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  1. I am curious about this as well. Is the carbon heel, arch, etc, all custom made for the foot, or is i that piece the same across all of their custom skates? While I don't have Haglunds, I do have an accessory navicular that rubs in some skates.
  2. I found it to be V shaped I guess? Ended up returning them. Toe box was a smidge looser than the Vapor 2X Pro, but a smidge tighter than the Supreme 2S Pro. Instep taller than Vapor, but shallower than Supreme. Heel wider than both Supreme and Vapor. I liked the skate, comfy as hell, but its a tough sell. With how flexible the boot is, they seem to pitch is as a do it all fit.
  3. I don't know man... toe box and midfoot, yes, but not sure about the heel. The Ribcore 80ks I just got out of had a bigger heel and much more slip than the Supreme 2S Pros.
  4. Might sound stupid but after the skate buying episode I have been on... I'm worried to ruin anything with another bake. First was at a Pure Hockey done by a forum member here, and was obviously much more conservative than your 5 minutes. He did mention potentially going into a shop locally to get a second bake after a few skates. You do yours at home in a normal oven? My first ride out, I cranked down through the midfoot pretty tight and it was rough. Last night I went looser and the pain was gone. Maybe I could go just as loose with even better fit after a second. Sorry to steal your post OP - hopefully you get something useful from the banter.
  5. Interesting about the second bake. I did a single two minute bake, and they feel pretty damn good. I guess maybe I try a second? No hot spots, but maybe the tongue could wrap better. To the OP - its tough to tell without you actually lacing them to push your foot back into the boot, and skating. Plenty of times I haven't comfortably stood in a new skate, but after a few I've settled into the boot and its been perfect.
  6. Are custom CCM skates also made in these same plants?
  7. Nice. As long as they have a CCM scanner for customs that’s were I was planning to go. @EBondo - you do, right? I saw a Bauer scanner when I was In there last getting the 80ks that are breaking down on me.
  8. Hey fellas, anyone have any recommendations on skate fitting in or around Virginia? I am 23455 Virginia Beach but looking to drive somewhere. Closest retailers of custom skates is Five Hole Sports in Wake Forest NC, MedStar Capitals Pro Shop in DC area, the Gardens Ice House in Laurel MD, or a Pure Hockey location in Sterling. Thanks
  9. Where do you fellas go to get such treatment? I have no hate for Pure Hockey - they have treated me very well through this process, and seem willing to help, but it just doesn't feel like this level of expertise exists at the store fronts.
  10. What customs worked for you? I am considering that route and was wondering if the custom mold compensates for it.
  11. That’s an easy area to hit with a punch? Would have been nice for them to pitch that to me when trying on skates for 3 hours.
  12. I guess I return them and try custom. I don’t mind spending the money... these just felt nice for 700. Tough since I drove 4 hours to get them, 4 hours home, then went back for a holder issue. To do a return plus 3D... another trip. Who’s making the best customs these days?
  13. They pitch these as “flexframe”... softer flex on the front, stiffer in the back of the boot. But... lol. https://photos.app.goo.gl/a1vXrPCk19Qb71kr8
  14. I’m 175 lbs and it’s a top model skate. But yeah it’s similar to that.
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