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    CCM Super Tacks AS1 (Total Custom)
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    Bauer Vapor Flylite
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    Bauer Supreme 1S/CCM Super Tacks
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    Bauer RE-AKT 100
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    CCM Super Tacks AS1
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    Warrior Alpha QX
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    Bauer Vapor 1X
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    Warrior Pro

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    Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    Hockey (of course), Skiing, Mountaineering, Cars & Motorcycles, Movies, Earth Science, Physics & Technology.
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  1. I don't mind spending big money on my ice skates (I have total custom AS1s), but I'm not as into roller hockey. Really looking for something mid-range to train with off-ice during this COVID-19 situation. I pulled the trigger on some Bauer Vapor XR600 skates. They arrive tomorrow. Can't wait to give them a go. It's been a few years since I've been on inlines.
  2. I am well acquainted with the fit of ice skates, but not with inline skates. There are a few other companies and lines that I am not familiar with. I am looking for a medium to narrow fitting boot with lower volume. What skate line would you folks, suggest?
  3. Are the tongues moving towards the outsides (lateral) of your ankles? This is likely happening because of overpronation and/or a poor fit. It's pretty common actually. Not much you can do about it other than strenghten your foot muscles.
  4. I personally love the crisp, precise feel of composite. I wouldn't for a second think of going back to a wood blade that will get soggy and split after several ice times. I think if you adjust to the feel of composite and have good hands that they will only become better with composite because it is lighter and has a more direct, precise feel. Enough about how wood sticks have good feel. That's so early 2000's.
  5. I love core shorts. I personally like wearing mine with an old fashioned shock doctor jock (on top) and a garter belt. I find it works better that way. Core shorts are supposed to be very tight. I think wearing jock shorts under them would be terrible uncomfortable. Over maybe, but not under.
  6. I figured someone might call me out on that. I watched the video of Zac Bell from Always Hockey using one and the Christian Hanson one from their site. Plus, the weights are very light. I like light sticks. There's almost nothing lighter than the X1X other than the Vapor ADV and the Fantom. I am impressed by that. I think I'm gonna pull the trigger. If they are even as good as the Sher-wood Rekker line (which I think are currently the best bang for buck) then they are a good deal. I will let you guys know how it goes.
  7. Has anyone tried their sticks? The XV3 at 420g seemed nice, but the new X1X at 375g looks like an amazing deal.
  8. Are you sure it's garbage? Have you tried one? It's not like it has been out for a long time. I agree with the others that the price is ridiculous, but based on Bauer's other high end products, I bet it's a pretty good stick.
  9. I wonder if we will see many pros using the sticks with that Supreme ADV taper.
  10. For those of us that don't have a subscription, could you paraphrase it a little?
  11. I was speaking in general. Bauer has those widths and more. I'm not sure what is currently available for CCM. I only know that when I ordered my FT1 customs a a couple years ago, they had C/AA, D/A and E/A options.
  12. D and C aren't heel widths. AAA/AA/A/B are heel widths. A standard boot is D/A. D in the forefoot and A in the heel. I'm pretty sure CCM can make a AA heel because it was an option on my custom FT1's and I was told they are C/AA. They are pretty narrow.
  13. AS3? They missed a number. The picture that was posted of PK Subban's skates looked almost identical to my custom AS1's. Other than the holders and probably a tongue and liner, I doubt there will be much difference. The skates seem to evolve pretty slowly these days.
  14. I can't remember if I read it on this forum or somewhere else, but I remember reading someone's personal experiences with over pronation. I have minor over pronation on my right foot and it has driven me nuts over the years. I have tried various solutions like shims and mounting the holder slightly to the inside of the boot and nothing could ever solve my problems. When I read the other person's write up, they mentioned that the only thing that really helped them was to do exercises to strengthen the foot muscles as well as skating with their skates tied very loose. I started doing that and my problem has dramatically improved. I would suggest working on your feet this way rather than messing with your skates too much. Best of luck.
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