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  1. FTR Superfeet are not meant to be baked. You can ruin them.
  2. I had the same issue. I have Jetspeeds and they fit amazing with the stock insoles. I barely had to tighten them at all and my heel, and the rest of my foot, was perfectly locked in place. Perfect skates, but little arch support. I tried the Improved CCM insoles, and superfeet and I lost all of the heel lock, and couldn't skate as well. I put in speedplates and problem solved. The heel lock is still there, and I have all the support I need. Try that first before you mess with your profile.
  3. I use speedplates with terrific success in my jetspeeds. I have 9,5D jetspeeds and bought the 9.5-10 Speed Plate and barely trimmed. Mine also flop pretty well. the tongue is kinda short so it's not going to actually bend over and flop a lot, but I noticed last night after skating on them for 15-20 times and it's almost there.
  4. I wonder about the profile. if there is more blade in contact with the ice then what do you do with your profile. What about the ROH? I recently got my skates profiled and I have more blade in contact with the ice and it is screwing up my skating some. I opened my ROH all the way to 3/4 and having trouble stopping, chattering, but the blade slips when I push off some. I would love to try these though.
  5. It's a dozen robotic heads. It walks over, takes the skates off your feet, and sharpens them in 3x3 different directions. Also gives you a foot massage while you wait. hahaha. JK. It's a very simple 1 head machine. Thanks for the info!
  6. I would start it now, but there are so many haters. I'm not building to compete with a Wissota, or Blackstone, or Sparx. I'm building it for fun, and hopefully, with enough tweaking I could get usable sharpenings from it.
  7. I have built an at home sharpener (for less than $150) and I want to try it out. I will be using it on old steel first of course, but I was wondering what color wheel would be the best in the long run for only doing my own blades in either 5/8 or 3/4. . When I get it all put together I may do a build thread. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but I have yet to finish the dressing system, or the holder, which I may buy if I can find one at a good price.
  8. HarpGuy

    RH CCM Ribcor 40K

    I'd like pics of the actual curve as well please.
  9. Darkstar 50 mistakenly said his, so I underlined so that going forward there would be no more mistakes.
  10. My daughter does not yet skate. She is too young. I can buy any machine out there if I wanted to. I like making things myself.
  11. I could buy a sparx, or blackstone and I still might. I just like the challenge of building things myself. Im on it. Give me a year and itll be done. Lol. Got kids and work too.
  12. Well this went way off topic. Ive got motors that I would bet are just as good as blackstones x-02. I don't understand why there arent more homemade sharpeners either.
  13. Thats not a concern for me. If I was scared of the shavings I would buy the better machine and wear a simple $0.90 dust mask. Getting close to buying the blackstone. I wouldnt mind sharpening my teamates skates so the machine could pay for itself and I dont want to buy 9 different rings.
  14. Try no shoulder pads. That's been working for me for 15 years.
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