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  1. Nice choice on the music Justin. Pendulum /thumbs up. Very excited to see/try the new product. Love the look of the new skates. Black, understated yet somehow very aggressive looking. Me likey.
  2. BTW David's deke/backhander goal made the #1 spot on the NHL Network's top ten goals of the week. :D
  3. Good grief, when are companies going to get off of this whole "integrated wrist protection" kick with gloves? It seems every few years someone else jumps on the old idea that has failed over and over again. People don't want wrist wraps built into their gloves. Shame is the gloves look pretty good otherwise. Would have been nice if they would have given the option to buy high ends without the cuff.
  4. High shot I believe, good shot and beat Mason. He's getting a bit of reputation with grabbing peoples sticks and diving with them though. I've seen him do it quite a few times this year, again today vs. Columbus. Needs to stop that stuff. Also, if you're going to jump in to a teamate's defense and mix it up, put your stick down, don't cross check a guy in the face because you're pushing him... heat of the moment type stuff yeah, but I don't want to see David get a suspension for something stupid, or have someone run him because he splits someone else's face accidentally. edit note: sweet goal in the 3rd by David. Sweet deke across the crease to a backhand top shelf.
  5. It's the one thing he and I have in common on the ice.... :lol: Except mine is my left foot.
  6. I like it even better than modano/forsberg. It seems to be just a slight bit less curve (more mid than heel) and a slight bit less open faced. Just recently got a fuel ti and absolutely love it.
  7. I did quite enjoy the look after David introducing himself right before the game. "I'm David Perron, St. Louis Blues " (which is almost identical to the little look he gave)
  8. Yeah that is like stupid fast for customs, especially when you ordered them at the end of a long holiday weekend, you'd have to think they would have had a surplus of orders from before Christmas. Wonder if they got extra production facilities with the warrior buyout? That's a great turn around.
  9. I have a pair of XXX's that are all blacked out as well, the only white on them is the outline of the "XXX". Also, they're all leather, which doesn't really make sense for a xxx but hey, they're pro stock. I really like them, though the pro stock palm seems even more thin than the one that comes on regular xxx's if you can believe that.
  10. I think that one would fall under 'trying to draw a penalty'. From the ice camera it looked like he was a good 4' from the boards when he got hit, then he laid on the ice face down for a good 7-8 seconds while the play was going around him. I got really worried when I saw that, then I saw him get up really quickly with no ill effects when he saw there wasn't a call made. It was a very good game for him though, especially the third period.
  11. Nice clean up goal there for the 5th. David got to use his hands a bit.
  12. 2Way, are those boards concrete? The first pic looks like it could have had pretty bad results...
  13. Seeing all of these collection pics makes me really wish I had taken some of my glove collection before the flood killed them. Sadly, it went down to 6-7 pair after the flood wiped out about 20 or so pairs of gloves :(. I think at one time I had well over 30 pair at the same time.
  14. Let's see.. I've owned Mission: Works Icon Matrix Sub-zero (3 and 4 finger) Wicked Lite Warp zero Warp Sub zero Warp 6 Warp 4 Warp 2 Injection 7-1-4 M-1 M-2 Helium (and various pro return versions of most of them) I think the 714 were more intended for inline than ice (with all the ventilation, etc.) and the warps were for both ice and inline. Though I do think the 714 was the crossover glove that really started them down the path to being taken more seriously in the ice dept. And it was designed by our very own Justin... :) Honestly, I don't think any company in the history of hockey has put more innovation and creativity in their gloves. Since going more to the ice side of things, I think the glove lines have suffered a little in the flair and bleeding edge developments because ice folk just aren't willing to try new and experimental things like inline players are, IMO.
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