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    CCM: Reckoner, Ultra tacks, super tacks, FT1. Warrior QRESL, Sherwood EK15
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    CCM: HG97PP Oilers, HG98 ECHL, HGTKPP Penguins, HGCL Ice Hogs. Reebok 11KP Portland Pirates. Warrior Franchise 13N Flames
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    CCM V08
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    CCM super tacks
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    Reebok 11k
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    Jofa 9135
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    Rbk 7k Pro
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  1. I agree! I actually just ordered a pair of AX1 on SLS to try out. They are pro stock yakupov so I hope I like them
  2. Thanks guys. I see tons of pros still using them so I figure they Must be protective and lightweight. I am reading great things and for the price I see them going they’re worth a shot. No loss if they don’t work I’ll sell them. do they come down far on your torso? My 11k are perfect. They almost meet my pants (super tacks). Back isn’t an issue because the spine pad on my tacks is adjustable.
  3. Hi. I’m buying a slightly used pair of these off Kijiji in my area. My 11k are just too bulky in the shoulders for my linking anymore. I’ve also had them since They were released and it’s time to get something a bit less bulky. Would these fit the bill? thy seem to have much lighter foam and not as big of shoulder caps. I do love the 11k for the chest protection. How do these compare? i used to have quicklites and HATED them (too short in the chest, not protective enough) but I’ve heard the CL is so so so much better in those areas they are only 40 bucks and hardly used so I didn’t think it would be a huge risk if I hate them. Does anyone have any thoughts with these vs the 11k and them as a decent less bulky option? thanks
  4. What went wrong with warrior gloves anyhow? The franchise, luxe, even AX1 were such solid nice gloves. I’ll never ever give up my franchise 13Ns. Only gloves I’ll even consider repalming. the new lines arent good. I tried QRL and I was so disappointed. I heard the alpha aren’t great either. That’s why I’ve switched to CCM pro stuff.
  5. Yeah I have some. I don’t know how to deal with it. I’d prefer protection over looks though. It is what it is. Anything is an improvement over the jr set I’m wearing now. I can all ready tell these fit properly. They just don’t have tons of calf protection.
  6. Yeah I was thinking about finding some sort of flap (I see rbk jofa ones online) but I was trying to cut down bulk overall and adding something to make my leg look even thicker wasn’t really what I was hoping for. The soccer pads may work as yes im not going to take a slapper off the calf and I’m a forward. More from slashes, deflections, passes and skate blades. I appreciate the ideas. Going to go to my local sports store this week and see what they have. These shins look way better Han my Sherwood m90s
  7. So you put them on backwards under your shin pads on the calf? That sounds ingenious!
  8. Hey. I just got a pair of these off sideline swap. I have very big calf’s and I have a lot of issues with my shin pads sticking out like a tree trunk from my leg and not sitting flat against them. They usually hover on top. So I got these. They seem like they will fit much closer to my leg. but my question is how is the protection? They are sooooo light and there is no calf protection at all in these. They are quite heavily used but have no cracks or defects. Is there something I should be wearing on the back of my leg? But then I feel it defeats the purpose of not having huge bulky pads. Thanks for your help
  9. I’ve played with their customizer a few time’s. Not sure the fit or differences in the gloves. Id prefer to try them on. I have been lucky with most gloves just ordering and trying but they were sub 130 dollars haha. I have small hands so I worry about width. I can’t wear nexus gloves due to the fit yet ccm pro (hg97/98) Gloves fit more snug and perfect isn’t the finggers. my 13N franchise are exactly where I think 4 rolls should fit. loose but not huge or falling off.
  10. Yeah I’ve heard good things about the Ax1 and not so hot things about the alpha in terms of quality and protection. I want eagles but the price plus im unsure of the fit is why I don’t have a pair. I know they are fabulous though and would love a pair one day. i actually just bought another HG12 with shot blockers off eBay. decided to stay away from the retail warriors I found on sale. I have 6 pairs of gloves so I need another pair like I need a hole in the head haha. thanks for the feeback!
  11. Good to know. I do love the cuff. It’s protective yet doesn’t restrict like my retail QRLs I sold. I don’t like flex thumbs much (well I don’t even notice them on the one pair of HG97 that have them) so it doesn’t matter to me. I may cut the loops on my pens HGTKPP though as the loop isn’t nearly long enough or something.
  12. Thank you. That’s what I was looking for. I loved the franchise so I was thinking their other line would be good as well. But I really do value protection and mobility. I used to only wear 4rolls (warrior Reebok or CCM) until I discovered the 11k. I have a pair of tacks as well but they don’t come close to the 11k even. They just looked similar in terms of idea with the cuff. Thanks a ton
  13. Nah I just liked the look of the warriors and wanted to try something new. I have almost all (except warrior franchise MIC) CCM and Reebok. Quite a few pros wear them so they can’t be awful (Pro stock ones) I have a pair or 11ks and HG12s are in the mail. 13” are harder to find. Was just curious the difference but if I’m just going to be disappointed maybe I won’t lol
  14. I was looking at getting a pair of QRE. I sold my retail QRL as the cuff interferes with my elbow pads (the HG12/ 11k do not so I figured they’d be the same. Wrong) I see the QRE has a smaller flex cuff that would prob work better. Other than some custom cuffs, different palms etc what are the differences between the pro and retail gloves? Is the foam package thicker or better? Other than custom colours or palms, is there any advantage to pro over retail? I’d prob jus struck with team stock warrior gloves of that helps.
  15. penguins HGTKPP. i loved my retail tacks but the protection sucked. So I got these. The backhand padding seems great (have it on my HG97) the fingers also seem to have very thick D3O! So I’m sure these will be great gloves. also picked up these today too AHL PORTLAND Reebok 11KP
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