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  • Skates
    Pro Custom Bauer Vapor XX - Pro Stiff Boot
  • Stick
    Warrior Covert QRL Grip - W03 - 75 Flex
  • Gloves
    Warrior Covert QRL Pro - 14 inch
  • Helmet
    CCM Vector 8
  • Pants
    Tackla 5000
  • Shoulder Pads
    Sherwood 5030
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer Shift
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer 8000
  • Hockey Bag
    Junkyard Athletic Mountain Hounds Custom

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    Chilliwack B.C.
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  1. I believe the new Covert is called the QRE.
  2. That blade looks like a P91 or similar.
  3. Pretty much any shop can bring Step in for you. It may take a few weeks but it can be done.
  4. 4orte, here in Canada has a good range of bag sizes and options.
  5. I have to preface my upcoming comments; maybe it's because I'm 44 years old, maybe it's because I'm in law enforcement or maybe it's because I'm a bit of a dick but for crying out loud, get a dictionary or use spell check! It's "allowed" and "break"! And you are committing a criminal act by breaking a stick for purposes of a warranty return. If this is your typical MO, then I'm not so sure you have any right to classify yourself as a "loyal customer".
  6. I think it means you are foolish to put your plan in writing on a website that Bauer reps access and for all of us to read. A warranty is offered to cover breakage due to "manufacturer defects" not so you can transition into a stick you like better without being out of pocket. OR maybe bubaloo likes your plan. I don't know. I could be wrong on both points....
  7. Sounds like the Warrior W10 (Gionta) may be right up your alley. Lie is a Warrior 4. Not my pics. They were the best pics I could find on a Google search. http://i989.photobucket.com/albums/af19/booyaagrandma/Brad Richardson pro stock sticks/022.jpg http://i989.photobucket.com/albums/af19/booyaagrandma/Brad Richardson pro stock sticks/020.jpg
  8. Per Wikipedia "As a dual Canadian and American citizen, Hull was eligible to play for either country internationally. While playing at UMD, he was passed over by officials with Team Canada when they selected their roster for the 1986 World Ice Hockey Championships. However, the American national team invited him to join their squad. Hull accepted and led the team in scoring with 7 goals and 11 points for the sixth place Americans. Hull later said the faith shown in him by American officials gave him the confidence to excel in his career.[47] He played with Team USA for the rest of his career, and at the 1986 Calgary Cup tournament, played a pivotal role in a 5–3 upset of Canada by the Americans. Following the game, he said "I don't feel more like an American than a Canadian. I just want to play."[48] "
  9. The texture of Drouin's stick is unlike anything I have seen before. Anybody have info on it?
  10. I thought that too. Is Parise ditching his Easton Twig in favor of CCM?
  11. Good question! I think some players not please with what is now known about Bauer's business practices. That would be enough to make me consider switching. Plus, the new Warrior QRL stick and gloves are some of the nicest products on the market.
  12. The Warrior Podcasts. Lengthy but interesting to listen to. https://warriorhockey.com/full-circle-podcast/
  13. The way the cuff on his top hand follows his forearm they sure do look small.
  14. I think the gear shown was just stock gear that was on-hand and not what Hall will be playing when he gears up for the Devils.
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