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  1. Anything other comparable wheels that are not $14 each? I tried Konix +1's and am not a huge fan so far. Skated on them for a season and they seem less stable / less grip.
  2. I was like 230 when i decided to try out the Konix +1 and i dont really care for them. They are fast, and I have to give them credit for durability but the grip and stability are not there for me. As a heavy skater, best wheel i've ever used was the Orange Addictions. They lasted maybe 2.5 - 3 seasons before they chunked out.
  3. So i pulled out the receipt and i'm now officially over the 1 year mark on my Orange Addictions. I took a good look at them before my game last week and they definitely do have some good cracks and splits but they still perform really well. Just based on how they look i think it's time to replace them, but i'm pretty ok with how long they've lasted (skating avg twice a week). $13 a wheel stings when it comes time to make the order, but i know i wont regret it once I hit the rink.
  4. I started spending more on wheels and found that I was also getting better durability for the higher price point. I play on Ice Court and was getting 1 may 1.5 seasons out of cheaper wheels. Switched to Addictions and i'm 7 months strong on them (playing 1 - 2 nights a week). Probably wont be thinking about new wheels until the end of this current season.
  5. I have NLS3's, bought them this past July.
  6. For the majority of my playing years i tried to take the "bang for the buck" approach to buying wheels. I pretty much exclusively used Grippers because they were the best wheel i could find for around the $5 range. Well, last year i bit the bullet decided to try a high end set, i with with the Orange Addictions. For better or worse, i think they are amazing. They are a harder compound then the Grippers, but also manage to create better grip. I'm a heavier guy so that has always been a struggle with wheels. Oh and also the Addictions have held up really well. I'm probably 2-3 seasons in with them and they are starting to crack, but still have a good amount of life. So all that said, now i'm wondering how the middle range wheels stack up, the Dynasty's and the Millennium's vs the Addictions. Anyone have experience between the 3?
  7. Check out Shock Doctor. I use their padded compression shorts (pretty sure they're meant for football) but they work awesome. They have lots of offerings.
  8. Lol, I've talked to a few people who have made the switch and the one common thing they all tell me is "once you figure out stopping you'll be good to go" Nervously looking forward to getting out on the ice. It helps to not narrow yourself down to a single model as well. I had 3-4 different skates that I would good with, just had to wait for the right size / condition / price.
  9. Yep, to me the only difference is fit. One line is a wider fit than the other. For ME personally Alkali skates are just too wide now. I was seriously considering an Alkali with my last skates but ended up going with Mission purely because of fit. I've said it before, but I think some of the Alkali offerings are the best bank for the buck out there.
  10. Where are you guys finding stock on skates that are 3-4 year past models? I googled until i couldn't google no more for One.6's and One.7's and the best I could do was ebay (which only had one viable pair) and Canadian retailers. I'm all for the idea, i just couldn't execute on it. That said, i did decide to be a little more patient and ended up squeezing the trigger on a pair of "once worn" S180s on SidelineSwap. Got them for about half of what retail would be. Pretty happy with the deal.
  11. Mission NLS 3s which I like a lot. If I’m lucky I’ll make it onto the ice once or twice a week.
  12. You’d never played on ice before? Have been playing roller for the last 10 years and somehow I’ve never made the step over to ice. Finally ready to give it a try. From roller I understand the importance of spending on skates... but I’m affectively a beginner again so I’m trying to keep it low budget while I feel things out. Don’t really want to buy used skates, so I’ve been trying to stay in the low to mid range new stuff. I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Supreme S160s or spend the extra hundred dollars and go for the 170s . I understand the 170s have better steel, and a little better material in the boot, but again I’m new so I don’t even know if I’m going to notice... Anyway just curious what everyone’s price point would be in a similar situation.
  13. Kings sale this coming Saturday. Has anybody been? Is it a circus? Is it even worth it?
  14. Could be the thickness of the tongue or something like that but my toe scrapes the cap on my missions, even in the smaller Supreme's i couldn't touch. I'll probably end up making the drive to another LHS and see if I can try on a few more.
  15. Hi All, Been doing roller for most of my life without ever having played on Ice. Finally ready to start playing the real thing and looking for a pair of entry level skates. Went to my LHS to try on a bunch of stuff but they were very limited on sizes and brands. From what I was able to try on, I did learn is that Supremes seem to fit pretty close to my Mission NLS 3's which i like quite a bit. In the Missions i wear an 8.5 D, in the Supreme's i was probably closer to an 8. So... was wondering if I could get some advice on other brands / models with similar fits and if there is any size difference I should know about. Like does CCM run a little different that Bauer? Stuff like that. Because of the limited stock i'm probably going to end up ordering online and hoping for the best. I guess if all else fails though at least I know the Supreme's fit decently.
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