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  1. damn, i've broke a runner once in my entire 24 years playing hockey
  2. step steel is always worth the money. i've thrown them in 3 pairs of skates at this point
  3. its also funny that after Gretzky said that about wood sticks, you see him using composite sticks in every alumni game he's played in
  4. i dont tie my skates that tight either, but prefer wax laces just because they're so much more durable. any time i've used non-waxed they get sliced in game 1 or 2
  5. i hate grip sticks and buy matte, but i use a rather small amount of tape up top. i play with a guy that doesn't tape the top of his sticks, but he wore a giant hole through his palm super quickly
  6. i use 100/50 and love it, but i'm only 165 lbs
  7. well yeah, its gonna take some time to get used to the shorter stick. but once you do, you're gonna love it
  8. i'm pretty much the same type of player and i use the PM9. cut to the botttom of my lips when barefoot and 65 flex
  9. i didn't know they made different kinds. i guess i'm anal enough to notice the elite are thinner, but not quite as anal as you
  10. yeah elite laces suck. i like the howies and a&r
  11. my current skates don't have the comfort edge, my last pair did. i've never felt a difference, really. my hockey socks end up being under the top of the skate anyway so even though i skate barefoot, that part of the skate never touches my skin
  12. I've been playing with a completely dead stick for like 2-3 months waiting for it to break while I have a brand new one sitting at home. still scoring with it, so
  13. 100% psychology. and usually the guys spending top dollar on equipment thinking it'll make them better that I play with are ankle benders that need to spend that money on skating lessons instead lol
  14. i try not to spend over $100 on a stick and i always score more goals and get more assists than the guys playing with $300 sticks lol but its beer league so
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