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  • Skates
    Bauer Supreme one90
  • Stick
    Warrior Getzlaf custom "QRL"
  • Gloves
    Warrior AX1
  • Helmet
    CCM Fitlite/Reebok 11K
  • Pants
    Warrior Dynasty Girdle
  • Shoulder Pads
    Reebok 6K with retro CCM caps (Franken Pads)
  • Elbow Pads
    Warrior Dynasty HD1
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer APX2
  • Hockey Bag
    Custom JRZ

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    Long Island, NY
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    Hockey, Coaching Hockey, Cars (Specifically my 91 Camaro)
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  1. I also have a pair of frankenpads, I took the body of a pair of Rbk 6K Pro and took all the arm and caps off. I then sewed on a pair of caps that came off a pair of CCM 1899 shoulder pads. The chest on the ccms had less protection than the sherwood pads which is crazy to think possible. I love my frankenpads now!
  2. Whats a schedule? Both Men's teams that I play on in NY, in 2 separate leagues mind you, only give their individual games out 2-3 weeks in advance. We never get a full season schedule.
  3. I'll be honest, I've been scorekeeping for 21 years now, and you can only be as accurate, in most cases, as the Ref cares to be. I scorekeep High School level and half the time I'm not truly paying full attention. I go by what the ref is telling me the goals and assists are. Most times I'll be lucky they give 1 assist and half the time its probably not accurate.
  4. Thats exactly what i was wondering, i got a notification of a new fedex package yesterday and was like WTF is this. Then when i saw your post i said hmmm i wonder....
  5. Did it come from an address in Montreal by chance?
  6. I was coaching MS and JV and half the time they don't know how to control themselves either!
  7. I wound up buying a pair of referee pants to wear when I coach, they're big enough to fit my shin pads under (I don't trust those kids ability to not hit me) and yet they're still comfortable and not huge.
  8. CRupp13


    I'm tentative to do too much scuffing to it because its literally just the gel pad. Its the little pad that covers the tensioner at the back on the Reebok 11K. There's no backing on it, just the clear gel pad.
  9. CRupp13


    Marine epoxy is an interesting idea. I've tried both ways that it says you can use it in the instructions. This 2nd time I put glue on both sides, let them sit for about 10 minutes to let them tack up a little and then stuck them together and clamped it down. Both times they had almost a full week to dry (which I've read might not even be enough time with Liquid Nails but that's the longest I have between games). When the glue failed the first time, the gel pad came out completely clean with no glue residue on it at all, and from what I can see now, it looks like its going to do the same thing tonight if/when it falls out.
  10. CRupp13


    OK i've now glued this pad in place twice with the liquid nails and its about to pop off again. I don't expect it will make it through my game tonight. The glue is not adhering to the gel pad itself, it sticks fine to the hard plastic of the helmet piece. Anyone have any other ideas?
  11. The black alternates were terrible, but that was the Barclays mgmt decision to try and keep them in sync with the Nets. From what I'm hearing, its going to be a predominantly orange jersey with the NY from the stadium series jerseys. Love the Coyotes throwbacks! Canucks is great too, this was a fan vote though. They let them decide what the 3rd jersey would be for their anniversary season.
  12. There hasn't been anything good for the Islanders organization in a long time, and the fisherman is a reminder of probably the worst time this franchise has ever gone through. With Tavares leaving at the beginning of the summer, the team needs something new, not a reminder of something really bad.
  13. I really do love all these throwbacks. I'm sure the Islanders will find a way to royally screw it up since there really is no throwback option. For those of you who will say something, no the fisherman is NOT an option.
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