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  • Skates
    1xr for roller 1x for ice
  • Stick
    Bauer 2n pro, CCM Ribcore trigger pmt as backup, both prostock
  • Gloves
    2s pro
  • Helmet
    Re-akt 75-Reffing Re-akt 95 playing
  • Pants
    Roller x800, ice supreme 190 girdle shell combo
  • Shoulder Pads
    None, however own a pair of Easton stealths and a pair of Bauer light speeds
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer light speed for ice. Winwell classic roller
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer nexus 7000 for ice. Bauer supreme 150 for roller
  • Hockey Bag
    Graf old school for ice. Roller medium Easton pro bag

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  1. I was gonna tell you, they have for the most part died out, very hard to find 2 pieces. I used to love keeping one as a backup, because if I ever got bored of a curve I’d just try one for 40$ first on the backup than buy a ops variant if I liked it.
  2. Also, how much are you cutting the sticks? If he’s on the lighter side, he might be flexing the blade more than the shaft. Once you cut a stick the flex goes up. I weight 210 at 5 8 use a 77 cut down. Probably ends up being roughly a 90 flex. if he’s flexing the blade a lot shooting of the toe that explains the heel blowing out. I know generally speaking the low kick sticks tend to have a more “rigid” blade
  3. I am a Bauer guy, for the most part, I love my 2n pro and has held up to a lot of violent stick checks what level is the young man playing? If he’s playing travel, it’s just gonna happen with sticks. Skating that much, and getting chippy kills sticks, I went threw sticks like crazy in bantam and midget. I can attest to the abhs being good. A ton of guys in my area use them. (Michigan company lol). you can also check for some pro stocks. I usually only buy pro stocks now, if you cut a 2s retail and a 2s pro stock in half the pro stock will have thicker sidewalls to the shaft, weigh more in most cases and be a lot more durable. The sticks are usually reinforced through the entire stick.
  4. Yeah it’s all hearsay anyways. I have not tried a pair personally, although I’m glad yours are holding up. Plus, equipment works different for each player. What some guys swear by others curse haha.
  5. Should mention I hate most wheels haha. So far I have disliked addictions, revisions of all types the millenniums are OK the pures and old rink rat hornets were my favorites out of what I have tried, but to each their own. No two hockey players will have the exact same gear preference. So go for what you like and what works.
  6. I ref some former Pama pro guys, and from what I have heard, they perform great, but are a “tournament wheel” aka not durable. The only thing I have found to be a mix was the old pures, have not tried the new ones, however have heard great things about initial quality. I should mention I skate on a +2 weight 210 and started at ice, I like a rigid wheel, these seem to fit the bill. I had +1s, but kept cracking the front 4. Plus, I don’t really like my wheels to be overly flexible. That’s why I mentioned ice. The +2 kind of just grips and feels rigid which I like because an ice skate really doesn’t flex at all down low, too soft of wheels do and I struggle to skate on them.
  7. What type of JB did you use exactly lol, lot of different types.
  8. Go for the pures while they are on sale!!!!! I am 205 skate on +2's and a borderline elite level, usually violent on wheels, with rotations on the pures I am fine for a few seasons which is unheard of for me. Go for a 0 or +1.
  9. Be safe and call bauer, mine are clean all the way up, no feel to it. It may be normal, It might not be. From what I have found bauer is super willing to help out their customers. Considering it is a top of the line stick, you do have a right to at least ask questions haha. Is it a pro stock or retail? and if you got it through a retailer contact them, like I said when you go top dollar you can be that guy to call and ask haha. Assuming its retail a 280 USD stick isnt fun to buy. If it was my stick id call, unless its a prostock lol. Those are buy at your own risk.
  10. I wouldn’t be concerned. My 2n pro I grabbed after thanksgiving and have used for probably 20-25 games and the paint is jacked up, but the stick is rock solid. I should mention all my sticks look like crap. I play defense and like stick work, I also usually do not get a ton of time out of sticks. If this goes another month or two it will be the most durable stick I have owned oddly since my tps xn10 lmfao. Old school composite. Edit left out my personal favorite stick of all time. The APX2 lol
  11. My pro stock has it. That’s just the outer weave I wouldn’t be too concerned. I’m 99% sure my 2s pro had one also, but she died a painful one timer death.
  12. Maybe I needed a longer stick all along lmao. Now I’m really questioning it.
  13. I’m guessing I’m getting old, or it could oddly be preference. I move my hands a lot and with it longer when I drop my bottom hand to shoot I have more leverage with my top hand trying to flex the blade as well. Hell maybe it’s just off playstyle. I just referee also, and I noticed players using what appeared to be relatively long sticks when using that curve.
  14. I am in disgust, I want these skates, but wear a size 7.0EE Good luck on the sale, someone better jump on these, they are a STEAL
  15. I know the ribcor line is supposed to have "some flex", but that does not look right to me. I personally have never owned a pair, however I would highly recommend following up with the store of purchase or CCM. I had a pair of jetspeeds in the past, I felt like they came up really high in comparison to my Vapors, so I had to skate with the top eyelet undone, or suffer from lace bite. Looking back it might have been a pitch issue? I am not sure, I have only owned one pair of ccm's in the last 15 years. It looks like the boot will eventually suffer and fall apart at that area, unless anyone confirms who owns a pair this is to be expected. May be a volume issue? Maybe tying the skate too tightly or loosely for your foot shape? Also, when I did have some issues with my skates CCM was very, very hard to deal with, they did not help me, it was on their 700$ roller skates, claimed they do not make, or will not make roller equipment again, only to see them MAKE MORE lol. Not to mention the rep I spoke too was very, very French Canadian, which is fine, however I really had a hard time understanding him. It took multiple attempts to even get responses before I called also. This may have changed this was maybe 3-4 years back? I do not remember exactly.
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