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    Bauer 1N
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    CCM: Reckoner, Ultra tacks, super tacks, FT1. Warrior QRESL, Sherwood EK15, Easton Synergy HTX
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    CCM: HG97PP Oilers, HG98 ECHL, HGTKPP Penguins, HGCL Ice Hogs. Reebok 11KP Portland Pirates. Warrior Franchise 13N Flames, Warrior AX1 Yakupov
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    CCM V08
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    CCM super tacks
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    CCM U+CL
  • Elbow Pads
    Jofa 9135
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    Rbk 7k Pro
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  1. I always loosen it off then tighten it to fit every game. I just always have lol. I have many v08 helmets I know they all fit the same but I just always do it. I have no clue why
  2. Exactly. It’s your choice really and comfort. Just because it’s not as protective or something doesn’t really matter. Lots of pros cut the loops. I do on some gloves if they are super stiff. It’s all personal preference.
  3. Odd store still has black ones. I get my other colours on SLS usually. It turned into the RES 100/110 then the tacks 110 is the current model. They fit different though. Hard to explain. Just doesn’t feel as wide or deep. I wear a medium v08 but the medium 110 felt off. Large felt too big. That’s just for me anyhow.
  4. For fit I think the IMS 9.0 or reakt vvn pro is pretty close. For the same foam the V08 from what I’ve seen mentioned elsewhere on the internet. That’s why I don’t have a 4500, i hate the adjustment.
  5. I know no helmet is 100% perfect but I feel it’s a freak accident. As was mentioned, it was more in the neck and behind the ear (temporal bone fracture). I don’t know I’d ear guards would have helped, it’s impossible to tell from The video. It shocks me that it wasn’t a slap shot as I originally thought too. It makes you wonder. I’ve been hit in the helmet many times and had no problems but this one just hit him just right. I just pray he makes it through. I feel it was a one in a million chance of happening. Even if it hit some helmet, it just hit in that area that’s very delicate and vulnerable. as for adding protection there, lack of hearing and neck movement would be an issue I think. If it’s too low it’s going to impede with head movement plus add weight and heat.
  6. Haha wow, that’s super cool. I wear the 1st gen rbk 7K pros too! Amazing shin pads. No stupid calf wrap. Light. Basic but super protective and durable. Dunno if mine are made in Sweden as the tags have long been removed as i got them used. First pair of shins i actually like. I’ve tried 6-7 pairs before I found these on SLS.
  7. What does he use? 6090s? (8k pro/21k pro?) I know he wears 20k elbows and CL shoulders.
  8. Yeah there’s lots of gems in here. I didn’t realize jofa owned koho and titan. I’m also only 26 so it was before my time. But I do love jofa protective. I have shins and elbows. The shoulders were too much for me (CL for life) but the durability and protection is out of this world.
  9. Found these on google. They are in Swedish but really cool anyhow! Thought someone may find them neat http://malungsforetag.se/foretag/tillverkning/sport-fritid/jofa/jofa-volvo/jofa-volvo-hockey/
  10. I’ve never worn Bauer vapour protective forever and I wasn’t a fan either I jus know it’s their slimmer line that lots of people seem to like the vapour stuff. I am a CCM/Reebok/jofa protective fan all the way haha.
  11. I mean they are older but the crazy light shoulders are unreal. Prob close to 8 years old now, they don’t absorb water and they seem plenty protective. I went form 11k to these. WOW like wearing nothing. Im not sure much about the FT1 which is the continuation of the line. elbows prob vapour or any of the Jetspeed stuff. Or older crazy light. Again, super light stuff. pants have been mentioned. The pro stock ones are great. Also girdles are a lighter more form fitting option. Personal preference there. shins any of the “sleek” lines like the jetspeed and vapour. Ones that have less thick of a liner and sit closer to your leg. I wear 7k pro with no liner because they stick out too far with it. I like the sleek look too. I understand. I feel with the sleek gear it’s plenty protective. Let’s be real, the pros often wear it so it has to be fine. I just never get light weight elbows as I broke mine but for everything else thinner and sleeker the better.
  12. I cut some of mine. I have had a few lock thumb pairs I couldn’t stand. There was zero movement. I love the franchise loops. They are so much longer and comfy. Never had issues on my HG12, CLs, sherwoods or Easton. Was too short on my HG98 and HGTK. Flex thumbs on my 97s and it’s fine. I think it’s personal preference yeah it does open you up to some chance of getting your thumb whacked but sometimes comfort is important.
  13. The Bauer IMS9.0. I love the look of it but man it was so narrow. I like VN helmets so I thought it would be great. Not at all. Went back to my V08 and have never experimented again.
  14. Cool! Yeah I got my first pair of leather gloves the other day and they are NICE. My franchise have some of they fake stuff but yeah I see why you like them. I didn’t like the QRL cuff at all. It interferes with my elbow pads so bad plus felt weird. It doesn’t flare like the 12. .
  15. Awesome! I love mine. That cuff is out of this world. I have tons of gloves different styles and feels but I think I would always choose the 11k/12. Mine just have standard Nash palms as I’ve always preferred it. I’ve never tried digipalm. Bonus if that’s what you wanted!
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