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  1. I wonder about the profile. if there is more blade in contact with the ice then what do you do with your profile. What about the ROH? I recently got my skates profiled and I have more blade in contact with the ice and it is screwing up my skating some. I opened my ROH all the way to 3/4 and having trouble stopping, chattering, but the blade slips when I push off some. I would love to try these though.
  2. Might as well. Bored at work. My stuff is a hodgepodge of old stuff that worked great, and new stuff that works. Here's my list. Helmet: CCM Resistance 300 - unreal fit. so glad I bought it. Cage: CCM Fitlite Titanium cage when needed. Shoulder pads: I've got a really old pair of Bauers that I will throw on if I am nursing an injury or if I feel like I may need them - rare. Elbow pads: Koho Gloves: CCM Pro 4 Roll. Awesome glove - just getting used to them and really like them Pants: Bauer Girdle. I can never wear pants again, and it's been like that for twenty years. Shin pads: Sherwood something or other Skates: CCM Jetspeeds - unreal upgrade Stick: CCM Ribcore 48k P38
  3. Hey, I appreciate your comments in the stick thread explaining the differences etc. I wanted to correct your post but I wanted to keep the thread on topic so here is what I initially wrote. 


    So a 318 has a 1.8, 323 has a 2.3, 325 has a 2.5, 328 has a 2.8, 330 has a 3.0 and a 335 has a 3.5?

    I don't think so.  The 330 has a 2.0 and the 335i has a 3.0.  I think some semblance of what you said used to be correct, but it really isn't the case anymore.

  4. You should do a shaking hand for the away jersey.. .
  5. It's a hockey stick. Made for men to smash into frozen rubber pucks, and other sticks repeatedly. It doesn't need much protection. Loling at the bubble wrap suggestions. Like people who put sticks in a stick bag. Are you scared your going to scratch it walking from the car to the rink?
  6. They already had the jetspeed. You dont want to introduce competition/confusion by having two products that fit the same. Also who says the fit doesn't work for a lot of people? With the new narrow heel I think it would fit a lot more people than the past tacks fit.
  7. Hey, thanks for the post about the clinic at WSA. I just got back into hockey and I played last night and I was WAAAYYY off. My timing is terrible. I need more Ice time. 

    1. YesLanges


      No prob. I'll be there again Thursday...I shouldn't be hard to ID...nobody else will be in 40-year-old skates and other gear...starts at 9:20 but the ice is usually ready a little earlier than that...

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