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  1. our rinks aren't closed here in ATL but the league just postponed for at least 2 weeks. as much as I hate it, I think it's the right call, especially judging by the amount of forfeits we had saturday night.
  2. with you on this. it really bugs me that the pants are cream while the stripes on the jerseys and socks are white. I do love the jersey though.
  3. I am a female (yes, it's true despite my username) and I have been wearing the Bauer Total One girdle for about 3 years and I'll never go back to regular pants. Bauer girdles are sized very differently. Bauer women's pants consider a 33" waist to be XL. WTF? in a Bauer girdle the same size is a medium, sometimes even small.
  4. I was having too hard a time finding current Pens Warrior 4 rolls so I had Warrior make me some customs thumb embroidery is a combo of my number and the fact that I work for our state's department of transportation.
  5. no, the ones I wear come right up to the knee. I rarely buy a new pair because mine have lasted so long but recently the soccer socks I find look like they're made to come over the knee which I'm not interested in. these are the closest I can find right now: https://www.doddsshoe.com/nike-classic-soccer-socks-royal.html they fit snug but not compression, at least not on me and my legs are anything but skinny. a lot of sporting goods stores sell baseball socks now which are very similar.
  6. I prefer Nike soccer socks. they use the same dri-fit technology used in "skate socks" but cost about half as much. mine have been really durable too. I've got probably 10 pair that have lasted me 15+ years.
  7. when we were in Anaheim for USA Hockey Nationals we visited a Pure Hockey and they had a company that was making women's-specific gear. some teammates tried the stuff on and were impressed with the fit: https://starkhockey.com/collections/women-s that said, I'm glad to hear that you got your wife a girdle. switching to a Bauer girdle was the best thing I ever did.
  8. I owned a Wissota for probably 15 years before I got in on the Sparx during the Kickstarter campaign. both are fantastic machines but for me, the time savings that I get with the Sparx are incredible. I have yet to get a bad sharpening on my Sparx. our household has 2 players skating 2 to 3 times per week. either way you go you'll get a quality machine and I think you'll find that it's worth the cash.
  9. I've been skating on 3/8" from the beginning. at my size it's probably not what I should be using but it's what I'm used to. it's only been the last 2 summers that I've switched to 1/2" when the ice starts to get soft.
  10. I sort of change my radius. in the winter I skate on 3/8" but when it starts to get hot here in GA in the summer I drop down to 1/2" since the ice is so much softer.
  11. Kovalchuk LA Kings current Kovalchuk family
  12. must've done a good job. she loves those skates dearly.....
  13. they got back to me this morning. it's funny, all these years and I've never heard of the Canadian holiday known as Family Day. and for the other poster kind enough to answer, we didn't really get her feet scanned at a shop. JR did measurements for us when we visited Detroit for USA Hockey Nationals a few years ago. it was right in the middle of the transition from VH to True.
  14. I used the search feature but couldn't easily find an answer to my question so...... how do we get new tendon guards when the originals break? the tendon guard on my gf's VH/True skates has cracked. a google search wasn't horribly helpful. I emailed True but haven't heard anything back as of yet. we don't have a local shop that sells True skates so that's not an option.
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