice some, I guess quality issues with the skates. On my left skate, on the rear of the boot right under the tendon guard, the carbon fiber looks all kinds of messed up. Also, on the tendon guard itself, I guess you could call it a bolt or rivet "cap" looks partly melted and different then every other picture of the skates that I have seen. I am sure these are just cosmetic issues and won't have an effect on performance but for the money these cost, I kind of expected a little better. I also have some random glue spots, but that doesn't bother me as much. The one that does bother me the most is the carbon fiber issue, because it just looks bad compared to the other skate, which is normal and how it should look. So, I am going to go back tomorrow and have them rebaked and hopefully I will be happy with the fit. I will also have the manager take I a few pictures of the issues and send them to True customer service and see what they say. I have attached a few pictures to show you guys what I have been rambling on about. Let me know if I am being unreasonable about any of this. Sorry for the long post guys and girls. For those of you who read it, I appreciate your time.
  16. I might be mistaken, but I am pretty sure he is talking about the VH logo on the side of the original skate.
  17. So, between Step Blacksteel and Step V-steel, which one would everybody suggest? Are there any benefits off the V-steel over Blacksteel or is it just really a matter of personal preference?
  18. Don't think I have seen True Skates with CCM holders yet. I hadn't thought about them as an option until you mentioned them.
  19. Update as of January 2018: Helmet: Easton E600 Visor: Oakley V903 Shoulder pads: Bauer Vapor X100 Elbow: CCM Tacks 6092 Gloves: Warrior Covert QRL3 14" Pants: Warrior Covert QRL Shins: Bauer Vapor X 7.0 Skates: Bauer Nexus N9000; waiting on True Pro Custom Skates (ordered 01/02/18) Sticks: Warrior Alpha QX3 W03 85 flex; Warrior Covert QRL4 W03 85 flex Shirt: Warrior Covert SS Fitted Perforated Bag: CCM RBZ (black) Stick Bag: Bauer (black)
  20. That would be the Warrior QRL currently. I currently use them after wearing CCM Tacks for a year. I like them because they have a tapered fit and I finally found a pair that was long enough for me without having to go up a size which would leave me with too much room in the waist. Even with the 1" extension the Tacks were still short.
  21. So, I got them ordered at Hockeymonkey today. Added the T-guard black tongue plus number embroidery which brought the total price to 999.99 USD. Process was really easy and quick. Was told it would be around 45 days, maybe a little sooner until they are shipped to the store to be picked up. Just playing the waiting game now, and I hate that game.
  22. So, I am about to place an order for skates sometime in the next week. My question for those of you who have them is, what are the available options to me ie, things like tongue thickness and color, type of liner, etc. and what would you recommend? I know a lot of these things are matter of preference but I would like to be a little bit more knowledgeable about my options when I walk into the store. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  23. What you described about the heel lifting off the footbed slightly is a heel lock issue. That means that possibly the heel of the skate is slightly too wide on that foot. Try the True insoles and if that doesn't make a difference, try what Vet 88 suggested, which you will probably have better luck with.
  24. By limiting what you buy online. I love to get my hands on the skates, sticks, gloves, and protective gear and try them on / out. If I spend a lot of time in the store trying stuff, I will usually buy it from them. Plus I don't like to pay for shipping and definitely don't like waiting for things in the mail. I'm a little bit impatient some times.
  25. I had bought the inserts several months ago and never got around to trying them out until practice tonight. I had been having problems with heel lock in one of my skates lately even after wearing Stable 26 socks for over a year. I couldn't add a bigger Stable 26 pad in the sock because it became painful. Unfortunately I have a high instep, so the Bauer Nexus were the only skate that I could get enough depth in but that also comes with a wider heel. Anyway, I figured I had the Powerfoot inserts sitting around in my bag and had needed to change my skate laces, so I decided to put the inserts in my skates while doing so. Put my skates on at practice and at first my toes felt a little cramped but that quickly went away when I stepped on the ice. They might not have been designed to do so, but the inserts definitely helped give me better heel lock in my skates. Add that to making the toe box more comfortable and I could notice my skating improved right away, and I am a happy camper. I plan on ordering True custom skates at the beginning of the year, and I will definitely be ordering Powerfoot inserts for them.
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