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  1. Kings, Sharks, and Bruins interested so far from what I've heard
  2. Hmm, not sure about that one
  3. I use a quad done by a Pro Sharp machine
  4. It actually does.....he can't keep a consistent quad profile by hand sharpening. If he is skating that much he can get 2 sets of steel to swap out whil the other is shipped out for sharpening.
  5. I ship mine out to a shop who does it on a pro sharp machine every time i need a sharpening....if you have it manually done, the profile is not gonna stay consistent
  6. I'm running a quad .5 on 263s right now which I like...I'm switching to a 271 though on my new skate so am going to go up to a quad 1
  7. ^ they have non colored blades FYI
  8. yeah you should be fine, im putting 271s on my CCMs that typically come with 263s
  9. If you look at the sticker on the top of the stick, HSMTSM will be a mid kick point, HSMTSV will be a low kick point
  10. I have a set on my FT1s right now with a quad .5 profile....noticeable improvement from my stock SB hyperglide steel....more ice surface contact, more height to the steel, and the edge has held alot longer so far
  11. M means the plant it was made in (Mexico) and the T is the shape of the shaft. T is traditional (square shaft)
  12. sideline swap is very good with refunds, they will refund you on this....and im assuming you paid alot for it, so the stick should be 100% as described
  13. Outside of skates (for the time being), CCM now is more represented in pretty much every other category in the pros from sticks to protective gear....Bauer needs to get off their pedestal and get their shit together if they want to stop losing ground to CCM, so maybe this is their way of doing so
  14. Maybe discontinuing the lower models of the skate, and replacing them with the flex fit profile skate?
  15. Is that Nick Cage on your sweater? lol
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