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    Mission Fuel 120XP, Bauer Supreme one.6, Graf 706 (Swissmade) Bauer Supreme 8000
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    Bauer Vapor Rival X (85flex) Ccm U+ Cl Midnight (75flex)
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    Warrior Dt4, Bauer Supreme one.4
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    Reebok 5K, Jofa 360 (TeemuMod, as outdoorrink helmet)
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    Reebok 7K
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    Bauer Vapor Rival X
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    Bauer Vapor Rival X
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    Reebok 3K, Bauer Vapor Rival X
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  1. Great skate, but I hate that srew on top of toebox
  2. Youre right. I did not read. I just looked the pics. :D:D but i think you would ve ok to cut the stick and insert longer extension. Some nhllers do this too.
  3. What the h*ll are these? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Used-Graf-Ultra-9035-Pro-Stock-Ice-Hockey-Skates-Size-8-5-Ryan-White-Bauer-NXG-/371262692220?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5670fb1b7c
  4. just make the woodplug fit in the smaller hole. :)
  5. Its hockey, not a fashion show. Get good gear, dont think about the colors and go dangle the shit out of them.
  6. Same here. I dont pass pencil test on my skates, and this makes the lace bite go away.
  7. Thanks for the confirm. :D But my teammate laughed his ass off when I told him. He was sure that it was just the right name for my stick. (cos my playstyle is more of an agitator than skillplayer.)
  8. Hello guys and gals! My friend just 5mins ago gave me a CCM Vector U+ stick. 110flex He got it long time ago from the CCM-Reebok factory from Finland. He was told that it came from a patch of test sticks for pro players. And to the point. The name on the stick is G.Nickschuss. I am not able to find any info regarding that player. Who is he? And the strange point. If you write the name Gnickschuss it is Germany and mean "neck shot" of "shot to the back of the head" Is this some inside joke of the factory guys or what? :D
  9. Too warm still. Outdoor rinks are soft. Couple degrees more to the cold side.. But yes. Its still beautiful.
  10. Graf has "oversize" model too... This is an screencap from finnish grafdealer catalogue GRAF 303 OVERSIZE GRAF SKATES TO BIG FEET HOLDER : COBRA 2000 SIZES 13, 14, 15, 16
  11. This is what appears to the replybox lower side of the screen when I hit the reply button.
  12. Just put some tape around it so it fits nice and snug, the put enough hotglue on it. It will not click around if you apply it right.
  13. Is that only chipped exteriorpaint or carbonfiber?
  14. Buy Custom Skates From VH hockey, they make it for your feet. If it doesent fit, they fix it free of charge.
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