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  1. something about those makes me remember these:
  2. I like the new matte black helmets though I always hated that Easton one from what, 10 years ago? Warrior has one on the retail side: https://www.hockeymonkey.com/ice-hockey/helmets/all-helmets/warrior-hockey-helmet-covert-cf-100-matte-sr.html
  3. I'd be curious if the figure skating community was talking about this at all. anyone who's been to a rink during freestyle practice has seen how many figure skaters are out there jumping around.
  4. I've been hunting a VGK CCM V08 size small for 6 years!
  5. I got one last week off of SLS for cheap ($40) so I gave it a try. I found it to be protective but also super light. one thing I didn't like was that it's not a wrap style. I prefer my Bauer Total One but the Warrior Alpha is good too.
  6. that edge checker, Sparx Beam is fascinating.......
  7. maybe he didn't like that horrendous new CCM logo? 🤣
  8. I've flown to TONS of tourneys with gear. if Southwest is possible, that's your best bet. they allow 2 checked bags per person. my gear is usually around 35 pounds and that includes an extra pair of gloves so unless you're a goalie, you should be well under the 50 pound limit. check your hockey bag and carry on your clothes in a backpack or small suitcase. Pittsburgh and Boston shouldn't be a problem but print out the baggage policy just in case you get an inexperienced Customer Service Rep. of all the times I've traveled with hockey gear, only one time did my bag get damaged and it was strictly the bag ripping and the airline replaced my bag, at FULL retail value.
  9. I am using a Bauer Total One which is a few years old. I do have a Bauer ACP Pro and it is excellent and I love the ability to adjust the length.
  10. adult female player here. I switched to a girdle about 6 years ago and I'll never go back to regular pants. I like the Bauer wrap-style girdles. I can adjust the waist and thigh sections as tight or as loose as I want. if you have the chance, check out some Stark MFG equipment: https://starkhockey.com/collections/women-s one thing I've always hated about Bauer women's gear is their ridiculous sizing: WOMENS X-W PANT XS 12+ YEARS 90-110LB 4'7"-5'1" 24-27" S 12+ YEARS 100-130LB 4'11"-5'5" 26-29" M 15+ YEARS 120-150LB 5'3"-5'9" 28-31" L 15+ YEARS 140-170LB 5'7"-6'1" 30-33" this would put my SO, who weighs around 135 in a large. seriously?
  11. I used the Stick Bandits stickers for some Bowling Green AX1 that I have. considering that they're just stuck to the glove, they're holding up well.
  12. thanks but I don't want to wear headphones while playing. if I did, I'd just stay home and play NHL23 on the Playstation. I was just wondering if any other leagues have dealt with this. some of our people are acting like we're trampling on their Constitutional Rights or something. 🤣
  13. just curious if any of you are seeing people trying to play with ear buds/Air Pods in their ears?some background: we have a goalie in our Rec League (draft every season, all skill levels together, goalies play in a time slot rather than a set team) who plays with Air Pods in his ears. as a league, we've been looking the other way and it's not really been a problem. recently a skater wanted to know if they could wear them while playing as well. The Board (we are independent, not run by a rink) discussed it and said no and we told the goalie that he'd have to stop. the goalie basically stomped off in a fit.we play by USA Hockey rules but are not USA Hockey affiliated. the closest USA Hockey rule is the one about jewelry but IMO, that doesn't apply. in the end, we can do what we want but we have determined that it is a safety issue. not only because the ear buds aren't secured but also because the player needs to be able to hear what's going on around him.I was just wondering if any of y'all had dealt with this issue. TIA.
  14. 99.9% of our players are wearing traditional facial protection. once in a blue moon someone will show up with something like that one cage which really won't protect you from anything. that player will be politely told to get adequate protection. we are not USA Hockey affiliated (we are an independent league run by the players) but do play by most USA Hockey rules. we did change one a few years ago that says if you high stick an opponent wearing a half shield or no facial protection, that you are not given a game misconduct for the injury.
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