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    CCM: Reckoner, Ultra tacks, super tacks. Warrior QRESL, Super Mac Daddy and Alpha QX, Sherwood EK15, Easton Synergy HTX
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    CCM: HG12 Avalanche, HG40 Red Deer, HG97PP Oilers, HG98 ECHL, HGTKPP Penguins, HGCL Ice Hogs, HGQLXP Flyers, FT4 Pro Saginaw. Reebok 11KP Portland Pirates. Warrior Franchise 13N Flames, Warrior AX1 Yakupov, Alpha QX Brampton
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    CCM V08 x5
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    CCM super tacks
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    CCM U+CL
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    Jofa 9044, 9144
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    Rbk 7k Pro, Jofa 5090
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  1. I wear HP31 pants from the CHL. They’re a size too large on me but the padding on the hips is great. I’ve fallen a few times and it didn’t hurt at all. They do fit kinda bulky and can take time to break in.
  2. Franchise MIC are my fave but for more modern 4 rolls I really like the CCM HG97. They aren’t as loose fitting but I find them very comfortable.
  3. Yeah the whole point is to have the gap for shock absorption. That’s where most of the protection is from. I have larger calf’s and can’t stand a lot of modern shin pads because of it. I have no liner 7k pro and they are as good as I’m going to get I think. Everything else makes my legs look too big.
  4. I guess I never thought about that. I see some warrior liners on eBay right now but yeah that’s quite important as it would smell or be real heavy and hot.
  5. I’d like to but I have no idea how to attach images other than Instagram and it’s not very good. I’m on mobile
  6. I did it. I had a pie of old beat up Easton gloves I disliked so I cut the backhand pad out, sewed Velcro on the back of the pad and stuck it in. Did the thumb padding too as it was cut off. Works perfect youd never know the difference plus it doesn’t move. thanks everyone for your suggestions I also fixed the palm hole.
  7. Thanks everyone for the ideas I’m going to buy a used pair of low end gloves prob later this week and try the Velcro and then if I hate that then I’ll try sewing it on. I don’t care what it looks like I just don’t like the rubbing. The volume is a bit much as i wear 13 usually. Again I appreciate all the advice
  8. It said they were in ok used shape. The palm hole was clear. But for $40 cad and in a colour I like it’s not a biggie. Wish it was mentioned but it is what it is. Fit is not bad feels like a 4 roll kinda. I usually wear 13. I just never see pro stock FT4 gloves. I don’t want to send them away as they are not expensive or a glove I care much about. Just wanted to know if there’s a decent fix so my hand doesn’t rub on the stitching and padding.
  9. Hi, I bought a pair of used pro FT4 pro (if someone also knows the pro model number hg?? I’d be grateful as nothing is written on them) and I didn’t realize there was no backhand padding and liner in either glove. Kinda hate the feeling. how do you go about fixing this? I’m even ok with just a piece of something t cover up the stitching and roughness inside the glove. I don’t need a thick piece of foam with a covering. I’m ok at sewing by hand and am going to fix the palm with a patch. But I’m not sure how to attach it if you know what I mean. thanks!
  10. Fair enough. I’ve broken my hands before wearing decent or so I thought gloves. I like the ultra tacks pro with the shot blocker (HGTKPP) tight and very protective. I forgot to mention, shot blockers make gloves fit tighter (I find anyhow)
  11. You didn’t find the 2S pro protective? I haven’t heard that before. I’ve heard great things. but I always use pro ccm or warrior stuff never been a Bauer fan.
  12. I find the FT1 gloves are really narrow. I use QL and they fit smaller I feel. The new covert seem more boxy than the previous line or maybe it’s just me.
  13. I’ve wanted to try pro pants but never know what ones to order. I wear retail super tacks and I’ve never had any pain from shots or hits in them. I see so many models and am intimidated by it. I’d love to know the weight differences.
  14. I used I think super glue in my Reebok 7k pros. I was having the same issue on the sides of the knees it’s never fallen off. Definitely has helped. I also put poron on the sides too. My 5090s don’t seem to have the same issue.
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